Friday, 15 September 2017

I'm Back..........

from my holiday, but my feet hit the ground running.  What with trying to catch up at work and organising the catering for the two day course this weekend, yes I'll be serving and clearing up too so no weekend off for me, I haven't had time to draw breath.  No sewing, no blogging, I haven't even answered all my emails or even started to catch up with my blog reading yet, where has the week gone?  Do you ever come home from being away and think was it all worth the effort?

The holiday?  Lovely, but I haven't sorted pics out yet, sorry, although I took hardly any to be honest, it rained the day after we arrived, and the Monday, Tuesday morning, we did get out for a lovely walk in the afternoon, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, at which point we decided to come home in the afternoon instead of staying until the next day, and yes, it rained all the way home too!

How about seeing some more Gypsy pics?

Indian Hatchet is this weeks block, the easiest so far.  I actually made it last month but I've been holding back.

This is Old Maid Puzzle, one of two which is for week eleven really but I'm jumping ahead so you get to see SOMETHING new this week anyway, but I'm still holding back on the second one.

Bordered Puss in the Corner, this is next weeks block, one of two,.  I'll show you a pic of the blocks in situ next week so you can see how far I'm up to.

I was going to show you my holiday sewing but you will get the full post on that next week, want a sneak peak?

Some of you will know what it is and some may not, I'll tell you all about it and how I made it next week.

Sorry for the short post, I have to dive back into the whirlwind as is my life this week, but just wait, I leave work in two weeks time and start a new chapter in my life, how exciting is that?  I had to promise I would keep doing the catering though, but that is only once a month or so, I can cope with that.

Until next week,
with smiles from,
Kate x

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  1. Welcome back! Your GW blocks are coming along great, I'ml loving the fabric choices. The bordered Puss in the Boot block was my favorite block I made, maybe because it was so simple and sweet.

  2. Glad you had a great holiday! Your blocks look great! Can't wait to hear all about that little sewing project!

  3. Welcome back, Kate! I am so excited for you to have more time to do what you love! I love, love, love all the fabrics you are using in your Gypsy Wife but you already knew that. :)

  4. Welcome home, you've been missed. Wish you had had more sunshine, but at least you truly got away. Your block colors continue to shine. Take care this week!

  5. Love your Gypsy Wife blocks. Sounds like you'll have a whirlwind finish in front of your retirement. Looking forward to seeing what adventures you start then.

  6. blocks look good really liking the background fabric in old maids puzzle. I have made loads of those mini humbugs for tree decorations etc they get to be addictive

  7. Ahh, life can certainly interrupt things, as can rain, apparently! Your blocks are looking mah-velous! I'm looking forward to seeing them all grouped together. Now what can that sneak peak be all about?

  8. As I just came back from a holiday too, your opening paragraph sounded exactly like my week. You are using such beautiful fabrics for your blocks, they look wonderful. Welcome back!!


  9. Glad you had a great holiday Kate! And no falls this year!

  10. Love your blocks and your pictures even more. The suspense - not so much :-p
    Whirlwind? Most of that storm is self-created, I believe. In any case, you are riding it beautifully.

  11. Oh, you poor soaked thing! And while you had vacation, too. Could you send some of that over here? We are ready for a few good days.

    I've been enjoying your GW blocks. You've pulled in some great fabrics for all these blocks, but I'm most enjoying your subtle, low-volume background prints. I think they will add a lot of energy to this quilt layout.

    Transition? Life changes? Hmm. You have me very curious now. I hope it's all for the good, and you're happy with the turnout. Change can be very liberating, and I wish you positive thoughts as it happens. May it leave you with more time to quilt!

  12. Watching the progress on your GW blocks is so fun! I have a whirlwind at my house, too! I spent five days last week visiting my son in Seattle (By myself! Mom/Son time!) and I am playing "catch-up" since getting home. I may have to sew and read blogs all weekend. Poor me!

  13. I think catching up on blog reading takes more time than anything! I'm glad that you're back. We'll see you as you re-enter the quilting world slowly. GW blocks are looking good!!

  14. The colours you are using in the Gypsy wife quilt are so wonderfully bright and fun. Sometimes keeping up with the blogging is very difficult isn't it.

  15. I feel like that on a regular basis. I'm in the only one in my office, so when I'm away, work doesn't get done -- it just waits for me. I'm behind in blogland as well. Trying to catch up on reading tonight.


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