Thursday, 5 October 2017

Still busy.......

It has been such a busy week here and I have several pieces of news for you, but first how about a pic?

Jen from A Dream and a Stitch was Queen Bee for September in Bee Inspired, and this was her request.   Lemoyne star in our own choice of tertiary colours on a grey background.   Most of us had a lesson in colour here, did you know there are six tertiary colours, they are amber/marigold (yellow–orange), vermilion/cinnabar (red–orange), magenta (red–purple), violet/indigo (blue–purple), teal/aqua (blue-green), and chartreuse/lime green (yellow–green).   The colours are slightly skewed here but you get the drift.

Ok, first piece of news, Jack is out of hospital and doing quite well, especially as he is 90.  Thank you all for your kind enquiries.

Another pic?

In Stash Bee Hive 2 our Queen requested Bear Paw, Jacqueline requested we make four quadrants the same colour so she can mix them up.  I love this Mode Grunge, and she did say think raspberry!

Second piece of news, I finally left work last week.  I meant to tell you but I forgot, I had my last day last Wednesday and so far my feet haven't touched the ground.   It was my choice to leave and it's permanent, I am taking early retirement.   However, coming to my next piece of news I will spend a lot of time at home this month as I won't be driving, that's because today, Thursday, I have cataract surgery.  As I am scheduling this post for 8am if you are in the UK I am already at the hospital, and if you are in the USA it will be over by the time you get up to start your day.  I have been struggling recently as my sight deteriorated, do you know the worst thing?  I can't see colours properly, everything gets washed out.  I'll let you know how I get on next week, as long as my eyes work together properly, the cataract has made the sight in one much worse and there will be a big difference between my eyes.  I don't know when I will be sewing again, but not in the next couple of weeks anyway.  Good job I have some stuff secreted away to fill the gap.

Gypsy?  Who mentioned Gypsy?  I am several weeks ahead fortunately, want to see last weeks block?

Nurses Cross, like it?  A tricky little block but easier than I expected.  A lot of people in the sew along have paper pieced it but as paper piecing is not one of my best skills I just do basic piecing and keep my fingers crossed.  As with all the blocks it's a matter of keeping a very scant seam and not trying to rush it.

Now I want to make sure you have all read about a wonderful piece of news that isn't mine.  Cheryl Brickley from Meadow Mist Designs and Paige Alexander from Quilted Blooms have wrote a book together.  Modern Plus Sign Quilts is due to be published in February 2018 and is available for pre order now.  I have already ordered mine, this is so exciting!  I'm sure you all know Cheryl from her wonderful free quilt alongs, she is the most wonderful designer and so generous, she makes a wonderful contribution to the quilting world.  I first met Paige just a few weeks after I started blogging, she started about four weeks before me so we clicked right off, she is also in Bee Inspired our own quilting bee.  I couldn't believe how professional Paige's blog looked and it got better and better.  Paige is so talented, the quality of her work is wonderful, and she has already had several of her patterns published.  With two such fantastic and talented ladies this has to be the must have book for 2018.  I suppose I'd better remind you at this point I don't do affiliations, I tell it as I see it, end of.

I WAS going to show you this weeks Gypsy blocks but I haven't taken the pics yet, sorry, and my design wall is full, and no I'm not showing you it, there is stuff I'm keeping secret on there.

What I can tell you is that my 12 days of Christmas in July post is now my most viewed post ever.  If you are new and missed it do check it out.

I'm so proud of this I have to give you a second look.  This is one of three variations, an 18 inch cushion design which can be adapted for other items such as a table runner or wall hanging.  The post includes a tutorial and a link for the templates, if you make anything for them I would love to see a pic so I could feature it on the blog, it would give me such a thrill.

Have a great week, whatever you are doing.

Until next time
With smiles from
Kate x


  1. Good luck for your cataract operation and recovery, let us know how it goes. X

  2. I hope everything goes well with your surgery. Enjoy your some ways I wish I could retire but it's not an option so I have a couple of years left to go. I really like your snowman and it's whimsy. I'm not big on holiday themed quilts but this guy is seasonal and awfully cute.

  3. I am so hoping your surgery went well and you have a super quick recovery time!

  4. hope you cataract surgery went great - are you having the other eye taken care of also? I just needed one done when I had mine but it was due to a different problem that the cataract had grown - I hope you will enjoy retirement!!

  5. Kate! Good luck with your surgery. Thinking about you today.

  6. I hope your surgery went smoothly and that your recovery is quick! What a wonderful post -- so many good things! Love that snowman block!

  7. Congratulations on your early retirement! Now you have so much more time to do the things YOU want to do :) And I've heard great things about cataract surgery. Everyone says they wish they had done it sooner, it makes such a big difference in both clarity and color perception. Here's hoping you heal up quickly!

  8. Hope you are making a good recovery. My Dad is a photographer and didn't realise how much his colour perception had changed until after his cataract operation. Fantastic time of year to have your colour perception brightened!

  9. Congratulations on your retirement! I hope all has gone well with the cataract surgery and that you are able to get back to sewing soon.

  10. Congratulations on your retirement. And yay for Jack!!!
    I am unable to take my eyes away from the crisp celery + juicy berries block - those colors are so rich and intense and your points are so perfect. You are in my thoughts and I am sending you lots of good wishes.

  11. Hope your surgery went well and you are seeing the benefits at just shy of a week later. Enjoy your early retirement. Hope to see you back stitching really soon.

  12. I was just thinking of you and hoping you are healing from the cataract surgery. How nice it will be so have good vision again.
    Hurray for retirement! What a wonderful change.
    Let us know how you are doing.

  13. I think I would have put chartreuse and magenta together, too. Love it! Hope you are recovering well from your surgery. Gotta take care of those eyes!


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