Wednesday, 9 August 2017

I've made....

the most ridiculous mistakes this week, honestly you wouldn't believe how stupid I can be at times.  Well, maybe you can.............

But first how about I show you something I didn't make a mistake on?

Colourwheel, the first block in Gypsy Wife.  I am so happy with the way it came together and the beautiful vibrant fabrics on the lovely Carolyn Friedlander background.  Sigh........ I could look at this all day.  When you examine it it is just half square and three-quarter square triangles which I made as such rather than piecing together triangles, I do have some left but I may well be able to use them further on in the quilt, and if I can't then they will go into a box towards a scrappy improv quilt.  Now if I was being really picky I would criticise two of my joins which are off by a minuscule amount, but I'm not so I won't.

The next block is Perishing reputed to be the most difficult in the quilt, I'll tell you how I get on next week.  If you have always wanted to make Gypsy Wife the quilt along has just started so it's not too late to join in, you can find details on the Gnome Angel blog here, including links to Instagram and the Facebook page.

I thought I would make my bee blocks this week and get them posted, I was much later than normal last month and I wasn't happy about it.  I don't like leaving things to the last minute, especially when it is a commitment I have made and people are waiting for me to fulfil it.  Now that's where the trouble started.

The first one I made was from........

Dog Gone Cute.  The block is from a quilt along and designed by the lovely and very generous Lorna from Sew Fresh Quilts, Lorna makes the most beautiful quilts many on animal themes, and you can find several free patterns on her blog.  If you haven't visited Lorna's blog before I strongly suggest you pop over and have a look around, I'd be surprised if you didn't find something you like.

This block was made for Ann one of my bee mates in our own special bee Bee Inspired, Ann has a great blog too,  Brown Paws Quilting.   Ann has just finished a wonderful sampler, if you have time you could pop over, say hello and check it out.

Now about those mistakes, if you have a look at the block it has a centre piece where most of the fiddly stuff is, then two side pieces and a long bit across the top.  I followed the pattern and made the two side pieces then the top piece and as you can see they were quite straightforward to make,  Lorna's instructions were very clear.  Next I made the more fiddly centre, but when you analyse it it's not too bad.  So, all I had left to do was stitch on the side pieces then add the strip across the top, sounds simple they were already made, but thats when the problems started.

I stitched the sides on, one seemed a little short but the block probably just needed trimming so I added the top, but when I measured it it would have been short if I trimmed it, I must have cut the piece wrong.   I couldn't understand it but the easiest way to remedy it was just to make another piece,  no big deal.

I unpicked the top part way across, removed the faulty piece, and made another by cutting the white rectangle, adding a square in the corner and doing stitch and flip to make the triangle, trimming it, pressing it......... and then I realised the wrong side of the white was uppermost, so exasperated, and it couldn't be fixed, sad.

Out came the cutting board and I made another one, perfect, I made it a bit longer than I needed to make sure it fit, stitched it onto the side, stitched the top back on..........and realised IT WAS TOO NARROW  What??????  I had cut it 31/2 inches instead of 41/2, how had I done that?  So I had to take it all off AGAIN

Out came the cutting board, again, and I made the FOUTH one, this time I cut it extra wide and triple checked it, I also made it extra long and triple checked, surely I couldn't get it wrong again.  The relief when I didn't, I trimmed it and it was perfect.

 Here are the rejects, the first one on the left, the back to front one in the middle, and the narrow one on the right.  Lots of white scraps then.

Karen encouraged us to name our dogs this was the easy part, I haven't told you what my little one got up to last week.  When Gary came home last Thursday we went to the pub for a quick one before tea, now that is a very rare occurrence for us but it was a beautiful night and we had a lovely drive first before having a larger in the pub, then we went home to find..........

this.  It's my kitchen and what is that on the floor?   One of the curtains.........

from my lounge.   Indi, she must have pulled on it so hard the hooks came out of the curtain then she had dragged it across the floor, through the hall, and into the kitchen.  I'm not sure if her half sister Ella had anything to do with it but if there is trouble about you can bet your last dollar Indi is at the bottom of it, and no she is not a puppy she was four yesterday.

Remember this?

The cushion I made last year from the practice blocks?  Take a look at it now........

It has sat in the rocking chair for ten months until two weeks ago.   All I can say is I'm glad I had moved my snowman cushions!

