Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Pay it Forward

I commented on a Pay it Forward post just over a year ago, before I even started blogging I think, and completely forgot about it.  This one was by Serena at Sew Giving and was to be completed within one year.  Imagine my surprise when Serena contacted me recently, and a bigger surprise when this

came in the post.  Isn't it lovely?  Serena was reading my blog and working out what to make me when she read my (in)famous post I'm Expecting.  She immediately started making a ...............Baby quilt!!!   Of course she read the follow up post and to quote her "laughed and laughed".   So, not to be deterred she made the quilt for Baby.  Doesn't she look wonderful in it?  Baby is a big girl, 20 inches wide,14 inches tall, and 8.5 inches deep, far too big for a standard cover.

Serena also suggested it could be used as a wallhanging if it didn't fit, I think it would look wonderful in the wall of my new sewing room too, don't you?  I love it, thank you Serena.

So now it is my turn to Pay it Forward.  All you have to do is to leave me a comment on todays post. I will choose three comments at random and pay it forward with in a year.  I will let you know who the winners are next week and you will have a year to take your turn, it's fun.   Remember if your email is no reply I won't be able to contact you, but you can always email me with your email address, you can find it on my About Me page.

To all you who use the Bloglovin app.  I have it and I love it for reading blogs, it was bit of a job to post comments though, clicking to 'view original post' and my iPad kept reloading the page, so I was delighted when I saw it now has a 'post comments' button, brilliant.  Only they don't show up on the blog, only on Bloglovin.  That means if you are unaware you could be entering lots of giveaways and not being entered.  AND if you are a blogger doing return visits and being neighbourly the blogger may well be unaware you are commenting.

Do you know there is a brand new linky party starting today?  It is the WIP, Wednesday Weight Loss, to help us loose those WIP's and UFO's languishing in the closets.  You can find it at The Inquiring Quilter by the lovely Jennifer.

I haven't got a finished item to share so I am sharing........

Yes they are still in my UFO's, and yes it's ridiculous that I haven't finished them yet.  I have already layered them and started the quilting, so I am setting the intention to finish it and make them into cushions by next week.

I can hear all your thoughts, 'so what has she done this week'  and again I have struggled.  I did go to my quilt group on Saturday, we had a great time, I did the binding on a secret project which was a bit tricky but I will tell you about that when I share it, not today, and I haven't sent it yet because it needs a label.  One of the girls had a baby quilt which needed binding urgently for a baby due this week, she had cut out the strips but couldn't join them or stitch them on, so I did it for her, we all need a bit of help sometimes, right?  Now it just needs the hand stitching which she can do at home nicely in time for baby coming.

Here is what I can show you.

Yes it's not a lot to look at, but it's the backing for circles,  I just need to finish it and I can get it layered and start the quilting.  I did do some more FMQ practice this week but I can hear your thinking 'not the sandwiches again' so I won't show you those.

Now my exiting news,   IT'S OUT AND AVAILABLE!!!!!!

My husbands book is finally published and is in the shops worldwide.  Tonight is the book launch party, I AM SO EXCITED!!!  It isn't a big posh affair, we are doing it ourselves at our training room and providing wine, nibbles, and CAKE (of course), not a posh launch cake, just my home made chocolate and beetroot fudge cake and my carrot cake, but at least I know it will taste good rather than being more for show and keeps us within our budget.

I just have to show you the Acknowledgements page though

Read the last three lines.  My husband is a man of few words, he doesn't give me endless compliments of words of affection, but he does show me in lots of little ways, and I was moved to tears by this public statement.  Now I'm going to cry again........

Smiles from
Kate x

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  1. Here's my comment for a surprise Pay It Forward within the year.
    Congrats on hubby's book launch - such exciting news!
    tvonzalez at

  2. SO MANY good things to comment on here! That Bernina baby blanket is such a great gift! And you will laugh every time you look at it. The very best is the acknowledgement Gary gave you. What better to way to say "I love you." Telling you and the whole world all at one time! And the words are true too. You ARE inspirational.

