Friday, 16 March 2018

I'm a bit behind........

It's not my fault, I can't help it, story of my life this year I'm afraid.  So, what am I behind with?   Well for starters this post should have been published on Wednesday morning but here I am just starting it on Thursday evening.  And continuing on Friday afternoon!

So, stop, deep breath, how has the week gone..........

Good news is I finished my secret sewing for the book hop, have you been following it?  So many wonderful unique versions of the quilts, and some have put such a spin on the original patterns too.  I will add all the links at the end, if you haven't been following please do, and there are great giveaways.  Bad news is my day isn't until next Wednesday, so I can't show you anything,  AND I had a bit of trouble with my pics too.

That brings me to a decision, I have a very old DSLR camera, only I'm having trouble with it and I'm fed up with making do with my tablet and phone, so, I was given some money from my mother a few months ago to buy myself something nice, something I really want.   I haven't spent it yet though, I'm not into jewellery much, I have the sewing machine I want and all the equipment I need.  I have just about decided to spend it on a new camera, a compact that can slip into my bag and is light to carry around, unlike the heavy DSLR and the lenses that go with it, that's where you come in.  I have been researching and have been leaning towards a Panasonic or Sony, but some of them seem to have so many features I don't want or need, they just complicate using them.  I chose Panasonic and Sony  because they have god lenses, and great reviews.  The feature I really want is a larger sensor for good quality shots, can you recommend any?

I did get a little quilting done, well, not stitching as such, cutting actually.

Postcards from Sweden.  I'm now 'almost' caught up to the two weeks ago point when we were to have had all our fabrics cut.  I'm linking up to MMM Quilts at the halfway point, think I can catch up?

These are the only fabrics I have left to do, and two of them have just arrived as I had ordered one wrong and one missing.  If I had a brain I would be dangerous, it's frazzled.

This is the nice bit, all that leftover fabric to play with, when I'm caught up that is, I dare not start anything new until I have at least two more finishes.

I would like to make a cushion, about 16 inches square for my Dad.  Dad raced pigeons almost all his life from being just fourteen and was very successful at a local level but alas due to health problems he can no longer continue, although he still follows the racing and gets his pigeon magazine every week.

I found this pic on the internet, it would make a lovely cushion but I've never made a quilt from a photo before, I could just print it on fabric but I would love to do it either pieced or appliqué, anyone got any suggestions?

Oh almost forgot the hop

I promised the links, here they are again

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Please remember to come back on Wednesday to see my secret sewing revealed, I will definitely be posting on time next week, so until then,

With smiles from,
Kate x


  1. I recently bought a Canon Powershot Elph 180. It is very light and easy to use. Came with a memory card and a sturdy carrying case delivered to the door for $110.00. I looked at cameras in the stores but ordered from the Internet.

  2. I don't know about cameras or have any cushion suggestions, but I do think you'll be able to get caught up on your postcard quilt!

  3. Don't worry about your postcard quilt because I think now that we're at the point of sewing the rows together I may fall behind because the next few weeks are going to be busy for me. I'm hoping Sandra will give us three weeks instead of two. As for the camera, I'm happy with my iPhone, I just have problems coordinating quilt finishes with nice sunny weather. And indoor shots are another problem. I'll be interested to find out which camera you buy. Sorry I can't help you with your pillow project; I'm wondering if there is a paper pieced pattern of a pigeon available. Have a great weekend!

  4. Hi: I am not a good resource for the camera. I have always used a Canon and am happy with it but a photographer I am not. Love the Postcards project - the colors just sing. You'll get there when it works out for you. The hop has been great fun and I have spent way too much time on the computer looking at everyone's projects. Off to get dressed and force myself to be productive!!! Enough computer time for me. :-)

  5. I love the colors you chose for your post card mini! For a pigeon, I think Tartan Kiwi has a pattern that could be modified to look pigeon-esque. Good luck!

