Friday, 17 February 2017

Just catching up

I didn't think I was going to get to post this week, but I'm on a quick break so here is me making the effort.

It has been a wild week here, I did get in my sewing room though, I spent my time doing essential stuff, here it is......

As you know I'm in Stash Bee Hive 2, my quilting bee commitments take priority every month and Cheryl requested this granny block in brights on a white background with high contrast, just up my street, and I enjoyed making this block.

Next my bee block for Sue in the Bee Inspired bee.  Sue wanted a monochromatic block with a white or cream background for this block, Inside Addition.  The block was originally designed as an 8 inch block but Sue upscaled it to 12 inches.  You can find out the measurements and the links and see the other blocks which are being posted on the Bee Inspired blog.

Finally I got these slab blocks done for the Quilting Bee hosted by Lorna at Sew Fresh Quilts.  It's in commemoration of Canada's upcoming 150th anniversary in 2017.  You can read about it here.

The blocks have to include the With Glowing Hearts fabric line, it isn't available here but the lovely and very kind Bernie from Needle and Foot was kind enough to send me pieces her hers, wasn't that so sweet of her?  I have enough to make a few more too then I will post them all off together.  THEN the equally lovely Lisa from Sunlight in Winter offered to send me some fabric too, what lovely people they are.

I really wanted to join in this bee, and to be honest it was partly because of Lorna, she was so kind and encouraging to me when I started blogging, as many others were, and including Bernie and Lisa too, I just wanted to give something back.  I'm not a designer, I'm not clever and don't have any special talents, but I do love quilting and there are lots of ways to contribute to this wonderful community.

So, want to know how the book launch went last week?  Never mind, you are going to find out anyway.  It went great, it was very low key and informal, no speeches or anything like that, we didn't invite the press or anyone important even, just the people who have supported us over the years and those who have already participated in our courses.  We did have a PR lady there who brought a photographer and Gary spent the whole night talking to people, signing books, and being photographed, he loved that, not.  If there is anything he doesn't like it's the limelight.  Want to see a couple of pics?

This is Gary signing a book, duh!!!

And this is me with three of our teachers,

That's all, I don't want to bore you rigid with pics of lots of people you don't know.

You won't believe what I did when I was setting everything up just before people started to arrive, I fell, AGAIN!!!  In the kitchen area, I slipped in something, although Gary checked the floor and couldn't find anything.  I fell onto a table and chair, then landed on my back on the floor, ouch.  My daughter says I'm a liability, but I think it's because she was thinking of when I fell on my head on holiday with her six months ago, when I had concussion.  I felt sort of ok, I missed my head and I didn't let it spoil the night.  I did have some wonderful bruises on my left arm and down my side though and I was rather sore.

I can't tell you who got pulled out for the Pay it Forward yet as I haven't emailed the winners so I'll let you know next week.  I will also let you know what my 'sweet little Indi' got up to yesterday, I may have calmed down a bit by then.

Have to go now, I can hear you all thinking that for a short break it's lasted a little long.......

With smiles from,
Kate x

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  1. Love the granny square block. It is on my to-do list someday...And your red shawl is very pretty too :-) I am sending you protective angels who will hold you when you stumble.

  2. You look beautiful and I'm happy the signing went off without a hitch! I am so glad you are okay after your fall! (again!!) You are so lucky, it could have been serious! Recently I slipped on wet tile and fell smack dab on my already bad knee. I thought I was going to pass out! That was a month ago and all is fine...then 2 weeks before that my little toe hit the door frame...agony for weeks! I guess what I'm saying is, be careful and you are not alone in that department!

  3. I love all your bee blocks. I too am a huge sucker for a bright white background that just pops :) I sometimes forget you can actually use other colors for backgrounds. Thank you for sharing you and your husband's special night with us. I'm glad to hear it went well and a good time was had by all. Was there any cake left? :)

  4. The granny square block is one of my favorites - very traditional and simple, both of which I like. I am considering making a baby quilt for my great niece (due in April) that consists of one huge granny square. What do you think?

    You are clever Kate - just because you don't choose to/ want to/ feel like you can design patterns, that doesn't mean you aren't talented. Social media can cause us to compare ourselves with others (I do it all the time) but don't let it reduce your image of your talents. I think you are very good at putting colors together (that shimmery quilt you made last year is gorgeous) Also, your stitching is neat and precise (something I struggle with). You are very clever with words - I love your writing. I had set the Canada Bee blocks aside but this is a good reminder that I need to make more of them!

    Finally, yikes - another fall. Sorry to hear about that. Glad you are ok though.

  5. Ouch! @ the tumble! It is terribly easy to fall over one's feet, alas, but I'm glad to hear you're ok.

    Looking at your blocks and your previous finishes, I would second what Bernie says above - you ARE clever, you ARE talented! You can turn fabric, thread and wadding into a beautiful, artful hug, right? Not everyone can say that. :) I dearly love your improv slabs and your use of colour is very assured. Don't do yourself down! *hugs*

  6. poor you. It's scary to fall. Congrats to your dh for a book! My dream to be published! I enjoyed your post, and thank you for visiting my Valentine post. I make art based on meaning more than expected color combinations altho I do love color! LeeAnna

  7. Great to catch up a bit with you Kate. I've been working on blocks as well. I love the slab blocks you've made. I'll be making some with my friends in early March.

  8. I'm going to third what Bernie and TheItinerantChemist have said...I think you have many talents! For one thing, you are a kind and warm person who believes in giving back to the community. That is a very special thing, Kate, and we all appreciate that about you. And I think your quilts and even just individual blocks that you make are lovely. I know you didn't write this post so we could plump up your ego, but your quilty friends think you're the bees knees :)

    And speaking of knees and other body parts, I hope yours aren't too sore after your fall. I'm a bit clumsy myself so I completely understand...

    Take care!

  9. Please be careful-try to slow down a bit-get some rest and mend. Bless you, Susan

  10. Your granny square block is so pretty! Love the background fabric and bright colors! You, my dear, are most talented and giving - sweet lady! :)

  11. Oh, dear! I do hope you are okay and that your bruises are healing up. Your blocks are all so pretty... But you know I am especially excited to see your slab blocks! So glad to know that you are feeling right at home here and have made so many good quilting friends. So happy to count you as one of mine!

  12. All your squares look great, but I am swooning over that granny square. I've made several of those blocks and turned them into pillows. Now I have come to own some vintage 60s fabrics, and I envision an entire quilt of granny squares in that vintage material. I sure hope the stumbles don't slow you down! And congrats to your husband on his book! I am a closet author, myself. This is exciting!

  13. You look beautiful and congratulations to Gary!

    Your blocks are fantastic,the granny caught my eye.

  14. Lorna is a bloggy inspiration to so many. I'm glad you decided to get in on the Canada 150 bee even if it was a challenge to get the fabric. Looks like you had a productive week. Thanks for linking up with TGIFF!

  15. Love all your blocks!
    Sorry to hear about your fall, hope you are OK!
    Congrats to your husband on his book launch!
    Lovely to see you and Gary and all the team, hope all goes well!
    Hugs, Barbara xx

  16. Great blocks Kate and good to hear the launch went well. What a great photo of you!!

  17. Great bee blocks, I really like the improv pieced ones.

  18. Looking good, Kate! Love all your blocks. You be careful now, no more falling down! (There wasn't any alcohol involved was there...?)

  19. Love all you bee blocks. The monochrome one is very dramatic. Glad your husband's book launch went well, but sorry you fell. Hope you get in some more stitching time this week.


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