Friday 1 April 2016

Binding tools, wadding, and a favourite quilt

I’m not sure if I can do the linky thing next Friday as I am away for the weekend, I can't give you a hint as I need to take a pic but I'll  post about it next time.  If you want to find out about it just come visit next week, or, follow me, that way you won’t miss it.  I’d love it if you did, although I get a lot (to me) of hits linking up I’ve only a few followers (so sad) and it would be great to think I wasn’t just throwing my words into the universe (as wonderful as it is).

It would help if I had buttons like Bloglovin but I haven’t worked out how to add them, and I would so love to, if anyone has an idiots guide I would be very grateful, and it would make the linky thing easier too.

BUT…… what I wanted to share was, I got a free gift with I Love Patchwork & Quilting magazine issue 31, a binding tool.  I hadn’t used one before, so I searched on You tube and found a video, as you do.  So, I watched it a couple of times and gave it a go.   

Stopping and starting the demo, careful I did it right, I cut it…… and it was too short!!!  Disaster, I had to unpick some of my binding and add some more, awkward as it was attached to the quilt.  Not to be beat I tried again, this time following the, brief, instructions on the binding tool, success!  It was easier to use too as the instructions were the same for both ends.  

So I wanted to warn you all, there may be different types of binding tools out there, which may work differently, follow the instructions, not You Tube unless you know it is the same one.  It was great by the way, and I’ll definitely use it again, but next time maybe remember to take some pics (blush).

I used a different wadding for the group quilt I just posted about on Finish Number 3, Quilters Dream Cotton Natural Request,  It was ok in that the finished quilt looks good, and it seemed ok as I was using it, EXCEPT, I started to notice little bits of fluff on the surface of the quilt.  These increased in number, and there was more around the needle, my machine is so dirty, and I had cleaned it just before I started the quilting when I changed the needle over.  

I’ve never had this before, so I wanted to ask has anyone else had this happen?  I don't really like to judge a wadding with just one use, and I know lots of quilters like it.   I usually use Warm and Natural which I love for machine quilting, but I haven’t experienced others which may be better, or more suitable for other projects.  What is your favourite wadding, and why?

The other thing I wanted you to check out is a tutorial by Chris on fixing broken stitches in your quilts, she has a theory which makes total sense, check it out on her blog madebychrissied.

Sorry for the lack of pics, to rectify this Here is my single bed sampler quilt which I am giving to my sister to go with the bed I’m giving her.  I won’t have any further need of it as I won’t have any single beds, and I love the colours on this quilt.

More advancde than my first sampler quilt which you can see on How my journey began.

Love this block

This was the one that drove me mad, I think it’s called Night and Day

Forgot to tell you, the quilting was done by Aileen at Border Quilts at Eyemouth on the Scottish borders on her longarm.  You didn't really think I'd done it did you?

Thank you for reading me, and remember to follow me, you can find me on a Bloglovin search, smilesfromkate.

If not I will be here next week, shouting my words to the universe.

Smiles and giggles, 

Edit  Just to let you know Blogger changed my settings turning me into a no reply blogger.  Sorry if you have tried to contact me in the past, it has now been changed.


  1. Thanks for the tip on the binding tool and u tube videos. The quilting is superb on the quilt you are giving to your sister. I'm sure she will love it.

  2. Sampler quilts are the best way to learn! Yours is beautiful! Good for you for sticking to it and figuring out that tool! Believe me, I unpick lots of stitches along the way! Yesterday was 'one of those days' as a matter of fact. Have a fun weekend!

  3. Hi Kate I couldn't figure out how to reply to your comment on my blog so I came back here. I thought you would like to know that of the four finishes only two of them are quilts...and one of them was a group quilt at that. The other finishes were smaller items.

  4. I bought a TQM binding tool and bias ruler at the Festival of Quilts last year and I love it. By the time I get to the last part of the binding I am always running out of patience so anything that makes my life easier is good by me!

  5. Beautiful quilt and beautiful quilting! I too have this tool from LPQ but haven't had a chance to use it yet!

  6. Beautiful sampler quilt! I know your sister is thrilled! And thanks for sharing the binding tool!


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