  3. Kate, what a wonderful surprise to receive the "baby" quilt from Serena. Really, I think it came at a pretty good time for you. You just got your room finished and set up. So maybe instead of your quilting space it can be your nursery :) A place where great ideas are born, like your circle quilt! (though I know she was created before you were in your space) And please congratulate your husband for me. What a huge accomplishment he has achieved and his acknowledgement of your support is so sweet. Do have fun at your party tonight and eat a piece of cake for me :)

  4. Oh what a gorgeous PIF gift - and that you had forgotten so it was a surprise!! What gorgeous words from your husband xxx

  5. Congrats to hubby! I've got one of those "men of few words" myself so I get how amazing that is. I almost cried for you! I'd love to play the "pay it forward." Thanks for offering. And those elephants!!!! OMG! My daughter is an elephant freak and she'd go nuts over those little guys. So cute!

  6. Kate, you really do need to pay attention to your husband because you are inspirational! How nice for you that it's in print and you can look at it whenever you are feeling less than inspirational. We all need reminding of that from time to time.

    Thank you for linking up! Yes, those elephants have been waiting long enough. All that's needed is a can do! I would love to see them as cushions. They are so colorful and lovely!

    That backing looks almost done. Just a little bit of time and you'll have it finished I know. So carve out some time this week just for you Kate because you deserve to have some fun!

  7. A very fun week! Baby's quilt is perfect. What a fun surprise to get in the mail. Congrats to Your Guy! Very impressive. Enjoy your party tonight.

  8. Congrats to your Hubby on his book-so sweet for adding the kind words! Baby's blanket is so nice-what a wonderful suprise! (I had forgotten too). Bless you, Susan

  9. What a beautiful gift. It could be used as a wall hanging. Congrats on the book.

  10. Wow, you have packed a lot into this post! Congrats on your husband's book and the sewing machine cover is lovely. And thank you for the new linkup info, I will go and check it out

  11. Oh, now I'm a little teary! What a sweet acknowledgement of how vital you are to your dear husband. Just lovely! And his book looks like a real winner, too. I'm all for increasing mindfulness in our lives.

    You packed a lot of goodies into this that cover for Baby from Serena! What a fun surprise for you in the mail. And I just love the elephant blocks. It's OK with me if you don't finish them, as long as you keep posting photos of those luscious fabrics, ha!

  12. Love the PIF gift - it's perfect. Congratulations on the book! The acknowledgement is very touching! Don't put my name in the hat for the PIF, Kate. Not that I wouldn't want something from you - I would - but I'm plodding through my PIF gifts from last time and, well, it's not easy making stuff for other quilters!

  13. Love the cover made for your 'baby'. That is so sweet.
    I want to see your practice FMQ pieces. I bet you are improving. Do you spend any time doodling the FMQ designs on paper? I take a Sharpie marker and doodle over the old newspapers before I put them in the recycling tub. I think it helps.
    Finally congratulations to your husband on the release of his book. What a beautiful tribute he paid you in the acknowledgments. So sweet!

  14. What a wonderful surprise for you from Serena! If it were me...I'd be squealing every time I looked at it! It is always a pleasure to surprise someone with an unexpected gift. I started doing that last year and I hope to continue it throughout this year! And congrats on your husbands book! A great accomplishment! You are inspiring, inspirational and exceptional! That shines through loud and clear!

  15. Congrats to your hubby on his published book! No small feat there. Your elephants look gorgeous, I'd love to know more about that fabric line. :) The Pay It Forwards concept is intriguing and delightful - how wonderful that your new "baby" has a quilt of her own to set her a fine example! :D

  16. I am so glad for the new baby quilt for your baby. What no diaper bag???Congratulations on the book!!! Oh Kathleen, you must not underestimate your inspirational ability? Well, you have inspired me. I enjoy your posts as well as your support on my posts.

  17. Great story, wonderful surprise, and SEW thoughtful of you to carry on the "tradition"!! Wishing your husband heartfelt congratulations on seeing such an immense project to fruition.

  18. Oh what a lovely week -nice post, fun quilting and huge congratulations to your husband!


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