Wednesday, 29 March 2017

You will never guess what I did.......

This has been such a funny week for me, not a lot of quilting going on but a surreal experience took place, tell you later.

But first,

the mystery quilt that is not a mystery any more is layered and ready to quilt.  It was actually ready on Friday, I was all set, machine on, settings checked, bobbin filled.......... and I lost a quilting glove.  i couldn't believe it, I searched high and low for what seemed like hours.  I pulled out all my boxes of fabric in case it had got into one of them, went through drawers, cupboards, sewing boxes, even cupboards and places I hadn't even been.  I pulled everything out of the Kalax unit to see if it had dropped behind, but it was nowhere to be found, sad.  I couldn't start the quilting with only one glove.  Janice from Colour Creating and Quilting suggested using a gardening glove, and I did have a brand new pair, but I just couldn't do it.  I can't buy them locally so I got on the phone and ordered a pair.  Only thing is you can't really buy just one pair of quilting gloves can you, I mean, you can but, but, but!!!

So this is what the postman brought me today.  As you can see i was very restrained, apart from the Machingers gloves I got a new black Pigma pen, because Ella springer chewed up my last one, a meter of calico, yes it is a very small amount but they sell it for such a good price and the postage is in increments so if I bought more it would have cost more postage and this is enough to do the backing on the cushions I have on my list (not the envelope backing the cushion front backing).  AND as you can see I couldn't resist a charm pack of the 2017 Alison Glass Sun Prints, could you?

I also have to tell you I found a new online quilt shop, well, not new but I hadn't looked there before.  You see it is called Simply Solids, and that's what I thought it sold so I didn't bother, only it doesn't, well, yes it does, every Kona colour in fact, but it sells a lot more.  You see I did a search for Carolyn Friedlander, that's how I found it.  No, I wasn't going to buy any more fabric this year until I had used at least some of my recent purchases BUT, it was Sophie from Luna Lovequilts, she makes the most beautiful modern quilts and uses the most wonderful fabrics, and I was lulled into a dreamlike state and it just happened.  I was quite restrained though and you would realise that if you saw the wonderful fabrics Simply Solids sells.

So what do you think of this for a low volume fat quarter pack, is it stunning or is it stunning?  Could you resist it?  I think not.

And a bit more Alison Glass, be still my beating heart.  Now do you understand my predicament?  AND the postage is £2.75p, no mater how much you buy.  What's a girl to do?   I ordered it in the afternoon about 2pm, would you believe the postman brought it just before 11am the next day?  Now thats what I call great service.

My predicament is they have a Kona 303 stash club, if I  join I  get 17-18 fat quarters of Kona solids through the post every month, and in eighteen months I will have a fat quarter of every single colour, if I stay the whole 18 months I get a free Kona colour card too.  Now that is tempting.  By the way, I suppose I should tell you I don't have any affiliations to Simply Solids, or anyone else actually, so I just tell you how I see it and give my opinion for what it's worth.

But I simply must tell you what I did.  I was on Facebook and I had a message, from one of my sons, and I noticed I had missed a call from him, strange, and then I remembered he said something about calling with Messenger, well, before I even put my brain into gear I clicked on the aforementioned  Janice from Colour Creating and Quilting and clicked the telephone symbol, AND IT RANG!!! Really it did, and someone answered,  I just said 'Is that Janice?' and a woman said 'Kate?'  She was so stunned, and so was I, I don't know what I was thinking, well, I obviously didn't have my thinking head on, because I was so surprised I actually got to speak to her.  We had such a lovely conversation, I 'met' Janice about a year ago and we 'speak' regularly but to speak on the phone?  Wow.

THEN I thought, can I do it again?  No I didn't ring her straight back, I tried Jennifer at The Inquiring Quilter, AND SHE ANSWERED TOO AND SHE KNEW IT WAS ME!!!  Joy oh joy, I had a lovely conversation with Jennifer, we have been friends for almost a year, I never dreamed I would actually get to speak to her, in the flesh so to speak.

I tried again yesterday and rang Sue from Sevenoaks Street Quilts, but she didn't answer.  No she didn't not answer because it was me, I don't know how messenger works exactly, but I got to leave her a VOICEMAIL, do you like speaking to machines?  When she listens to it of course she will probably never answer if I ring her again, after having a voicemail from a madwoman chuntering on and giggling like a five year old.

So, that's been my week.  Do you use Facebook messenger to call people?  Of course you probably do, it's just me being behind the times and getting so flustered because technology works.  But if you are like me give it a try, you have to be friends with someone to call them I think.  Now, I have to have a think, who else am I friends with..............

