Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Almost There

Oh yes, I could cry, I am almost at the end of finishing the top of Gypsy Wife.  Then what do I do?  It feels like I have done nothing else for months, and of course I have done very little and am desperate to move on.  First, you get to see exactly where I am up to.

Sections one to five in all their glory, what do you think?  One, two, and three are stitched together but I need to get six and seven finished before I can join them all.  Sections eight, nine, and ten are already done, they form the left third of the quilt and I did them first, except, I am not sure of one of the blocks, it's a big one, I am waiting until I finish this main part before I decide if I should take it out and replace it or if it sits with the rest when I see them all together.  One thing I have learned in the years that I have been quilting is if I'm not sure of something it's best if I fix it, if not it will always niggle at me like a festering sore.

Now I'm thinking what next, well I have got a couple of things planned, but I can't share them, not even a hint, well, one is a bit of a swap, but that's all I'm saying, they are top secret.  I do have a bee block to make though, I did mean to get it done and posted way before Christmas but I have decided to post it after in case it gets caught up in the Christmas post.

There are a couple of things I want to put to bed though, the first one is

Circles, I stopped quilting it when I ran out of thread, I did manage to get some more but Gypsy had came into my life and Circles got pushed to the side.  All I need to do is finish the quilting, bind it, and add a label.

I would also like to get back to

these blocks from the book 100 Modern Blocks by Tula Pink.  They began as just something to do at my monthly class but I'm finding it a bit too much to carry my machine, even though I have a bag on wheels I still have to lift it in and out of the car and the weight is too much for my shoulder.  They are nice quick and easy blocks and I enjoy making them.

Now, I need your help and advice.  My stepdaughter is getting married in February and instead of a guest book she wants an autograph quilt, that's where I come in.  What I need is a nice pattern, that's where you come in.   I'm confident someone will know the exact thing I am looking for.  I want something nice (duh! obviously), I don't just want squares, more of a pattern, but not too complicated.  Anyone have any ideas?  I had a look on Pinterest but I didn't see anything that caught my eye.  I don't know how many people will be signing yet, I must ask Tina for an idea of numbers.  This may not be the only autograph quilt I will be making this year, my son proposed to his beautiful fiancee a couple of weeks ago and they have set the date for May, so two weddings in three months, exciting or what!

It's a short post this week, lot's going on, it's that time of year, and my car broke down, sad.  It's fixed now but my Hubby missed our work Christmas meal out because of it.  My car is always reliable, it never breaks down, it just happened to take poorly when he drove it.  I would love to go down to one car but the oldies are a good 40 minute drive away and it takes me two hours on the bus, it's not practical.  We did try once but trying to get the car one day a week from hubby was nigh on impossible.  The good thing is I have lots of independence and can visit the quilt shop as often as I want without anyone realising how  much I actually spend, so there are benefits.

Yes I'm rambling again, guilty as charged.  I'll post again next week when I should have a pic of the finished Gypsy for you and we can all give a sigh of relief.

Until then,
With smiles from,
Kate x

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  1. I love your circles quilt, the colors are fabulous! Did you applique the circles or are they pieced?

    Lovely quilts!

  2. Hi Kate,
    I'm glad to hear your car is fixed now! Gypsy is really coming along and it looks beautiful to me. The colors are bright and happy - I can't want to see it all put together and finished. If that block is going to bother you, fix it now! Or you'll regret that you didn't. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. The Gypsy quilt is stunning!

  4. All of those quilts are awesome! I'm impressed with your ability to stick with making several different blocks, as it takes a lot of mental energy for each one. Thanks for sharing them all!

  5. Your Gypsy Wife quilt progress is looking great. As for an autograph block, what about a plus block? You make the plus signs in white (or other neutral) and do the background of them scrappy or in colors pleasing to the couple.

  6. The Gypsy Wife quilt has been all-consuming. I can see that. But look at what you have created. It is lovely, beautiful, rich and inspiring. It is a show-stopper. Speaking of putting things to bed... well, now who would come up with that enticing twist on words (especially for a quilt) but you :D

  7. I'd be crying happy tears! To think that you're almost done with Gypsy Wife! That's so wonderful. You need to get Circles done next I think---you're so close, and to have another one checked off your list--wow! I'm sure though you'll find just the right thing to start on. Sorry to hear about the car, but glad everything is ok. Thanks for linking to Wednesday Wait Loss.

  8. I love all your quilts - just wonderful - yes Gypsy is coming to an end but there will be new quilts to make. About the only signature quilts I have seen are I did a search and here is a link
    just cut and paste that into your search engine - one of my quilts is in there too which was squares but there are many others in that link that might give you some ideas.

