Thursday, 1 September 2016

I'm Feeling Blessed

So many of you have commented on my last post, enquiring after my recent fall and sending me such kind words.  I am completely overwhelmed by your support, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.   I am doing very well now and my memory is back to normal, I'm sure any glitches I have are just me having blond moments, well, yes, I admit I'm not blond but I was once, and yes it was a long time ago but I'm not going to say senior moments because I am FAR too young for that!!!

So what sewing have I done this week?  Not telling!!!  Can't tell because it's a secret and if you want to know you will have to tune in on September 12th when all will be revealed.

The reason is I am in the 2016 Cloud9 New Block Blog Hop which takes place from the 12th to the 14th of September and features their Organic Citrus Solids in the Berry Harvest Bundle in Shadow, Amazon, Sky, Iris, and Lilac.   Want to see the fabrics?

They are so lovely.

So, I received a fat quarter bundle and what I had to do was design a 12inch (finished) block.  That was the panic bit, for as you all know, designer I am not.  Yes I can change a few blocks around and add a bit to suit me but that is far different to actually designing.  Scary!   I had a fiddle around with pencil and paper, I didn't have a clue what I was doing, and what I was coming up with was absolute rubbish.  Oh the panic of it all.  Then it came to me, I don't know where from, I had a little thought and it just appeared in my head.  I did one which was a test block but I tried to be too clever and it didn't come out right, so I simplified it and it worked.  I have a block, it even has a name, yes it is very pretentious of me but it will probably never happen again so I have to milk it.  Can't tell you the name either as it is too descriptive.

We have to use between three and all five of the fabrics, but no others, I used all five.   You can see my block and the tutorial on Monday September 12th.  There are 70 of us I believe, posting over three days and I will also post the list of bloggers posting the same day as me.  I know there are some excellent designers in the hop and you won't be disappointed.  With so many of us you are bound to find at least one block you like and one you absolutely love, so don't miss it.  

The host on Monday is Yvonne @ Quilting Jetgirl, on Tuesday it is Cheryl @Meadow Mist Designs, and on Wednesday it it Stephanie @ Late Night Quilter.

Did I tell you I am doing Cheryl's mystery quilt?  Here are my fabrics.

Last month it was cutting the pieces, this month it is making half square triangles and making the first block.  Guess what?  I am behind already.  Yes I know you can well believe it, but I am going to try and catch up this month.  They are A to E from left to right.  I hesitated because B is next to D and I'm not sure if there is enough contrast.  So, should I swap A and B? A uses the least fabric although not by a lot really.  What do you think, any thoughts?

My last thing to show you is my fabric haul.  My local quilt shop has a 25% sale, so I have stocked up on a few fabrics I love and hoping I won't have to buy any more until January when the Christmas sale will be on.  Especially as I heard Moda fabrics are going up 8.5% in the UK.

Beautiful linen texture fabrics by The Henley Studio Makower UK, I so love these, they are right up my street.  Plain, but with a little texture.

I got these too, Serenity again by The Henley Studio Makower UK I love the top two.  I'm not so sure about the patterned ones now I have them home, I don't usually buy patterned fabrics, but I can always use them on the back, or for a quilt to gift.  I also got a couple of 2 meter cuts of solids to use for quilt backs but I forgot to take a pic, it would be a boring pic anyway.

That's all I have today, but wait until next week!!!

Until then
Smiles from
Kate x

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  2. Kate, I know your block will be great! :) What a great fabric haul. All of the prints are B-eautiful!

  3. I did the block hop when I was doing the new blogger process. Yes, it was soooo itimidating. But I am glad, looking back, that I pushed myself to do it. It was far out of my comfort range and sometimes it is good to try things one wouldn't otherwise do. Well, safe things like creating a quilt block anyway. ;-)

  4. Kate, I am sorry to hear about your fall, but glad that you are recovering. I was out of blogland for awhile.
    Those fabrics are all luscious and I will be looking forward to seeing the block you designed. Don't discount your inner muse - she's sure to want to come out and play again!

  5. I love the linens you bought and can't wait to see your block. I had to have several practice runs at my block before simplifying it enough to be do-able, now I just hope my instructions make sense :-)

  6. Those solids you bought have such rich subtle texture, no wonder you got them. On your question, I would go for switching A, the lime, with B for variety of contrast and even If A uses a little less, the lime is definitely going to draw the eye. Good luck, can't wait to see what you do.

  7. Such a great fabric haul! Should keep you busy until the after Christmas sale! I like that you support your local quilt shop. I am looking forward to your big reveal on the 12th, but I hope the days pass slowly. Time seems to be rushing by far too quickly. I don't follow Cheryl. I'll have to pop over and check out her mystery quilt! Enjoy your day! XO

  8. I'm so glad you pushed yourself because your block for the hop is going to be marvelous! And a name too! I thought of that and have put it on hold until I finish my design. As for your question, I agree with Paula. The lime will draw the eye even if it's a little. Although I also will say that there appears to enough contrast so you can easily leave it as it is and have more lime! I love lime so that option is definitely a good one too.

  9. I can't wait to see your block, Kate! I'm doing the meadow mystery too and am also behind--still have to cut fabric D, and then on to this month's step. Those patterned fabrics are lovely, as are all your purchases.

  10. I did the block hop last year and was totally freaked out about it...but like you I did something that I considered to be fairly simple. This year I am less freaked out although my sewing has a few issues with it that I'm choosing to ignore. Again a simple block. I can think up more interesting ones and draw them....but sewing them and explaining them is beyond me at this point. Like Bernie, I'm glad I pushed myself as well. I see myself in a different light now regarding quilting. Now if only I was retired and independently wealthy!

  11. I'm behind in reading -- glad to hear you are doing well from your recent fall. Take it easy.


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