Thursday 13 October 2016

Quarter 3 Finish Along - My Progress, or Not???

Firstly thank you so much Everyone, for the lovely comments of support and private messages you sent me, it meant such a lot.  Thank you too, to all the no reply bloggers who I was unable to answer.  

Edna died on Saturday with her beloved husband Jack at her side.  A peaceful end to a life well lived.

I wrote this post in advance, but as events overtook me I didn't get to post it  and now it is well outside the time constraints.  It doesn't matter, here it is anyway if anyone is interested to read of my progress.  I have the Quarter 4 post part written too, I don't know if I am in time for that one or not but I'll post it in a day or two anyway.

Here is the post as written.......

The end of Quarter 3 and what did I achieve?  Very little, but hey, we all have times like this when life takes over and we all must choose our own priorities.  So what did I do?  Here is the list...

1  Complete the top, layer, quilt, and bind my circles quilt.
I have made progress by completing the blocks, but the border still isn't finished let alone finishing the quilt.

2  Start my new quilt to be revealed later this month, I am aiming to make the first three parts.
No pic because it isn't started yet and it's a secret.
Started, but I haven't even finished the first section yet. But here is one of the first blocks I made for the Gypsy Wife Quilt.

3  Make my five cushion tops into cushions, if I don't make these a goal to finish I don't think they will ever get done.
I have made some progress, The elephants are layered and quilted and just need to be made into cushions, but I haven't started the other two yet..

4  Complete my Elephant and I quilt top, I cut the fabric strips last year then decided to change a couple of the colours, I haven't touched it since.  So another one with no pic.
No, never even thought of it.
5  Finish all the mug rugs and coasters I blogged about here.   Yes, its a tall order I know but I'm going to make the effort.  Here is a pic of some of them.
Did one elephant, messed it up and somehow added the wadding but no backing???  Some of the others have been quilted but no binding has been added, yet.

6  Layer quilt and bind my Little House in the Woods quilt.  You have seen it before but here it is again.  To tell the truth I'm afraid of making a mess of it. 
Still haven't touched it. 

7  Make the Ugly Christmas Sweaters quilt, so far one block done and I'm not happy with that!

What did I tell you?  absolute rubbish, no excuses, yes I had stuff going on, but so do we all.

I did do the Cloud9 New Block Blog Hop though and that was great fun, AND, I made a lovely cushion out of one of the test reject blocks.

You may well have seen it before but I HAVE to show you a finish and it appears to be the only one of the quarter, I don't believe it!

I could have just not bothered to link up to the FAL but in compiling this post I am reminded of how well I was doing earlier this year and how much I have slipped in the last three months.  

So, here I am linking up with Nicky @ Mrs Sew and Sew but there are other hosts all over the globe.

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  1. Ah, so you are tackling the Gypsy's Wife quilt. I have that on my Amazon wish list for a pattern. I really need to hone my skills for that one though, I just starting paper piecing in the last couple of months.
    I like the idea of the Ugly Christmas sweater quilt - I will be keeping an eye on the evolution of your pattern.

  2. There are definitely times where life changes and our priorities shift. As it should be. I hope this month is much more peaceful and you are able to settle back into a routine of normalcy. Your projects will all wait patiently for you. :-)

  3. Gorgeous projects . I've been thinking about yuh Kate . Will email you tomorrow x

  4. Kate, these are great projects and I have no doubt you will make progress on them soon. You've had a lot of stuff on your plate lately and so I hope you can find the time to return to sewing and refreshing your wonderful spirit. Prayers for you my friend and lots of hugs! And if you finish something this quarter, so much the better!

  5. Dear Kate, you have been through a rough time indeed. It's not an excuse, just a fact. Please don't be too hard on yourself. In fact, why are you doing these reports if they leave you dissatisfied. Just show us, and yourself, the successes for a while. The circle quilt and the pillow are outstanding and the Little House looks great. You can't mess that up, it's already a lovely flimsy. So relax, enjoy the good things and know that God loves you the way you are.

  6. Kate, your projects look lovely. Someday I'll make a Gypsy Wife too. Be patient while you go through the next few days/weeks after all you've been through. Don't try to tackle big projects, but maybe just play a little, with no goal or project in mind. Like others said, the projects will wait. Thank you for sharing from your heart. Wendy at

  7. I LOVE that pillow! It's OK to slip once in a while(we all do it!). You'll be back on track soon and that is what counts. So sorry for your family's loss.

  8. Kate, your projects are awesome.Take your time with no goal.

  9. Kate, I'm so sorry for your loss. Your mother-in-law was a very special lady.

    Your projects all look great and you can always reset goals to fit your needs.

  10. I'm sorry for your family's loss, Kate. Don't be so hard on yourself with having unfinished and untouched projects. Sometimes sewing and the time to do it comes easier than others. I hope lots of hugs can help you through this difficult time.

  11. Kate, I'm am so sorry to hear about Edna's passing. I was thinking of you over the weekend. This is one thing about lists that frustrates me as well, when I feel I fall short of it. But 3rd quarter is behind us and all we can do is hope for a better 4th quarter and sew on.


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