Wednesday, 8 March 2017

It's nearly time..........

for Jen and Jan's Mini Blog Hop!

Only two more sleeps, It is SO exciting.  It is over two days, Friday 10th (my day) and Saturday 11th.  Everyone seems to be very cagey, some have told me they have finished but I have had NO sneak peaks, so aggravating, I can hardly wait to see what everyone has done.

Do you want a sneak peak at mine?  Ok then, here it is..........

Like it?  You didn't think I would show you more did you?  Well....................NO!!!  You will have to wait until Friday.  Hehe, joy oh joy, I'm so excited!

I've been working on it all week, yes it's because I'm so slow, so I haven't has time to do much else.  I started,

stitching this together, yes I know this is the first pic with the two mistakes and no, I haven't sorted them yet.  But I just had to get the top done, only I had a bit of trouble, I got on fine then I couldn't match one of the seams and eventually I had to stop, sad.  I went back to it an hour later and it just fell into place, would you believe it?  I ended up with three rows done so I have two more to do, plus the mistakes, but I haven't had time to get back to it yet.

I did get to my quilting group on Saturday though.  The thing is I never know what to take, then someone said something to me last week, well it was about a Gypsy Wife quilt, but I had a light bulb moment.  Why don't I start something and keep it just to take to my monthly group?  NO not Gypsy Wife, it's in my WIP's, it has to be over one year to be a UFO.  So, I sorted out the fabric I bought in January, no, I didn't show you this lot (blush, blush), and I took it to start a new quilt, want to see it?

I decided to do a modern sampler quilt using Tula Pink's !00 Modern Sampler Quilt Blocks book after seeing Sophie's lovely lovely sampler quilt, isn't it gorgeous?  I love everything Sophie makes, its you haven't seen her blog before check it out at Luna Lovequilts.  So, what do you think of the fabric?  San Mateo, Nancy Rink Designs, Marcus Fabrics.   It's all one range, AND it's not a solid, although it does have some of my favourite tone on tones.  I bought it on an impulse, and to be honest it doesn't really go with my house at all, so I don't know if I will keep it or give it away.

As the blocks are all six inches and seem to use mostly 1.5, 2.5, and 3.5 inch widths (plus some 1 inch) I spent lots of time pressing my fabric and cutting out strips from it all.  Only thing was by the time I finished it was almost too late to get the machine out and start making any, so I worked on one or two embellishments for my mini.  Oooops!  Can't show you that can I?

Ok then, officially, I have another two cushions form my UFO box to link up to Jennifer's WIP.

Thes one's.  It worked last time I linked up a UFO to Jennifer at The inquiring Quilter, so I'm planning to reduce my UFO's and WIP's by systematically linking them one by one.

So that's me for today, bet you can't wait until Friday, I'll be posting the list of everyone else who is participating too, AND a list of everyone posting on the Saturday, so make sure you remember to check back then.  I believe there is about thirty of us taking part, yes really, and I know a couple have never participated in a blog hop before, so please show your support to everyone.

Until Friday,
With smiles from,
Kate x

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  1. What pattern is the blue/orange/grey quilt? Love it so much.

    1. Glad you like it Kathy. It is the Meadow Mystery quilt which is just coming to an end. You can get it at better still it is a free pattern. There is also a Facebook group where everyone has been posting their pics from choosing fabrics to finished quilts. The good news is Cheryl is doing another mystery quilt next year.
      You came up as a no reply blogger so I hope you come back to read this.

  2. I always have the same problem when it comes to my monthly sewing days. I started the Farm Girl Vintage quilt last year and think maybe I should keep that as my go-to group sewing ... but I never seem organised enough beforehand. I look forward to seeing how your sampler quilt progresses over the months.

  3. I had a little sneak at my mini. I can't wait to see what everyone did!!! I love you MM quilt:)

  4. Hi Kate! Quilting mine today for Jan and Jens Blog Hop! I put a sneak peek on my IG feed.....that's all!

  5. thanks for the reminder about the hop. Looking forward to seeing some fun projects!

    Your pull for the Tula Pink blocks is nice- I started that project over a year ago but set it aside. I need to revisit it sometime soon, ☺

  6. Pretty fabrics! Can't wait to see them 'doing their thing'! I used to do that, just have one 'take along' project for our weekly sewing group. I made those little people? Such fun! I love that pattern! Your sneak peak isn't very revealing, missy! I look forward to seeing the right side! XO

  7. I love the little teaser photo of your mini and will have to come back on Friday to check it out. I have struggled with putting my Meadow Mystery together as well....and the solid background is not helping at all. I also set mine aside and I hope it goes together easier like yours did when I go back to it.

  8. You have lots of fun things in progress. Love those greens and the blocks with the little boy and girl. Friday's coming! I'll have to remember to come back to see the reveal.

  9. Looking forward to seeing what you've created! Mine is on Friday too! I showed a wee pic on Instagram yesterday...teaser. Like your teaser! I have the Tula book and the first 15 blocks done times 2--one set for each daughter. Somehow I have to make a plan to get back at them. If I can be on block 48 or something with the 150 CA Women 6" blocks, I should be able to do a couple Tula blocks a week right?

  10. There you go again, teasing us as usual. :D Can't wait to see the first group of reveals on Friday. It's a good thing I put myself on Saturday. I need the time! I really like your fabrics for the modern sampler. Can't wait to see what blocks you are making for that!

  11. What a fun filled post this is! Love your HOP teaser...I'm so excited. I know you will share your progress on the modern sampler quilt! And the Mystery quilt is just gorgeous! It can be frustrating when seams don't line up and maybe even more so when you go back and they do!

  12. I can't wait to see you hop mystery-the backing fabric is so pretty with interesting quilting. You are working on a lot of fun ideas. i love it when I am filled with ideas.

  13. I'm getting excited to see what everyone has created this weekend. I love the little tease of the back of your mini :) I think having one specific project to take to your quilting group is a lovely idea. Those fabrics will look great in a modern sampler.

  14. Hi Kate! So many projects! But I'm sending you the magic fairy dust from the linky and I'm sure it will work like a charm on those cute two pillow covers! Thanks for linking up.

  15. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your City Sampler project Kate ! Your fabric choice looks great. Thank you so much for your kind words :-))

  16. Great range of projects going on, Kate! Love your Meadow Mystery quilt - it's definitely on my radar for this year.

  17. Your Meadow Mystery quilt turned out beautifully! The fabrics you've got picked for your sampler will make some great blocks. Looking forward to seeing that one come together.

  18. Such great projects you're working on! Love them all. Thanks for linking up to TGIFF!

  19. Fun stuff on this post. It took my daughter and I a long time to find both mistakes. :)

  20. Your Meadow Mystery quilt looks amazing - like a Victorian floor tile (that's a compliment!!)


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