Sunday 16 October 2016

2016 Finish Along Quarter 4

Just a short post, it was written in advance and it's a bit boring really, but I'm publishing it anyway because it will help me focus.

The good news is I have been sewing this weekend, it felt great to be getting something done and giving myself a shake.  I'll do a 'proper post' next week, and this time I will have some progress to show you.

Now that the summer is officially over I am hoping to get back to normal and get back into my quilting routine, if I ever had one in the first place that is!

Without further ado, here is my list for this quarter.

1 Get, and keep, up to date with the Meadow Mystery Quilt, which is great fun.  I haven't done a mystery quilt before.

This was my original fabric pull, but I changed the yellow/green one for a lovely tomato red.

2 Get the circles quilt finished and give it a name.

3 Make two Advent calendars for gifts, make that three.  I have a collection of panels to dip into, I buy them every year, I just can't resist.
Update I sorted through my advent calendar collection yesterday, I chose three out of a total of 15 (blush, blush).

4 Join Jennifer, The Inquiring Quilter, on her Berry Cross quilt along, her new pattern from the Cloud9 Blog Hop.  Please, please check it out, there is a new button for the quilt along on my sidebar which takes you to the page and schedule.

5  I'm doing two mini quilt swaps for Christmas with my wonderful friends Jennifer and Janice who have been sharing this wonderful new quilt blogger adventure with me.

And that's it, I have omitted a lot of the stuff I didn't get done last quarter, in fact I only brought one forward and added four new things.  There are a couple of bits and pieces I'd like to do, but they aren't a priority just now.  Realistically I need to make the mini quilts, the advent calendars and I would really like to finish the circles quilt, anything after that is a bonus.

Linking up to Mrs Sew and So, one of the global hosts.

Wish me luck in my list, after last quarter even one finish would be a result, but you know what Today has been cold and rainy, I've been in the house all day, I've seen no one or spoken to no one, except my husband, but life is what you make of it and I'm bouncing back, and its partly because of the wonderful messages of support you have given me.   So, sorry I haven't been reading many blogs recently, and I've not been commenting or keeping up with my return emails either, but I'm still here and I'm smiling again, so, see you soon

Smiles and hugs,
Kate x


  1. So glad you got a little sewing time in! Good look on your 4th qtr list. Love those batiks for the mystery quilt!

  2. That's a great list. I'm debating joining Jennifer's QAL, but I don't think I have the time. Have a great week.

  3. That's a pretty reasonable list! Glad you're sewing again! You've been foremost in my mind! XO

  4. So happy that you found a little time to sew, and it sounds like you had the perfect day to stitch away. Glad you are bouncing back, a little at a time. Smiles are good! Wendy at

  5. Great list, Kate. Nice to see you back on deck. Good luck with naming your circles quilt!

  6. Hi Kate, good to hear that you found some time for yourself and doing something nice on the weekend! I really wanted to join Jennifer on her QAL, but the schedule is just too tight for me at the moment. Good luck with your goals!

  7. Good luck with your goals Kate ! I'm glad you have some time for sewing again.

  8. It's a great list Kate: I've missed you and I am glad you are here with us again. I too would have liked to join Jennifer's quilt along but I can't keep up with the ones I'm already in.

  9. A reasonable list but don't take too much of yourself Kate . You have a name for your circle quilt - the circle quilt !

  10. Good luck with your list and thank you for taking part in the Finish-Along!

  11. Good luck with your list Kate - good to hear you have been back sewing this weekend. I really wanted to take part in the Berry Cross QAL but just have too many other things on ... will look forward to seeing everyone's progress though.

  12. Hi Kate,
    So glad you are able to get back into sewing! Is your sewing room put back together yet? it's fun to learn that you are a closet advent calendar collector. :D

  13. 15?! That made me smile. Good luck working thru your stitch at a time. ;-)

  14. Kate, this is a great list! I've never made an advent calendar before so I'm looking forward to reading your adventures with them.


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