Friday, 26 August 2016

A late return but look what I did........

I feel as if I have been away for ages, and certainly longer than I intended, but I had an accident the day I returned from holiday.  It was just a stupid trip, I was waking across a tiled floor and looking at my grandchildren, I didn't see the shallow step down, just about 2 inches, and I fell.  Unfortunately I fell on my head and knocked myself out.   I refused to go to hospital as I was due to travel home, a few hours later, but ended up there a couple of days later when back in the UK.  Fortunately my CT scan was clear, but I had concussion.   The headache is now gone, just a sore spot on my head.   I did feel rather subdued though and not my usual self at all.  I couldn't blog either, I didn't even read any blogs,  I tell you I needed a big kick to get me going, so here I am.

I do have some progress to show you though which I started before I went away.

Oh yes, the circles quilt is nearing completion and I gave it a good shake.  
You see although it looked good with the bright appliqu├ęd blocks it was just a bit boring and needed some more interest, so, I added a stitch and flip triangle to the plain corners using 1.5 inch squares.

It made it a bit tricky to join the blocks, and rows together, but I love the results, it just adds another dimension and gives it a lift.   Like it?

And here is the back.  I had to re press some of the circles and press the joining seams open to educe the bulk.  Karen gave me a great tip, apparently when you do half square triangles or stitch and flip triangles you should press them open BEFORE you cut them apart, it makes them more accurate.  Guess what?  It works, they are easier to press and you don't get the distortion you can otherwise get.

The thing is what do I do now.  I had planned on adding a border, but then I thought it may be too busy. It does need to be a bit bigger though as it is only about 48 inches square.

Well I liked the idea of  using rectangular blocks of colour after reading all about Luna's lovely quilt here, and Stacey's beautiful quilt Winter Polarity.  But maybe it would be too much colour for my quilt.  THEN, after talking it over with the lovely Jennifer, who not only gave me a wonderful suggestion but even planned it out for me on her programme and gave me a visual to see what it would look like, I have it.  No I'm not going to show you, not until it's done.  Thank you so much Jennifer, you go beyond friendship to help others.

Ok, thats the end of the quilting stuff.  Here are I some pics of my holiday for those who are interested.

This is one of the famous views of Corfu.

 I like this one

 My beautiful daughter and grandchildren.  Kelsey's hair was very long but she had it cut off at Christmas to make a wig for a child who had lost theirs through illness.  She raised more than enough money to make it into a wig in the process.

On a visit to a monastery Caryne and Kelsey were wearing shorts with their shoulders exposed, they were given skirts and shows to wear before they could enter.  Rather fetching don't you think?

Out for an evening meal, a group selfie.  It always looks strange to see Caryne with a glass of wine her hand as she hardly ever drinks alcohol.

Time to depart, goodbye Greek Islands

I hope I didn't add too many and bored you.  Promise I won't leave it so long next time.

Until then
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Thursday, 4 August 2016

An Award and an Oooooops moment in FMQ

I was stunned and so happy the other day when I was nominated for a One Lovely Blog Award from Abigail at Cut & Alter, you could have knocked me down with a feather. Thank you so much Abigail.  If you haven't met her before hop on over and say hello, she is one very accomplished lady.

 Now it is my turn to nominate.

So First the rules which I cut and pasted from her blog:

The Rules:
*Thank the person who nominated you, and give a link to his/her blog.
*List the rules.
*Display the image of the award on your post.
*List seven facts about yourself.
*Nominate (up to) 15 bloggers for this award, and notify them to let them know you have nominated them.

Here goes:
  1. I don't have a favourite colour
  2. I love cake, although I only eat it about once a month
  3. I was a qualified nurse until leaving to help run our business
  4. I am vegetarian
  5. I loose my voice if I attempt to sing, literally, after less than one verse.
  6. My all time favourite film is Shirley Valentine
  7. I love lemongrass tea.
That was hard, have you ever tried to list facts about yourself?  Interesting experience.

But this is the hardest bit, how to narrow down a list of favourite bloggers, although Abigail has already listed some of them which sprung to mind, it includes her too.   Ok here goes, first to jump into my head and in no particular order, even though I know I will inadvertently miss some.  Most of these lovely ladies have smaller blogs and some are new to blogging like me, but my reason for choosing them is all are lovely people who I like very much. There are others who have bigger blogs with much bigger followings who I love too, but today is more a tribute to us little people.

Sophie from Luna Lovequilts
Bernie from Needle and Foot
Karen from KaHolly
Tish from Tish's Adventures in Wonderland
Janice from Color, Creating and Quilting
Jen from Quilter in the Closet
Paula from Paula B Quilts
Emily from The Darling Dogwood

While trying to help out a fellow blogger having trouble with her machine (same as mine) she listed her setting for FMQ, interestingly she stated reducing the foot pressure, what??????   Could that be the reason I have trouble with FMQ?   Oh yes it was, but apart from I'm still rubbish anyway.  But, it is so much easier to be rubbish now hehe!  I think I need to go back to basics and start again, maybe there is some other stuff I'm missing out, and yes I do drop my feed dogs!!!  I'm sure I used to so it, so why did I stop?  Haven't a clue.  After watching all those classes too............  Have you ever had a similar moment?   Go on, be honest, surely I can't be the only one, can I?

Here is my playtime, see if you think I'm improving.

Not loopy loops this time, more a go at the jigsaw one,

If you look closely you will see on the coasters I did the middle two different.  The top one is supposed to be a flower at each side and the lower middle is pebbles.

Just a squiggle around the snowman and tree on these, I left the sides just quilted in the ditch.

This is the one I had more trouble with, I found the design harder and messed it up, THEN I realised it was just on the wadding, no backing on.  That's when I decided I'd had enough practice for one day.

I'm going on holiday to Corfu so I won't be around for a couple of weeks, so, I just thought I'd leave you with a prayer:

May today there be peace within

"May today there be peace within. May you trust that you are exactly where you are meant to be. May you not forget the infinite possibilities that are born of faith in yourself and others. May you use the gifts that you have received, and pass on the love that has been given to you. May you be content with yourself just the way you are. Let this knowledge settle into your bones, and allow your soul the freedom to sing, dance, praise, and love. It is there for each and every one of us."

Theresa of Avila

Smiles and hugs

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