Wednesday 27 June 2018

Catching Up

It's been a while since I last blogged, sorry for just disappearing, I didn't mean to be away as long but life happens.

I haven't been doing much quilting, very little in fact but I can show you what I have done and what else I have have been doing too.
This is where I'm up to on Tina's wedding quilt, the front is in three pieces and I haven't even started on the autograph panel on the back.  It should have been finished end of May, in reality it MAY get finished end of July or August depending if I can manage to use the sewing machine.

The other wedding quilt for Chris and Sarah I still haven't started putting together and Postcards from Sweden still has only four rows done.................sigh................

I did get my May bee block done for Velda who blogs at Freckled Fox Quiltery though.
A cake block!  Velda asked us to make our favourite cake but as lemon drizzle would have looked a bit boring even though it is so very delicious I chose a raspberry cake with vanilla cream and whole fresh blueberries, I love fresh raspberries and blueberries on cereal.  You can find out how to find the free pattern for the cake blocks on the Bee Inspired blog.

I have been to Higham Hall and had a wonderful weekend embroidering.  I didn't make any progress on my big piece but I did start another small piece.  I can't show you my teachers sample which is made in calico gardens colours (creams and neutrals) but I can show you my work.
A quilted bear, this is stitched all in needle weaving which is just like other types of weaving, long threads from one side to the other then the cross thread is woven through.  The pattern is made by varying the colours of the threads and the number of over and unders, such as over two under one.  I have since bought a book on needle weaving.
It's a lovely little book if you want to find out more about it, with easy to follow excellent diagrams and it's spiral bound inside so great to have open while stitching.

What else............... my parents have had their 65th wedding anniversary, Blue Sapphire.
Here they are on their anniversary.  They were pleased with the greetings card they received from Her Majesty the Queen, Mam said it was a much nicer picture of her than the one they received on their 60th anniversary where she looked quite stern.  By the way the picture in the background is cross stitch, I made it for Mam about 20 years ago and it's still one of her favourites.

Oh and we have bought a holiday home in north Northumberland.  We really want to move there but it is so expensive so we compromised.  We don't go on holiday much because of the girls, it's usually just an occasional week in a cottage and as my husband is past retirement age although he is still working but fewer days, it seemed the right time to do something.  Want to see some pics?
The girls love looking out of the window, this was taken before we had a veranda fitted, now they can enjoy being outside without being on a lead.  What do you think of my view?  The site is wonderful so much space, and there will never be any more put in front of us either.  I wish I had a sunset pic to show you, it is right beside those trees, fantastic.
 I have some inexpensive Ikea throws on the sofa's to protect them from the girls.
 Central heating and an electric fire, it is residential standard and can be used for eleven months of the year.
Remains of our first evening, the wine was a 'housewarming' gift from a friend, we opened the champagne we received from the site owners Anne and Jamie at Barmoor Castle Country Park (yes it does have a real castle), the second night.

Want to hear the not so good stuff that is stopping me sewing?  I've been complaining about pain in my hip for about a year now, I woke up one morning to dreadful pain from my back to my toes on one side.  I have inflammation in my back affecting my sciatic nerve and at the minute all I can do is hobble about the house, I can't sew I can't drive, nothing.  I have been feeling very sorry for myself and in a right mood.  I haven't been blogging, reading blogs, I've hardly looked at any social media, and it's high time I got myself out of it.  I'm still in a lot of pain, especially on moving and it doesn't help that I can't take painkillers apart from paracetamol, I have some anti inflammatory cream for my back too.  I have an appointment with the physiotherapist in a couple of days, fingers crossed it settles down soon.  It's transient it won't last forever, that's my mantra.

The lovely Sue who blogs at Sevenoaks Street Quilts has very kindly sent me samples of all the new Kona colours.
It was exasperating when they added the new colours so soon after I splashed out on a colour chart, no wonder it was such a good price.  I haven't bought any fabric for ages, but until I finish the wedding quilts I am resisting and after all, there is always a wonderful new range being released isn't there?

I have started some knitting in the meantime.  Now I'm not a great knitter, the last time I did any was for our granddaughter Emily before she was born, matinee coats and cardigans for new borns are about my limit.
This is where I'm up to on my favourite pattern, the bottom is stitched up to make a scalloped edge.  The pattern is very old, at a guess about 50 years, it belonged to my auntie who knit it for my children and kindly gave me her pattern about thirty years ago so I could make it for my niece.  Now I'm not saying I'm making it for any particular baby, I'm not making any announcements here, but with a dozen nieces and nephews as well as our own kids there is often someone having a baby.

The only other thing I have been doing is reading, distraction therapy.
This is the first book in the series Earth's Children.   I read it several years ago and it is well worth a second read.  You know how you buy books which are ok but you know you wouldn't read them again and you pass them on or give them to a charity shop?  This is one of the books I kept, I have lent it out a couple of times but it has earned a permanent place on my bookshelf.

It is described as 'the first novel in Jean M. Aurel's magnificent epic of life on the glacial continent of the last Ice Age, when two kinds of human beings, Neanderthal and cross-Magnon, shared the earth.'

We all like different kinds of books, this one has almost 600 pages and if you are looking for a new book I highly recommend it.

I'm hoping to be back quilting soon I'm in the Christmas in July blog hop next month so I really need to get started.  Yes I do know what I will be making and no you can't have a hint.  I just hope I can remember how to do the linky thing for the pattern which of course will be free as always.

I'm not sure what I will be blogging about next time, I can't guarantee it will be quilting but it won't be what I had for lunch hehe!

Until then,
With smiles from
Kate x

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