So Karen, due to all the trouble dog gone cute has given me her name is Indi.

Now I'm thinking that most people reading have given up by now and gone off somewhere so I can tell you my embarrassing moment.  This is on condition you so NOT let anyone connected to Stash Bee know.

I made this months block for Monica at the weekend and it is one of the nicest blocks this year,

this is her pic from her Stash Bee post which has all her fabric details.

I particularly like the original design where the centre blocks are the same colour and I can just see it as a panel sown a modern quilt in soft greys and pinks, it is the Alpine block and you can find it at Blossom Heart Quilts here .

I made up the block from fabrics in my stash and it went together like a dream and yesterday I posted it on the Stash Bee blog, that's when it didn't go to plan.  I had posted the pic sideways.  I removed it and turned it around, upside down, I removed it again, turned it around again and posted it.  THEN I went to check it had published properly and I noticed it didn't look quite right, I couldn't put my finger on it.  I checked the original pic and realised........

I had put the sides on the wrong way!  i was mortified, and it was on the Stash Bee blog and on the world wide web for everyone to see.  I went straight back to blogger and deleted the post breathing a sigh of relief, if I hadn't spotted it just imagine the ridicule.

Next I went to check my feed on Bloglovin and........... the post was there, mortification.  Fortunately when I clicked the link it came up post not found and my luck was in, the pic on Bloglovin doesn't give any clues as to who posted it, lets just hope no one recognised the fabrics, but I will make sure I wait a couple of weeks before I repost it to make sure.  So, it looks like I got away with it because it's only you and me who know and we are not telling......... are we?

While I think on I just have to tell you that I've been featured on Midweek Makers at Quilt Fabrication today, for my sampler quilt.  I am thrilled, it is the second time Susan has featured me, I have the I've Been Featured button on my sidebar, how cool is that?

Lastly an update, my Dad is doing well and is home, it may well happen again in another six months but we will cross that bridge when we come to it, anything can happen in the meantime and today the sun has come out and I have a block to repair.

Until next time,
With smiles from,
Kate x

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  1. Oh, kate, we've all had days like that with our sewing...well, maybe not quite that bad ;)! I, for one, would have given it up for another day after the second problem! Indi is a naughty puppy! Glad your dad is doing better. Embrace each day! XO

  2. Kate, you're off to a great start on the Gypsy Wife! I've been close friends with my seam ripper this week too! Turned out great!

  3. I have thought about making the Gypsy Wife different times since I first saw it some time ago but just never have, same with the last quilt along that some of you just finished - but still it has never quite pulled me in

  4. I'm glad that your Dad is home and is doing well. Now you know that I read to the end and I know your secret. Your version of the Alpine block might make an interesting quilt as well. I saw the original on the stash bee feed and thought that it looked pretty tricky.

    Those dogs are just rascals! but all your blocks are wonderful.

  5. We have all had days like this! LOL...Love Lorna's blocks and you blue puppy block is sweet. Your real pup look like has caused some trouble! Glad you caught the post from going live...your seam ripper and you are going to be great friends, LOL!

  6. Oh my! It certainly was a week of rollercoaster emotions for you, my dear. Your blocks are all beautiful - and I love your fabric choices. Sorry to see that naughty pup decided to wreak havoc on your lovely cushion. Guess it's just the excuse you needed to make another! Glad she didn't get at your snowmen.

  7. Oh, my! You have had a week! I'm glad to hear your dad is doing better. I love your blocks, no matter what! The colors are great! I hope you have fun with the Gypsy Wife quilt. I made two last year, and I'm still quilting one of them. I also plan on using Lorna's Dog Gone Cute pattern next year if there is another Rainbow Scrap Challenge. If not, I will probably make it anyway! Great to see all of your work!