  9. All of your quilts are amazing!! Gypsy Wife sure looks like it took a lot of time and work but worth every second. I had to laugh at your reasons to keep a second car. You had me rolling on the floor with "can visit the quilt shop as often as I want without anyone realising how  much I actually spend". That's reason enough! For thinking you didn't get much done you sure did a lot. Ideas for a signing block....A square in a square. I'm not much of a fan of signing blocks. I'd make a nice front and incorporate the plain signed squares in the back.

  10. Tu-Na Quilts took the words right out of my mouth! I was going to suggest incorporating the signatures onto the back, too. Gypsy is looking wonderful, as are the other two quilts. Any chances for anfinish before year’s end?

  11. Your gypsy blocks are wonderful. So colourful. Can't wait to hear about the upcoming projects.

  12. Gypsy has been an all consuming massive project for you - congratulations for staying with it! If I were in your spot I would be dreading going on to another big project but chipping away at the Tula blocks would be fun. I'm thinking I might buy this book myself, also the 100 days 100 blocks is on again next year and with some already up your sleeve... Anyway I'm sure you'll find the right thing. Having the signatures on the back sounds like a great idea and easier to pick a nice pattern for the front.

  13. Oh, Gypsy, you're so bright, bold and beautiful! I'm enjoying every step of the way as you make this quilt. I'll be sad to see it end, but looking forward to seeing her in her final, quilted glory!

    I don't have a signature block pattern for you, but I remember hearing a friend who made a wedding quilt complain that the wedding guests were very unpredictable with their signatures. Some wrote just their names, some wrote long messages, some wrote right to the edges which then got cut off in seam allowances, some even wrote on the back of the fabric!

    So my advice is to be prepared to deal with weird stuff. Maybe it would be easier to have the blocks finished so it is clear exactly where they should write? Give them very clear instructions: "Do not write on the blue/pink/green/mauve fabric, only on the white part!!" Or, like Tu-Na and KaHolly said, put the signatures on the back. That way bad hand writing doesn't spoil your lovely piecing!

  14. I woukd like to say, that hearing bits out of your daily life, such as cars which rebel against the male driver lol, are interesting and help me get to know you as a person rather than just "look what i made this week". So dont stop rambling and dont apologize for it. Another thought would be to have tthe signatures on paper which is then scanned and printed onto fabric, such as the inkjet photo transfers, this would give you some ability to rearrange the messages.

  15. Oh, Kate, your Gypsy Wife is gorgeous! I love, love, love the colors! You have been busy. I'm so excited that your Circles quilt is soon done too. Sorry about the car issues, but it is so handy to have one for those quilt fabric runs! Haha. For the signature quilt, will you have them sign fabric and make the blocks and quilt after the wedding? If so, I would back the fabric guests will sign with freezer paper and lightly mark in the seam allowance. Instruct them to sign inside of the marks. Have plenty of pens available too. My thoughts.

  16. I love your Gypsy Wife quilt and I hope you feel it was all worth it when done. I sure would. Yours is actually the reason I bought the brochure and plan to start a Gypsy when I am no longer working, about another year.

    The circle quilt is beautiful also. I love your outer border.

    Keep on plugging away. We all enjoy seeing and hearing your progress.

    Oh, and congrats on two weddings. That will be hectic, I am sure. :)

  17. It will be SO nice to get back to regular sewing and not feel chained to that Gypsy Wife! I know it's going to look spectacular when it is done but I also now it is frustrating you to death. Hang in there, Kate!

  18. Great bunch of quilts on the go. The gypsy Wife is looking good!

  19. How about 9-patch or postage stamp design which would lend itself to individuals being able to "autograph" a little square and have it all to themselves. Not sure how big your guest list is but it could work. My first thought for a wedding was a white on white (or cream on cream, not sure what the bride has chosen for her gown), or tie in the colors of the wedding with the white or cream. A "Wedding Ring" pattern could also work...just some thoughts. Btw, your Gypsy Quilt is beautiful as is the Circle Quilt...ahh, to be such a good quilter. Merry Christmas.

  20. Your gypsy quilt is looking amazing, I can';t wait to see it all put together.

  21. Your quilts all look wonderful, Kate! You have been progressing spectacularly with them all ..... I don’t know how you manage to stitch so much!
    I thought this signature block looks great:
    Followed Karen’s link above via 2nd quilt in .... “O’Neil’s” looks great and she used the tutorial above.
    Sorry to hear of the problems with your car! I obviously need to get a car too! When I shop for fabric hubbie is usually with me, so no secrets! Tee hee! Never mind eh!
    Hugs, Barbara xx

  22. Your Gypsy quilt is coming together beautifully! Hope you can get back to the Tula Pink blocks, I love that color palette you are working with there. Congrats on the new additions by marriage, sounds like you'll have a very busy spring/summer this year. Sorry no help on potential patterns for autograph quilts. Have a very happy holiday season.


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