Thursday, 8 February 2018

Nearly nearly

For so many things, but mainly for Circles

YES YES YES!!!  So close I can hardly believe it.  Tell you later.

Sorry I havn't been around, the usual as I'm sure you have guessed, the curse of the family illness coupled with having to work, even though I have left, and the wedding last week AND having visitors.  My head was in such a spin with it all and I couldn't concentrate on anything.  But the crisis has again been averted, work is over, the wedding was last week and my visitors have gone home.  Everything in life is transient.

I did miss linking up my goal though, AND I missed for February too.  Never mind, want to see how I did for January?

Make, post, and mail bee block x 2  Done

Make 61 blocks for Tina’s wedding quilt  Done

Cut out blocks for Mystery quilt  Done

Finish quilting Circles  Done

Make three blocks for sampler quilt

Make extra blocks for Trees and Gnomes

Oh yes, I am so happy, I knew I was unlikely to get it all done and the signature blocks had to be my priority for the wedding but I was so happy I got the important stuff done.

Speaking of the signature blocks remember I used tape on the sides to stop people writing in the seam allowances?  It totally worked, and the quilters tape hasn't left a mark, here is the final result of my test piece.

See?  Not a mark.  It says not to leave it more than 24 hours but after three weeks it still didn't mark and I will use it again for the second quilt for the wedding in May.

I have to show you this block, want to see what prompted the comment?

Isn't she beautiful?  That's their daughter Emily (our granddaughter ) sitting on the tractor.  It's the only pic I have just now, I couldn't get my phone in my bag and I have stopped taking a camera as I end up taking lots of pics and not just enjoying the day, so I leave the photographs to the professionals, although I think this one was taken by a friend.

Before I show you Circles want to see my outfit?

It's not a great pic, Gary took it at home with his phone.

I HAVE to show you a close up of my fascinator though, love it, even though the band dug into my head and it got knocked off my head twice, once by Tina the bride, but then she caught it!

Ok last wedding ones, in the photo both with my husband and son, who will be the groom in May.

Unfortunately my daughter in law to be had to work and couldn't make it for the wedding although she drove up from London, nearly 300 miles, for the last hour and a half of the evening reception.  As you can tell we had a great time.

So, want to see Circles?

You can see how close I am, the quilting is finished completely and the binding is machined on, all that is left to do is the binding to hand stitch and a label.  Poor Indi, as you can tell she is desperate for me to go out and start throwing the ball, she ALWAYS brings it back to be thrown again and I can tell you, I get tired way before she does.

I was quite surprised at my quilting, it turned out better than I thought, although the meander is better than the circle bits. 

Tell you what, I will show you it all properly next week when I finish the binding and I will go through how I made it again for those who may not have been here when I started it, or who may not remember as it was so long ago hehe!

That's all I have I can show you I'm afraid.  I have finished the top of my secret sewing quilt but I can't show you that, not until next month anyway.  

Tell you what, I'll finish with the reading I did for the wedding, it was in church and I did the second reading, I love the words and think they are so appropriate for a wedding.

Apache Marriage Blessing

Now you will feel no rain,
for each of you will be shelter for the other.

Now you will feel no cold,
for each of you will be warmth to the other.

Now there will be no loneliness,
for each of you will be companion to the other.

Now you are two person’s,
but there is only one life before you.

May beauty surround you both in the journey ahead and through all the years.

May happiness be your companion, and may your days together be good and long upon the earth.

If you are a quilter and don't follow Needle and Foot ( link to post) I urge you to read this post about children with disabilities and how you can help.

Until next time,
With smiles from,
Kate x

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  1. Your outfit looks lovely and the fascinator finishes it off.

  2. you call a "hat" a "fascinator" I have never heard that before - you look lovely all dressed up! love the photo of the bridal couple and grandchild on the tractor! Glad your quilting is coming along so well!

  3. Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos of the wedding, the outfit and the circles. You look wonderful. I know what it's like to be overly busy with things and have little time to quilt and blog. Glad the crisis is averted and that you are back on board at the moment.

  4. Life is quite transient. It sounds and looks like a beautiful wedding. Congratulations for getting all the important things done, and I hope you enjoy your hand binding (it's usually my favorite step!). :)

  5. Looks like everyone had a grand time-your hat is magnificent- love it! Can't wait to see your circle quilt finished-it looks so good! Thank you for sharing, Susan

  6. So glad you posted! Even though I knew these were to be a busy few weeks, I kept checking to see. The wedding looks like it was awfully fun. The bride looks like she stepped out of a magazine, and Kate, you looked gorgeous! Your fascinator is amazing! Love it! Ok, now to your circle quilt....oh, wow! It’s amazing! Well done! XO

  7. Thanks for all the photos. Such a beautiful bride and her handsome groom. You looked like royalty with your fascinator, until the photo booth. Then the real Kate and Gary showed up. What a fun time for all you kids! Indi is a cutie with her ever present ball. Glad the signature quilt worked out so well, and the Quilting on the Circles is just right.

  8. You look so lovely Kate, thanks for sharing! I could tell you were all having so much fun, how awesome:) Your circles is also looking wonderful.

  9. You look gorgeous and happy! What a beautiful smile! The wedding looks fantastic! The bride and groom (and granddaughter) look happy and in love! That fascinator! If I wore would be flying off all the time!
    The real excitement is that quilt! I'm so glad your almost done. It has always captured my attention and it's been exciting to watch the progress!

  10. Congratulations on the wedding! What a beautiful bride, and the groom and daughter too. You looked stunning, too! Almost as stunning as that beautiful quilt. Can't wait to see all the pictures and read the whole story.

  11. How lovely. You look lovely Kate, very stylish! I love the tractor photo with Emily. I am glad the fabric signings all worked out. And your circle quilt! Outstanding!

  12. What a wonderful post! So full of love and beauty and happiness. Congratulations to the happy new couple! You look wonderful in all your finery, Kate :) Looking forward to seeing more of Circles!

  13. So fun to read this post! Your circles quilt is so close to being done and it's a beauty! Congratulations to all of you! The tractor photo is such fun! You look beautiful in your dress and your fascinator is very lovely! So glad it was a good day :-)

  14. What a fun post! The quilt is almost done, and can't wait to see the secret revealed. (And you should warm fascinator more often!)

  15. Fabulous quilting on circles! I look forward to seeing it all finished! It looks like the wedding was great, they make a good looking couple. Your outfit looks great!

  16. What fun! It looks like the wedding was a blast and I love the quilting on your circle quilt.

  17. Looks like it was a very fun wedding. The bride and groom look wonderful and you do as well. Your fascinator is very pretty. The photo booth shots are very, very fun. Hope things get back to normal for a bit before the next round of wedding activities strike.

  18. Wow - you accomplished a lot of quilting work during a chaotic month! That's nice to know about the tape not leaving marks, as it's a perfect solution to keep sigs where they need to be. Your quilting looks great!! Looking forward to your final report on it. By the way - the photo of you in your wedding outfit is quite nice. I often wish we got to do fascinators at events here in the U.S. - it just looks so fun and creative.

  19. It sounds like the wedding was a great time. You looked lovely in your outfit. Glad you left the camera at home so you could enjoy the day.

  20. First off, you look so beautiful in the pictures from the wedding! Thank you for sharing that with us. I love the ones with you, your hubby and much fun :) Sounds like you have been so busy you are going in circles...but that's okay, you now have almost completed Circles :) Your quilting looks great! Can't wait for that official, completed'll be spinning in circles :)


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