  8. Hi Kate,
    First of all - great news on Dad!! Oh my, you sure had your block issues. I really did have to chuckle about cutting the white fabric for the 4th time. Honestly, you are not alone on the goof ups of late. I had to make 8 strip sets of 6 different colored fabrics to finish at 22" in length. So I cut the fabrics, carefully measured the pieces, adding the size in my head (!!!) allowing for seam allowances (!!). Umm, TWO of the 8 strip sets were correct. Apparently I cannot add in my head any longer. Oh well, it is sad but it was fixable. It did involve several attempts at switching fabrics around, and more ripping. ~smile~ Roseanne

  9. Wow! A comedy of errors with those bee blocks! I've made the sections on my dog block but the moment of truth is yet to come with putting it together. My most common cutting mistake is having the ruler upside down. Those Blossom Heart bee blocks are great, I have quite a few pinned for possible future use. Great to hear that your Dad's okay. Tell Indi BAD DOG! from me

  10. Good to read Dad is home and doing well.

    Oh dear errors and more errors I find if I do something wrong I can repeatedly do it wrong unless I leave it and go back later! Good for you you persevered with your dog block.
    That was some feat to pull the curtain down and then drag it through the house, Indi is a bundle of mischief!
    Rather like how you made the stash bee block I won`t tell anyone you did it wrong!

  11. It's a good start on your Gypsy Wife quilt Kate ! Some days everything's going wrong ... :-))

  12. Well, the Gypsy Wife block is just perfect. I actually prefer your version of the Stash bee block. If our pets were well-behaved, we'd have no stories to tell. Who told you that you could go to the pub leaving Indi behind? I am sure you will turn your scraps into something pretty. Sending best wishes for your dad and hugs to you.

  13. I hate days like that in the sewing room. But thankfully none of them were things you couldn't fix. Hope your stitching goes much more smoothly the rest of the week.

  14. Oh, Indi is SO naughty!! Your little dog block is perfectly named, for all the trouble it gave you. But it turned out perfectly in the end and we do love our little trouble makers, don't we? I keep finding piles of quilts on the floor in the living room each morning, and often a cat poop in another corner. I guess I'm lucky the poop isn't on the quilts...

    I think your GW is off to an excellent start, too! Your fabrics are so, so scrumptious.

  15. It sounds like you need a luxurious bubble bath followed by a nice long nap! I had to laugh, because I've done similar things. Mum's the word, though. I won't tell a soul. I'm trying to talk myself into investing that much in the Gypsy Wife. I need to decide pretty fast though!

  16. Well my lips are sealed! I had to go back and forth a couple times to look and see just HOW is that different?? Oh... ah well, simple fix. Indi!! Bad doggie...and your poor beautiful cushion...Glad you put the snowmen one safely away! Congrats on your second feature!

  17. There are just some days where it feels like you just can't do anything right. But great job sticking with it and getting them done. Thanks for linking up with TGIFF. Your gypsy wife block is beautiful!

  18. Love that cushion! Mistakes happen, right? But then you pull it off!

  19. Oh goodness Kate! You certainly have a life full of interested escapades! Indi is in the dog house for sure - fortunately you rescued the pillow before damage to the front. And I think we've all been there when we've posted something incorrectly, and feel absolutely mortified if anyone saw. Correct or incorrect, the block is really pretty! Thanks for sharing this week on Midweek Makers!

  20. That was a week for the record books. I know exactly how you feel about cutting and recutting fabric to correct a mischief (we don't make mistakes) that sometimes occurs. FYI. I cut the top section around the ears on my dog this week also. It was a fortunate accident, which I could correct so it slipped my mind until I read your adventure. Have a better week this week.

  21. I think we all have those days when everything seems to go south fast. At least we can step back and figure it out.
    Love the cushion; there's no way I'd toss it! I'd just put a patch of some sort (maybe with Indi's name on it) and love it even more, and call it a conversation piece!

  22. Kate you dear! With everything going on in your life no wonder you are making mistakes like cutting wrong and sewing pieces on backwards. I say who cares, since everything's fine now? Give yourself a break and if you start feeling frustrated, chew a curtain. That Indi is so adorable! She would be very hard to get mad at. Love your block for Ann.

  23. We all certainly have those days where the seam ripper is our best friend. :) I have been there for sure. Your blocks are all lovely. I just adore the colors you are using for your Gypsy Wife. And poor Indi....she looks so sorry. Maybe she got tangled in the curtain and it came down on her and scared her.... :) Maybe. heehee

  24. I had a stash bee block ready to post sitting all wrapped up on the hall table and realised when writing the post I had a piece the wrong way around as well. Straight to the ahall, ripped the parcel open and then ripped the block apart before anyone noticed! When you are so focused on something its like you don't even see it all!


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