Wednesday, 1 March 2017

It's my turn......

This is such an exciting month for me, I'm Queen Bee in one of my online quilting bees, Bee Inspired

The block I chose was Trees and Gnomes designed by Sylvia at Flying Parrot Quilts 

Like it?  Yes I know the pic is rubbish, I left it late to make it and the weather has been pretty dreek  for taking pics.  You can find Sylvia's original tutorial here.  I first saw it on the Stash Bee blog in June 2015 and it was love at first sight, sigh............

This is my block I made, I didn't do a tutorial on my blog post at Bee Inspired because the original is so good.  I did share my observations and thoughts in making the block on my Bee Inspired post, and my mistakes, blush. You can always hop over and read them if you are interested.

When you were all drooling over Quilt Con last week I got to go to Harrogate UK for a show, what can I tell you? Well, to be honest it was a bit disappointing, ok a lot disappointing.  There was an exhibition of quilts that seemed to have been entered for things in years past, it was quite small and there wasn't much to my taste, most was rather traditional.  I did see a couple I liked though.

I found this one interesting, partly because it looked nothing to the naked eye, until I looked through the camera on my phone and all the details came out.  Unfortunately  the focus was off when I took a pic of the description so I can't say who quilted it or when.

This was the one I preferred though.  Again it looked nothing until I viewed it through the camera.  It is named Karma and was commissioned by the Quilters Guild Region 10 for the 'In The Spotlight Gallery at Festival of Quilts in 2008 and it's by Gilli Theokritoff,  Nottingham.

I was also drawn to this one, Sea Urchins, made by Annelize Littlefair, Oxfordshire from a pattern by Judy Niemeyer.  Stunning isn't it?  I love the colours.  The pattern is still available in the ladies website, but it costs serious money.

There wasn't many vendors at Harrogate, but I did manage to buy another ten bobbins for Baby, a neutrals jelly roll which I haven't photographed as it is just whites ,creams, and greys, with a little black and wont photograph well.  What else did I buy?

Drool over these why don't you.  Moda Grunge, all in half meters, what a stunning quilt these babies will make.

So that's it, no more sewing done, no more purchases.

Just to let you know I will be doing an extra post next week, on the 10th when it is my day to participate in Jen and Jan's Mini Blog Hop.  If you didn't read my previous post go have a look at the pattern Jen has designed available as a free download on Craftsy.  It's called Quilters Laundry Day.  It's still not too late to join in if you like, just contact Janice from Colour Creating and Quilting, or Jen from A Dream and a Stitch. 

Almost forgot to tell you, one of my group in the New Quilt Bloggers 2016 not only had quilts accepted at Quilt Con but got not one but TWO awards, have a look here.   Paige Alexander, Third place in the Nine Patch Challenge with her quilt Mustard Stain, and second place in the Small Quilts category with Cursive.  Paige blogs at Quilted Blooms, I feel so proud and happy for her.  Congratulations too to our mentor at the NQB 2016 the lovely Cheryl from Meadow Mist Designs who got FIRST PLACE  in the Nine Patch Challenge with her quilt Warp and Weft.  It couldn't happen to two nicer ladies, so very well done, I couldn't be happier for you both.

So sadly that's all for this week, until next time,
With Smiles from,
Kate x

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  1. Aha! I got lucky and saw your post before I got the e-mail notice. Those pixelated quilts are really interesting! Congrats on your Moda Grunge haul. Woo hoo! Those colors are very, very similar to the colors I bought to make my middle son a quilt with. I've had the fabric for a while and haven't made one single cut yet. Shame on me. Have fun being QUEEN!!

  2. I wonder what you will do with those blue beauties. Looks like your gnomes want to hide/merge with the trees. You know when you say rubbish, you sound so British(like my English schoolteacher back in India). Not a word I hear often in the US. They prefer garbage or crap :-D Not how I would describe your block, though.

  3. Trees and gnomes is such a cute block! Good pick! I like your favorite quilts from the show, too. Especially the sea urchins! What fun to be winners at Quilt Con! They were/are all nice quilts. You are just sew busy! How do you keep up?

  4. The gnomes are so cute! Can't wait to make these for you! The colors in the grunge are beautiful! And, Kate, your so sweet, thank you!

  5. I love the stylized gnomes! That will make a darling Christmas quilt. And those grunges in blue are wonderful...

  6. Very unusual block-gnomes-forgotten about them! Its so good to hear familiar names that won at Quilt Con-like Quilted Blooms and Cheryl (I followed the Meadow Mystery QAL)-what wonderful quilts!

  7. The grunge pile is gorgeous!! I know you will end up making something fabulous with it! Pixelated quilts are pretty interesting. I do like the Karma one. I'm excited to see your "Laundry Day' quilt soon! I couldn't help but join the hop...and I actually have finished mine way ahead of time!

  8. I am super jealous of your moda grunge haul!! Looking forward to seeing your version of Laundry day!

  9. Trees and gnomes is really cute and I postively love the sheet music in the center block. It makes me wonder what those gnomes are singing - Jingle Bells or Heigh Ho?

  10. I'm looking forward to getting stuck into spur block this month, Kate! It looks like it should be fun! Love your grunge!

  11. I love the trees and gnomes block! I had to click right over to the tutorial, and now I want to make some. Thanks for sharing!

  12. That bee block is so whimsical! Love it!

  13. The Trees and Gnomes are cute. Love that Moda Grunge.

  14. Your Trees and Gnomes blocks are going to make a very fun and cute quilt! You found some fun new play things. Looking forward to seeing them make an appearance in a few blocks soon.

  15. I love your block choice Kate - very happy -and your Grunge fabric? Well I am drooling over here. It was really interesting to read that the Karma quilt was for an Into the Spotlight exhibition - I have been nominated for that this year ..... this has made me a little nervous!!!!


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