Giggling my little head off
with smiles from
Kate x

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  1. You are so funny. :)
    Sounds like you had some pretty successful shopping. That low volume set is just lovely.

  2. You made me laugh. A very distant cousin in Australia rang me on messenger, actually my father's cousin's granddaughter. We had a great chat for about an hour, but I am still not sure if she meant to phone me or not! I thought Simply Solids only sold solids too, that's good to know about the postage.

  3. Awesome story. I just learned about this recently. A friend somehow called me (but we could see each other), and it took us some time to figure out how it worked. LOL

  4. What a lovely week you had speaking to new friends! I am always losing my gloves too, I use gardening gloves, so much cheaper than the machinigers and since I've never tried them, I don't know what I might be missing :)

    1. Lisa,I do the same - I have always used gardening gloves for quilting. They work wonderfully - although, like you, I have never used anything else so who knows??? :-)

  5. Hmmm... this is news to me. I didn't know you could do that with Messenger. Very fun.
    I always use (new) gardening gloves for quilting. They are so inexpensive and work wonderfully.

    Love all of your fabric choices. Wonderful additions to your stash!

  6. How fun to connect with online friends! I'm out of touch, I had no idea you could do that! Where have I been? But then again, I didn't know you got a 770!

  7. Facebook Messenger seems like such a great thing! I'm like you, I want to try it out on a few others as well! For some reason I feel an urge to collect all the Kona colours as well! I love your fabric buys!

  8. I've seen messenger where you can call someone, but never tried it! It must be like Facetime? And my question is, is it free or do you get charged?! This crazy world and electronic/computer things! But how fun it must have been for you and the phone recipients!
    I love all your fabric purchases! You can never have too much Alison Glass...ever!

  9. Well I certainly learned something new-I am not a techy person so no surprise there! How fun for you to connect with people from the blogging world!

  10. Oh gosh-I can so relate! It took me forever to figure out how to open messenger-I have seen the phone symbol, calling my name-fear of the unknown kept me from clicking on it-now I know why its there-I'm excited too! Thank you,Susan

  11. Hi Kate, I was astonished about the phone call, no one I have asked including my tech savvy grandchildren knew about this, I am trying it out later this eve. Thankso for the heads up on Simply Solid, I have bought a fabric I have been searching for. So we'll done again.

  12. Hi Kate! First, those low volumes are stunning! I'm happy your found the 'new' shop! I have just learnt to look the messages on facebook so no idea if I could call from there. So you just sat on your computer and spoke to your friend?! Sometimes I wonder how on earth I have managed to create my blog alone and open the Instagram?! x Teje

  13. I just knew you were going to say you had sewn your glove to the back of something. I've never tried calling with Facebook Messenger. I actually had to look at my phone to see where you could do this. Found a message from my son and hit the phone symbol, but hung up really fast cause he's at work. LOL!

  14. Your post had me laughing all the way through. Thanks for that, because it is one of those grey rainy days and I was having a time trying to set up my walking foot, winding bobbins and, of course, not being able to thread the needle. So I left my machine and had a good laugh. I use a pair of cheap gardening gloves that I got free and they are great. Wish I had Facebook just so we could chat, but I gave it up long ago, too much unwanted texting. Glad,you got to do it. Enjoy your week!

  15. So jealous of your new fabric! I have very little low volume and every time a pattern calls for it I have to go buy some more. Thanks for the GREAT surprise of getting to hear your voice! It really WAS surreal! You are a great story teller, ya know? :)

  16. I'm with Janice! Your new fabric looks like maybe some wants to come live with me, too! I'll have to check out that FB talking messenger thing! Could be dangerous. I DO use good quality gardening gloves quite successfully. Enjoy quilting your 'not a mystery anymore' quilt. Can't wait to see! XO

  17. I was sure you had sewn that glove to your quilt! Did you ever find it? I had no idea you could call through Messenger--that's a little scary! And great fabric purchases, too. I really like the Carolyn Friedlander.

  18. That's awesome Kate that you got to actually talk to them! Sandra and I use FaceTime quite a bit to chat. I guess I didn't realize that you could make actual calls on Facebook. You have taught me something. Technology can be so awesome sometimes :)

  19. I had no idea you could call from messager either, that is so cool!

  20. Lots of pretty things to pet this next week. Good luck with finishing off the Meadow Mist Mystery quilt.

  21. That's fabulous! So fun! I can just picture you all, giggling your heads off! :)

  22. I have used both gardening gloves and expensive quilti ng gloves. I bought multiples of my favorite gardening glove and use it almost exclusively.


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