Wednesday, 22 February 2017

You wont believe it but........

I have a FINISH!!!!!!

Now come on, I can hear you all thinking 'and about time'.  Ok, I admit I'm off to a slow start this year, but that means it can only get better, no I know it couldn't get much worse , but hey, onwards and upwards.

So here without further ado are.......

my elephant cushions, oh yes all three of them.  Have a closer look......

I had leftover backing which matched this yellow one.

I also had extra fabric in the same range which I had used in the pink one.

I lucked out for the blue one........

so I used a reads as solid one I got in a sale which tones in ok.  Yes I agree it is a bit boring but after all, who turns their cushions over to check the backs?

I know I'm practicing my FMQ but I thought the serpentine quilting would be perfect.

With just a little wiggle around the elephant.

For this finish I am linking up with Jennifer from The Inquiring Quilter for her WIP link up.

Now I should have told you about this last week, but remember I said I had some news for you about a blog hop?  Well it's been announced, in fact there is a new button on my sidebar, it's Jen and Jan's Mini Blog Hop.  They had one last year which was a great success and really good fun, only I couldn't join in as it was when I had concussion, sad.  Anyway this time Jen has designed a beautiful little mini.

What do you think?  Jen has made it a free download on Craftsy.   It is called Quilters Laundry Day, and you know the best bit?  You can customise it!

See the quilt on the washing line?  It is a four inch block and you get to design it yourself, anything you want, or if you have a piece of the most beautiful fabric you can use that either, it doesn't have to be pieced, it is your quilt so make it as you please.

The hop is on the 10th and 11th March so you have plenty of time to make the quilt and join in.  I'm in, I wasn't going to miss it this time, I already made mine I just need to layer and quilt it, and maybe add a bit of something to make it special to me.

If you want to join in just contact Janice from Colour Creating and Quilting, or Jen from A Dream and a Stitch.  Go on, you know you want to..........

Now I know you are thinking what about the quilt that went with the cushions, and remember I finished it last year and blogged about it here.

You may also remember I said I would tell you what 'sweet little Indi' had been up to when I was at work last week.  Oh yes, made the connection?

This is the finished quilt,

and this is what I came home to.

She ate it!!!  She ate the pink piece that is missing AND the wadding!  There is a hole in the binding and look at the colour of it.........filthy!  You can see the blue piece underneath is damaged too.  It was the fact that I had quilted on all the seam lines that stopped her eating more of it.  My luck must have been in though, the backing is intact.

I do have some scraps of fabric left, although I don't know if I have the same ones the need replacing, and I have a strip leftover from the binding too so I can splice a piece in.

What more can I say??????

Now for the news you have all been waiting for, this is when I announce who becomes the next victims of Pay It Forward.

Only thing is although I got my friend to pick them out of a hat I haven't emailed them yet, so I will have to tell you next time, hehe!  I do like to drag these things out don't I?

So until the,
Smiles and giggles,
Kate x

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  1. I'm so happy you got those pillows done! Love, love them. They are oh so cute. Bad, bad Indi though for eating the quilt. Ugh. Three steps forward, one step back. I'm sure you'll find a cute way to repair the quilt though. So sorry!

  2. A dogtastrophy! My critter hasn't tried to eat any of my creations, but I wouldn't put it past her.

  3. I LOVE those elephants. My sister would die for those pillows. I must copy you! :) Tell me all about them.
    My puppy licks my quilts sometimes, but has never full on ate them. Oh goodness. Hopefully you will be able to repair it with ease.

  4. I love your cushions, wonderful fabrics ..... well done finishing them!
    Love the mini quilt, I still need a mini quilt to persuade my cat to sit on my lap, so I'll mosey over to see what is happening!
    Awww your poor quilt! Indie must have been missing you awfully! I know you will do something amazing to make it right!
    Oops missed the post about Pay it Forward ..... thanks for the info on comments on Bloglovin - how silly of them!
    Have a great week!
    Barbara x

  5. Oh sweet little Indi. I know that look so well. LOL We left Franz in his new cage one day and when we came back, he had chewed a couple of spots in the binding and edge of a quilt I had put in his cage for him. He has never chewed on a quilt before. I guess we got taught a lesson. LOL

    I love your pillows. I have been in a pillow phase and wanting to make some pillows. You have certainly encouraged me1

  6. Oh, those elephants! And oh NO! That dog...

    Good thing we love our pets!

  7. Great to see a finish, Kate. They look excellent! Oh that dog! No more quilts for her!

  8. I love, love, love your elephant pillows. They are just gorgeous! Your combinations of fabrics and colors on each pillow makes them shine!

  9. Yay for a gorgeous FINISH! These prints seem a little outside the box for you, Kate. Are we taking a walk on the wild side? :) I LOVE THEM!! Thanks for the blog hop mention and I'm sending the best "repair" vibes I can for the unintended chew toy!

  10. Ha ha Kate, I have a springer and though she hasn't ate my quilt ..yet... she has had a go at carrying cotton reels and pin cushions without pins thank goodness. Love the elephants, did you get the fabric here in UK.

  11. The pillows are really cute. Sorry about your pup eating your quilt, but hope you can mend it. Gotta love our fur friends!

  12. A wonderful finish, the elephants are adorable.

  13. I love, love your pillows-what wonderful colors! My little shitzapoo ate the embroidered butterfly off her fleece blanket, then got her head stuck in the hole it left! lol Thank you, Susan

  14. So beautiful pillows with elephants, Kate! I'm sorry your puppy couldn't resist the quilt! x Teje

  15. I love the pillows. They are beautiful.

  16. Wow! Check out those pillows! They must have been so much fun to stitch up! XO

  17. Love the cushions and the backs are great too . Your dog ate your homework ! Sorry , quilt ! Our dog when I was at home ate the wooden door frame in the kitchen ! Dogs ....

  18. How love very to have a set of pillows. Three is so much better than one. Congratulations.

  19. I loved your elephant cushions - that fabric is gorgeous :) Sorry for a late reply - I've caught up on your past posts :)


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