Friday 4 March 2016

Challenge update

It's time for the second check in for the 100 Day Challenge set by Jen at Quilter in the Closet.  We were asked to pick 3 specific quilt/craft goals to complete in the timescale so to recap, my items were:
  1. Stop procrastinating and start a blog.  
  2. Quilt and finish my Sugar and Spice quilt.
  3. Finish the piecing, quilt and bind my Sticks and Stones quilt.
So, how did I get on?

Well, as to the first you are reading me today.  The blog went live on the 25th of January and this is post number 8.  I’m posting once a week or so just now and will post more often if I have something to say, like today.  It's good fun, and I have a few followers already, on Google and Bloglovin Whoopee !!!

The second is done, the FMQ was challenging to say the least and just now the only real pattern in my repertoire  is my loopy swirls.  I make no apologies, remember where FMQ is concerned I work on the “blind man and galloping horse’ principle and so it looks great.  I posted a pic last week but just in case you missed it………..

If you would like to see more detail check out last weeks post.

Number three, well I sorted it out and here comes the but, I  have somehow lost a couple of blocks, however the good news is I have enough scraps to make more.  It was going to have borders but I think the fabrics are too busy so it will end up 40 x 50.  This is what I have so far.  Bright, yes, colourful, I would agree with that, but I just went off it while making it, probably because it's not the kind of patterned fabrics I would normally use.  However, it makes a great quilt for practicing FMQ, Yes?

It's  Mother's Day this Sunday in the UK but my daughter Caryne lives about five hours away and my son who normally lives and works in London (so I wouldn't see him anyway) as a fraud manager is at a big conference in Vegas so I doubt I will even get a phone call.  If anyone is there and sees a tall handsome man called Chris with sapphire blue eyes please give him a hug from me.
However, this is what came in the post this week.

Haven’t I got lovely children?  And doesn’t Amazons wish list come in handy?  Works better for me than flowers by post.

Until next time
Smiles from

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  1. You are really nailing this challenge Kate! It is hard sometimes to finish something that we have fallen out of love with, but I am sure that you will not let that Sticks and Stones quilt beat you :)


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