Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Finish Number 3 and progress update

Yes!  It’s finished, my group quilt for which I made two blocks, trimmed, fudged, and stitched the blocks together, sashed, layered, quilted and bound.  As I did so much of the work I am claiming at as a finish.  What do you think?

Circle of Friends made for Paula, 50 x 40 inches, quilted with concentric circles, half inch quilting in the borders.  The backing was chosen by the group as it is one of Paula’s favourite colours and it was also used in the borders.  It is 567 Hearts, The Henley Studio Makower UK.  Jan from the group made a lovely matching label, which reads: 
For Paula
Made with Love
By the “Special Smarties”

We were originally two groups, the ‘Smarties’ and the ‘Special Needs’ but as numbers dwindled we joined together as the ‘Special Smarties”

And this is where I spent the morning hand stitching the binding, and some of the, what seemed like hundreds, of threads to be buried. If I'd finished it yesterday I would have taken the pics earlier when it was bright but now it's cloudy.

I thought it might be fun to make a list of my WIP and UFO, too.  In my book a WIP is something you are working on now and a UFO is something which has been temporarily abandoned, temporarily as in not worked on for up to X many years but something you mean to finish one day.

Work in Progress
Sticks and Stones - needs quilting
Little House in the Woods (log cabin) — needs layered and quilting
City Lights - needs layered and quilting
Ugly Christmas Sweaters - needs almost everything done barely started
Elephant and I - Cut out, needs the background strips stitched together and paper piecing finished
Several mug rugs and coasters in various stages of completion

Wedding ring quilt, some of the rings are made but needs a LOT of work.  I don’t like the background fabric and as I’m making it by hand it takes forever.
Lanterns Quilt - the blocks are in various stages of completion.  I was seduced by a layer cake, I am now luke warm about it and dislike the other fabrics included.
Baltimore - I think it was a case of too much hand appliqué and going through an iffy stage in my quilting journey.  
I am sure there are more, as I am changing and reorganising my sewing room they will be unearthed named and shamed, or discarded.

To everyone who asked after Indi she is down to five tablets a day from tomorrow and is improving, much more like her old self.  She is due to see the neurologist in a few days for blood tests.  I’ll let you know how she gets on.
Ella has been cut, I forgot how small she is without all the hair.  I think she likes it as she thinks she’s a puppy again.

Until next time
Smiles from

Edit  Just to let you know Blogger changed my settings turning me into a no reply blogger.  Sorry if you have tried to contact me in the past, it has now been changed.


  1. I love your choice of spiral quilting for this top. I think claiming this as a finish is perfectly acceptable. (I did the same with our guild's charity blocks this month.)

  2. Lovely finish! Good luck with your UFOs.

  3. This is just gorgeous! I think you absolutely should count it as a finish!!!! I like how you differentiated between WIP and UFO...that would certainly clear up a few things around here as well!

  4. Great finish Kate, what a lovely gift for your friend.

  5. Awesome finish! I love the spiral quilting.

  6. Beautiful quilt, one that will be a treasure for your friend. Love, love the quilting!

  7. I just love it, and so will your friend!

  8. Absolutely any finish is worth a celebration! The spiral quilting is a great choice for this pattern.

  9. That definitely counts as a finish to me. And, it is gorgeous. I love your quilting.

  10. It's absolutely beautiful. I love the way you've quilted it.

  11. I love this quilt. It's quite colourful and fun. I really like that two of the blocks are on a brighter white. Can you tell me where you got the pattern for the block.

  12. What a beautiful quilt! I love your quilting and the fabrics ... it is a perfect combination!

  13. This is a great quilt! I Love how simple it is!

  14. very nice. this needs to be on my bucket list. love the variety of negative fabrics.

  15. It's lovely, and I adore the spiral quilting!

    1. Thank you Liz. I love this quilt pattern and would love to make a bigger version some day. It's only my second time spiral quilting, it got easier as the spirals got bigger.
      I can't contact you direct as you are a no reply blogger but thank you for leaving your comment.

  16. Beautiful quilt and I love the quilting!

  17. This quilt is so beautiful, and you did a great job quilting it! Thanks for linking up for the I May Have a Scrap Problem show-and-tell!

  18. Kate, this is beautiful! Putting together a group quilt usually involves trimming and fudging! But it turned out great and your quilting is stunning!

  19. Aha! You were speaking from very recent experience when I asked you about concentric circles! Beautiful job, Kate! What a fun and modern quilt!


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