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Modern Plus Sign Quilts Book Blog Hop - Celestial Stars

The wait is over and I would like to congratulate Cheryl @Meadowmist Designs and Paige @Quilted Blooms on the long awaited publication of their most wonderful book, Modern Plus Sign Quilts.

The book has something for everyone, beginners to advanced, pieced, appliqué, paper piecing, it's all here, with clear directions diagrams and tips, you will love this book.

When I was given a choice of quilts I knew which one to make, the quilt which shines out on the front cover.  Here is the official version

Designed and pieced by Cheryl Brickey and quilted by Johellen George.  Photo C&T Publications

Without any further ado, may I present to you my version of Celestial Stars.

Here it is in all it's glory, hanging on the washing line in my parents garden.   Mine is a nine block version of the original and finishes at 72 inches square, a lovely size for the top of a bed or as a generous lap quilt.

I used some of my favourite fabrics from Alison Glass Sunprints 2017 and 2018 and Diving Board 2017 ranges, the background is 2800 Spraytime, The Henley Studio, Makower UK, a dark blue with black like the night sky to let the bright colours shine out.  The top went together surprisingly fast, here it is in construction and during the job I most dread, layering the quilt.  It took a lot of pins is all I'm going to say, and I'm not sure if my knees have recovered yet.

Want to see the back?

Yes my parents garden again.  Of course I should have used a fabric to hide my quilting stitches but instead I went for a Kermit the frog look.

I must admit though I do like the contrast.

This is a good pic for showing the texture, a loose meander on the background in navy blue.  The plus signs took a lot of thinking about as I'm not known for my quilting skills but rather than resort to my waking foot I decided to try something completely new to me.  Wonky spirals in a thread called Josephs Coat, King Tut by Superior Threads.  It has a completely different look on different colour fabrics.

As you can see these are completely different from the normal spirals, they would be boring, so I made them all different sizes from tiny to large and everything in between.  Wonky spirals are rarely circular, that would be a mistake, mine range from being slightly off circle to egg shaped.    Forget about stitching being a uniform width too, the quilting lines range from wide to touching, and have you noticed the unique feature which sets them apart?  An elephants trunk in the centre, no points here!  Be careful mind, if you stand back too far and squint your eyes up they look just like the normal ones.

Oh yes, if you want to try a new quilting stitch and get it spectacularly wrong the best time is on a special quilt and showing it on a special post, nothing new there then.

Ok, you have now seen the warts and all pics, want to see the posed ones?

The rocking chair lifestyle pic..........

and the thrown down on the chair while I go get a coffee (or a glass of wine depending on the time) pic.

The draped across the back of the sofa pic, only as it is normally against the wall this surely won't ever happen, I'd end up sitting a foot from the tv.

That's better, that's where the sofa goes, although the navy doesn't go with the brown and it still doesn't disguise how the seat goes down at one side either (that's where I sit when watching tv, shhh).  On the other hand with my four legged girls who have been known to 'taste' the odd quilt it won't be staying there either.

Then there is the draped down the stair look but I'm rubbish at arranging folds to make it look artistic.

How is this for a posed shot, I took these at the business centre where my husband works, on a Sunday when no one was there of course, want another view?

Better stop now, I can see your eyes starting to glaze over so I'll quit while I'm ahead, I think........

There are sixteen patterns in the book and it's one of those rare books where I want to make several.  If you have been following the hop you will already seen how versatile the quilt patterns are too, I've picked up more than a couple of ideas.

Signed copies are available to purchase at:

Meadow Mist Design Etsy Shop
Quilted Blooms Etsy Shop

There again you can always pick one up at your local quilt shop or online quilt shop or book store, I'm sure you have your favourites.

Don't forget to visit Cheryl and Paige for a chance to win a prize.

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If you are still here normal service will be resumed next week, if I don't get lost in London at my soon to be daughter-in-law's hen party that is......

Until then
With smiles from
Kate x


  1. I love the way your plus's look like stars in the night sky. And your photography is fun too! And the wonky spirals. Perfect! Wonderful, wonderful work, Kate!

  2. I chuckled my way through this post, Kate! The quilt is fantastic, I love the variegated thread and the new quilting stitch - it looks achievable! You went to quite the effort with your photos and it was well worth it, you got the posed shots just right. Might be time to swap the cushions on the couch :-)

  3. Your version is fabulous, it has so much texture. I have to admit to never having gone beyond straight line quilting apart from once, it wasn't too good and has put me off. x

  4. Hi, Kate! Your quilt is lovely! Your quilting looks great and the wonky spirals in the pluses are perfect for that area. I love the shot of the quilt hanging from the rail in that big open space. It adds a lot of color to that drab looking business center. Maybe they should buy it from you and keep it there.

  5. Your quilt looks great, the dark background really makes the colors pop!

  6. Great quilt! Love the colors with the dark background.

  7. I like your quilt and you make me laugh! Thanks for starting my day off right!

  8. Love your quilt - great fabrics!

  9. Love your swirls!!! And of course the quilt is spectacular! A real WOW quilt!

  10. Beautiful version of Celestial, the colors pop so well off of the dark background. I loved your photo shoot with the quilt, the pics look really good (I can never get my quilts to have that perfect causally tossed on a couch look). Thanks so much for being part of the hop!!

  11. The quilt looks great ! I had a laugh reading your description of the quilting which is far better than mine would have been! It must have taken you forever to quilt that. I think it must take about three designers to artfully drape a quilt. Thanks for making this wonderful quilt and sharing it with us.

