Friday, 6 January 2017

Taking the Challenge

Oh yes, if you didn't know Jen from Quilter in the Closet is having another 100 Day Challenge.

 The challenge is,

1) Pick 3 specific Quilty/Craft goals - finish some UFO's?  try something new?  make that baby quilt?  declutter/destash?  easy/hard?  Doesn't matter, just be specific.  Specificity helps so we don't justify changing our goals or rationalizing that we generally completed them when we only tried.

If you didn't know I took the challenge last year, and what was my number one goal?  You are reading it now.  Oh yes, Jen has a lot to answer for, it was she who unleashed me into the world of blogging.

I hit my second goal  too, but the third one I failed, 

resulting in one of my most viewed posts titled would you believe I failed............

This year I am taking up the challenge again and here are my three personal challenges:

1. I stated recently that one of my goals for 2017 was to conquer FMQ but her we are a week into January and how much time have I practiced?  Zero!  So my first challenge is to practice three times a week.

This is the result of my efforts last year, and it wasn't even my supreme slider.  You can read about it here if you want the gory details.

2. I have talked so much about my circles quilt and finished the top in October, is it completed yet? 

No, not touched.  Number two is to finish and bind circles.

3. My sister is having a big birthday this year, actually in March and I have decided to make her a quilt.  I have a pack of fat quarters from Oakshott Fabrics in my stash and will complete it by March 13th, her 60th birthday.  No pic, sorry, but  the pack is called Moonlight.

So these are my goals,  Do you have the courage to take the 100 Day Challenge?

If you would like to read all about the challenge and join in post a reply or link to Jen's post @ Quilter in the Closet  

Maybe you will start writing your own blog if you haven't got one and who knows what jen will unleash in Quilting Blogland in the next year..............

Until then
Smiles from
Kate x

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  1. oh good luck with your challenge goals ! just read about your run-in with the supreme slider - I use one but I tape it down so it doesn't have a chance to move !! if it makes you feel better I've been free motion quilting pebbles on a quilt for over two years haha !

  2. Good luck on achieving your goals.

  3. Achievable goals, but you'll have to be a pretty ambitious sewist to finish your sister's quilt by March! Good luck! I don't use a supreme slider. They are so expensive. I started out using an applique iron sheet, then I moved on to a silicon pastry sheet, and now I don't use anything. XO

  4. Wow! No way could I do a whole quilt that fast unless that's all I did with my free time. You go girl! You can do it!

  5. Hi Kate! Good luck with the Birthday quilt, you can do it! I'm not good with goals because I couldn't keep them. x Teje

  6. Cool Challenge! I hadn't heard of this one. I think I will join. Thanks for sharing the challenge, Kate, and good luck on your goals!

  7. Why not fill two goals with one project? That circle quilt is lovely. Your sister might like it???

  8. Good luck with your challenge goals. The seem pretty reasonable, but goals can be tricky that way. Enjoy the stitching time no matter what happens.

  9. Good luck with all your projects! I'll have to check out the challenge!

  10. Hope you achieve all of your projects and most of all that your Indi is on the mend!!!

  11. Hope you keep up with your goals for the next 100 days. I see there is a birthday party on your blog coming up - I will go and pick out my outfit!

  12. Kate, I am so happy to be a part of "unleashing you on the world"! The world is better for it! I look forward to seeing your progress on your new goals. Practicing FMQ 3 times a week will have you tackling tricky motifs by the end of 100 days! Very exciting!

  13. Looks like you are on track for 2017! I always try to set myself goals then seem to ignore them immediately! Speaking of which I've finished the Pay-It-Forward gift I was making for you! Only one month late (cough), I sent an email last week asking for your postal addy so that I can send it to you (exciting!). No reply from you as yet, but maybe I had your address wrong, so I thought I would check in with you here :)

  14. Good luck with your challenge goals, Kate, especially the FMQing!
    Hugs, Barbara xx

  15. Kate, these are wonderful goals and I just know that at the end of 100 days you will be free motion quilting your heart out! And will have two absolutely beautiful quilt finishes!


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