Tuesday 26 April 2016

A Finish, good news and bad

Oh yes, in the net! My Sticks and Stones quilt is finished, and only 11 days late for Jen’s 100 Day Challenge. This was a UFO, which became a WIP and is now my fourth finish of the year.

The fabrics are about three years old and came from a range called Karavan from Westminster Fabrics.

I chose a solid for the binding which is almost a perfect match

I used one of the fabrics for the back.

It is quilted in the ditch which is fine for the wadding used, however, I do plant revisit this quilt in the next few weeks and use it to practice my FMQ. There are lots of small blocks to practice on, I thought if I coordinated it by, say doing ribbon candy on all the long skinny blocks, and maybe pebbles on all the small blocks it would work. Any thoughts?

The pattern is quite old by Black Cat Creations.

This is a very economical pattern, from one fat quarter you get enough pieces for one complete 10 inch block, 1 B block 10 x 6 inches, 1 C block 10 x 6 inches, and 1 D block 10 x 4 inches with next to no waste. These form the ‘stone' blocks, add a ‘stick’ of fabric 10 x 4 inches and you have three 10 inch (finished) blocks ( by stitching a B or a C to a D, or a stick.) Theoretically a baby size takes five fat quarters, four for stone blocks and one for sticks giving 12 blocks, I found it is improved with six fabrics for this size. The pattern does include borders too but I thought it would be too much with this choice of fabrics.

I did a posh photo too, He He!

The I remembered the matching cushions, which are just cushion fronts just now.

The elephants are bonded appliqué hand stitched.

The cushion fronts are in three colour ways.

I like the yellow one best.

The bad news? Well, I thought I would make a record of all the processes of using the binding tool I blogged about here. I took my time, and lots of pics, checking them on the camera as I took them. When I loaded the pics in to the computer……… they weren’t there????????

All I can think of is my CF card must have either been full, or, it wasn’t in fully. I could NOT believe it…….. I was on my hands and knees on the floor, getting the best light, with the camera around my neck holding the binding tool, taking pics with one hand......... 

SO disappointed…… it will be a while before I get another chance to use it I think. But it worked great, I will be using it for all of my binding now it is so good.

Look out for my next post, changing the width of your blog space, on Thursday.

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  1. As Charlie Brown always says, AAAAARGH! How frustrating for you! So happy for you to have another finish and it is lovely. I was thoroughly enjoying ALL the pictures you posted today. Eye candy!

  2. Just love that little quilt! But those elephants! Oh my goodness, they are beautiful! XO

  3. What a pretty finsh. Congratulations

  4. Wonderful to have another finish Kate. I love the elephants as well.

  5. Sweet, and posh, little quilt :) Bummer about your photos!!!!

  6. Love your finish and the adorable elephants. So sorry you lost your pictures. :(

  7. This is a very pretty quilt. I like that you chose a basic design because these fabrics are just gorgeous and the simplicity of the piecing allows the fabrics to shine. This is only my opinion, but when a quilt has a lot going on with the fabric, I think basic quilting works well. If you spend a lot of time on detailed quilting, I worry that it won't show up. Do you know what I mean? Again, it is just a suggestion.

    I love the elephants. They are adorable. Great job Kate :-)

  8. Love the elephant pillows (tops for now). I like that you kept colors the same as the elephant when combining prints.

    And oh the disappointment of no photos! When one of my daughters was in high school she took several photography classes. One time for an assignment we drove all over the county looking for decaying barn and such for an assignment for the next day. When she got to class to develop her film (it was that long ago) she found an empty camera. Luckily she was a good student in general, so the teacher just laughed and called it conceptual art.

  9. Oh, too bad about the pictures. That must have been frustrating to find they were missing after all that work. Your quilt is delightful with all those colorful fabrics. I really like how the elephants on the pillow covers showcase some of the designs, too.

  10. Cute elephants! Love the finished quilt too! I am intimidated by FMQ but enjoy quilting with my walking foot.

  11. Love your elephant cushions to be! LOVE!

  12. I love those elephants! I made a baby quilt and used that fabric for the backing. So sorry about your camera malfunction. Your finished quilt is lovely and I like your idea of using it for fmq practice!

  13. I can just picture you crawling around, using the tool and trying to get pictures. Been there, done that. I love the pillow fronts. Those elephants are so cute.

  14. I love the little elephants, those are perfect for cushions!

  15. I'm so sorry you lost your photos after all that work! The elephants make up for it! They look great on the blocks you've made.
    Deciding on free motion quilting patterns is the hardest for me. Your quilt looks so soft and cuddly now, my only thought is not to quilt to densely to lose the softness.


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