  12. Wow, Kate! I love the bright colors against the dark background! Celestial is one of my favorite patterns in the book and I can't wait to give it a try. I love your swirls in the plus signs and your pictures are fabulous! What a beautiful quilt!

  13. I love your rainbow version! The quilting looks great, love the multicolored thread you used there. Beautifully done!

  14. Love the contrast of the navy with all the colours!

  15. It’s amazing, Kate! I love it so very much. You were very brave to quilt it yourself, given the size and the dark fabrics, and I think you did a magnificent job. Isn’t variegated thread fun? Your post made me snicker. I could so relate, especially to attempting a photo shoot. I can never get that drapey look. Well done, my friend! Well worth the wait!

  16. Love those colors and you quilting!

  17. Ha ha!! I love your sense of humor, Kate :) Wonky spirals are very, very popular, you know. EVERYONE makes them at some point in their quilting journey. But they are hardly worth all that extra work to make them wonky, since as you said, when you stand back they look so much like normal spirals. All that wonky work wasted, sigh.

    All kidding aside, this is a gorgeous quilt! I love the brights against the deep blue. And I know how hard it is to quilt with dark thread against dark fabric, but the texture is so worthwhile. And I love the photos at the business center. It makes the quilt look like it's hanging in a modern art gallery! :)

  18. I love your version of this quilt! The quilting you did is just fabulous.

  19. Lovely, really like your styled photos and the close ups of the quilting!

  20. Reading this post made my day, Kate. Not only did you make a fantastic, beautiful version of this quilt (I love those bright colors!), but you made me smile and chuckle. The thread used for quilting is very cool! I think your spirals look just grand! Well done!

  21. I love your Alison Glass rainbow quilt! It's really beautiful and I'm always up for festive! I feel your knee pain with the pinning! You nailed the quilting, and are very brave. I don't know if I could FMQ a quilt so big! It turned out perfect...way to go!!!

  22. This is beautiful, Kate! Well worth the wait to see what you had been secretly making. I hope you get lots of pleasure and enjoyment using it. :)

  23. I think this might be my favorite quilt on the blog hop! I love the rainbow of color on the dark background. The variegated thread was perfect for it, and I think your quilting looks wonderful! Beautiful finish!

  24. I love your quilty shoot for this quilt. Nothing makes me happier than seeing a quilt posing for the camera. Work it girl! Kate, your quilt is beautiful and you should be 100% proud of it, because you did it all. You did a wonderful job adding texture with the meandering and spirals.

  25. What a stunning quilt, I love the rainbow plus signs twinkling in the sky like stars!

  26. Beautiful!! Love all the colours and the photos are spot on.

  27. Wow! Looks fantastic with all the pretty bright colors!

  28. Beautiful, and the story that goes with your pics, save it please .My fav photo, thrown over the rocking chair, as it is just sitting, waiting to be used. Love your colour choices, and the quilting, super!!!

  29. Your quilt is beautiful - that background color does make the plus signs pop! Love your quilting -and that thread -wonderful! Thank you for sharing, Susan

  30. Yes, your Celestial quilt is beautiful. Your creative photo shots are good as well.

  31. What a fun post to read. Your quilt is fantastic - love the bright colors off the dark background and your quilting is great!

  32. You are hilarious. I smile with each of your posts Kate. The quilt is gorgeous and I agree about the contrasting backing fabric. Excellent choice. Really good finish and thank you for the humorous take on quilt photography. :-)

  33. Wow! Your quilt is gorgeous!

  34. A beautiful and nice sized quilt. I love the contrast between the plus stars and the background, both in color and quilting (which is great by the way). I also enjoyed the many photographs from the garden, floor, couch, stairs and your husbands work building!!

  35. Great colors with your version, the blue with the brights works so well!

  36. Great quilt and I love all the pictures of it, posed and otherwise! Your quilting is beautiful! Perfection is for machines...this was created totally by hand with lots of talented love!

  37. the colours. They are so bright and vibrant.

  38. I love the bright colors on the dark sky. I appreciate all the photos, too. It IS hard to create those folds and I think you did a fine job of it here. Nice quilting!

  39. What a beautiful quilt! Love the fun colors and the backing is especially yummy! Great job! Thanks for sharing!

  40. Kate, it's beautiful! The Alison Glass fabrics shine even more on the dark background, you're right. I see a new color with each photo shoot. I think my favs are at the business center, especially on the steps. Thank you for your contribution to the hop!

  41. This is one of my favourite designs from the book and I adore your version, Kate! Hard to resist those happy coloured pluses on a dark background (which gives them extra "pop"!)and I love your sense of adventure in quilting (and that dreamy variegated thread!). A beautiful quilt!

  42. You have had fun with this quilt! It can now be enjoyed on the couch. Very nice quilt!

  43. You need to stop being negative on yourself! :) These photos and the quilting are amazing! I love those wonky spirals, you chose a perfect thread. It gives it character. :)

  44. Celestial Stars quilt looks wonderful. The colours are so vibrant against the dark background, just like the stars on a clear night.


  45. I agree with Jen above 👆. The quilt, your quilting and the photos are all just wonderful. It is just a beautiful quilt!

  46. That turned out so lovely! I really love the green backing, and your quilting is wonderful. You must be so excited at how it turned out!

  47. I agree with all the commenters! Well done! Courageous to give us such detail, but uplifting for the rest of us as well.

  48. Your version is just beautiful Kate! The colours really do pop against that darker background. And I love the photos! :-)

  49. Oh Kate I love this! The contrast is wonderful and really makes the plus signs pop. Your quilting is great, I know you like to make fun of it but really, it's quite good! And me, I love the green on the back. Such a pretty color!


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