Wednesday 23 March 2016

Progress has been made…….

Yes, a definite improvement on last week.  Although I desperately wanted to start quilting my sticks and stones quilt which is already layered what I HAD to do is finish the quilt top for the group quilt.   As it was my suggestion to make it, it was taken as read I would be the one to put the blocks together, do the borders, layer, quilt, and bind it.

The lovely Jan has made the label, stitched by hand and decorated with two appliqué hearts.  Jan does wonderful hand appliqué, I must try and show you a pic sometime.

This is my progress so far.  The process reminded me how difficult it is to make a quilt from the blocks of several different people.  It seems we all have different ideas of a 1/4 inch seam and the blocks ranged from 12 inches, to 13 1/4 inches.  I admit I took out a  ‘couple’ or so seams and redid them and I had to fudge it a bit, but the end product is fine and the most important thing is we all contributed.  I had a bit of trouble with the circular quilting and so am taking some out but it should be finished next week for our group meeting when I will hand it over for a couple of the other girls to deliver.

On a good note my little Indi is recovering from her recent illness.  She does love my rocking chair.  This was taken before she took ill, you can tell how stressed she gets.

Indi is down from 13 tablets a day to 7, and in another week it will be 5.  The treatment for meningitis in dogs is antibiotics for two weeks and steroids for about 6 months so it will be quite a while yet but at least she is doing well and more like her normal self.

My other dog Ella is being cut today and we just found out the lady who we booked is the owner of the dog who won Cruffts this year (the most prestigious dog show in the UK), most impressive, hope she has a magic wand.  This shows Ella quite nicely but in reality she has and extremely thick long coat which tats up, and does she moult!

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  1. Lovely group quilt. I understand your frustration with varying block sizes, but it looks like you have it all together. It will be a lovely gift when quilted and finished.

  2. It looks like you were able to successfully get the different blocks pieced together well. Working with blocks from other can definitely be challenging sometimes!

  3. The quilt top is lovely and it looks like you have overcome the challenge of getting it pieced together. Pretty pups.

  4. I'm currently working on this pattern as well. You're a bit ahead of me. I just have my blocks completed and I'm wondering how to quilt it.

  5. You worked with what you had and it looks amazing! Blocks vary so much from one person to the other...kind of crazy!

  6. The westie that won was immaculately groomed and such a gorgeous dog - would be brilliant to meet the owner. Glad your Indi is on the mend - some amount of medication - hope she likes taking them! It's funny how blocks from different people can be so different in size but great that you were able to make it work. Looks really good!

  7. Your quilt looks great despite the difficulty adjusting for the different sized blocks. Your dog is adorable as well :)

  8. Your WIP quilt top has some great bright colours. I hope you link up the finish when it's done. Thanks for linking up to TGIFF @ Anja Quilts.

  9. I love the colors and movement with this block, you did a great job putting it together, that must have been a challenge with the block sizes.

  10. How wonderful that you were able to tighten up the block sizes by redoing some of the seams. This is going to be a lovely quilt!

    1. Thank you. I have been hard at it all weekend and You will be able to see it finished in a couple of days.

  11. Your group quilt looks great - you've done a good job of pulling it all together!

  12. What??? Isn't made with the prettiest, or trending fabrics???
    It's a lovely creation.... period!! AND..... you didn't "toss" the fabric scraps. (which would have been terrible)
    It's a beautifully creative small quilt.
    Kudos to you!!


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