  6. Hi Kate, Before I got my DSLR I used a pocket camera by Nikon. Canon and Nikon seem to be the two brands for cameras. To be honest, I took a lot more pictures when I had that camera than I do now simply because it was so compact and convenient. I had it with me all the time.

  7. So glad to hear you feel like you are catching up! I am anxious to return home so I can spend time in my sewing traveling for 3 months but hard to get much sewing done! and again....thank you for my lovely block! I love the fabric you used. Looking forward to seeing your post for the blog hop!

  8. You're not that far behind, Kate! You'll get caught up. I have an iPhone that I use more often than my Canon Rebel, but I really do need to learn better photography with the Canon. I was going to suggest Tartan Kiwi for a pigeon pattern too.

  9. Hi Kate,
    I don't have a camera suggestion either, but I read every comment to see if anyone did! I would love to know what you select, and then later how you like it! Don't worry about Postcards - I just got some fabric in yesterday so I'm still cutting as well. I do have four rows put together but I enlarged it to a queen size. I think you'll be just fine! ~smile~ Roseanne

  10. Love the picture of that pigeon, but no ideas! I'm sure however you decide, it will be a wonderful pillow, Susan

  11. Thanks for spreading the word about the hop! I can't wait for your day!
    About the pigeon, I like the idea of applique but would your dad be offended if the bird had a little less detail so it would be a easier to applique?

  12. There are many different tutorials for transferring a photo onto fabric. Good luck! I’ve only ever transferred it onto iron on paper, then ironed it onto fabric, like you would for t shirt. That paper is kind of costly. I’ve read about ironing the fabric onto freezer paper, then feeding it through the printer. Glad your making progress on your quilt. Can’t wait for your day at the hop! Yes, it’s been fun! I have a Canon camera and love it. The Ranger has a little Panasonic that he uses for work and it’s pretty awesome. It would probably fit right in anshirr pocket, it’s that small. Hope you find something you like. XO

  13. Don't worry about not keeping up with the Postcards. It seems like everyone is taking extra time. Just relax and have fun with those great fabrics, and give them a hug from me. For the pigeon, why not take it to a copy center? Ours is called Kinko's. They can do any kind of copying you want and I imagine they can do onto fabric. It would save you time and hassle. The pigeon pic is too well done to have any reduction in quality for your Dad. I use only my iPad for my photos and my daughter uses her iPhone for all her professional work, and they work with computers so well. Lots of luck and happy St. Patrick's Day.

  14. I'm not caught up either and I'm not posting until at least tomorrow. No point in joining a quilt along if I am going to stress over it.

  15. I have to admit, this is the first I have ever heard of pigeon racing. That pigeon is lovely. I have been interested in creating quilts from photos but have never done so, other than printing on fabric like you mention. Can't wait to see your quilt for the book hop!

  16. I can recommend the Sony Cyber-Shot Exmor R point and shoot. It's a 16.2 megapixel camera, so you get good resolution and ease of use. The white balance works really well This is my second Sony Cyber Shot. I wore out the first (well actually I dropped it one too many times, it still works, but the lens doesn't always deploy). I've done a couple of photo quilts. I've always just printed on fabric. I've used both Timeless Treasures and Electric Quilts fabric sheets for printing. Both have worked out really well, though I like EQs better from a feel standpoint. I usually use their premium cotton sheets. Looking forward to seeing what you make for the book hop.

  17. Hi Kate, a new compact camera sounds very good. I am like you that I have a nice DSLR, but it is so big and bulky that I never have it around when I would want it. Paige just bought a new little canon and really likes it (I tried it out at QuiltCon and it took really good pictures in not such good lighting conditions).

  18. It looks like you're making good progress on your postcards quilt. I have a Panasonic Lumix that I adore. It has a 30x optical zoom (opposed to a digital zoom like a phone) that takes great photos of birds and such and has a flip screen for taking selfies, not that I'm into selfie taking, with a 3 second timer so you can ready yourself also wi-Fi connectivity to post direct to Facebook etc. And all that in a compact camera!

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