Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Ups, Downs, And More Love

My sewing machine has been hot this week, but little to show, sad :-(  But this sun is ever shining this time in the form of another three doll quilts from the lovely Wendy who lives by the river.  Wendy doesn't blog so I am sharing for her anyway and linking them to Bernie's Wrap Up page.  Want to see them?

How cute is this?  Wendy added a border of lace which sets it off beautifully, definitely a girls quilt.

I love the scrappy border on this one, Wendy made it with leftover strips from her Gypsy Wife quilt, yes she has finished hers completely and no I haven't started making the back for mine yet!

Or maybe Liberty is your preference, what little girl wouldn't like this, and a lot of big girls too.
I know Wendy always reads my posts, even though she has never managed to leave a comment yet, she is definitely not techie, but if you would like to comment on them I know she will be thrilled to read them.

There has been so many quilters who have joined in it has been truly inspirational.  However, once the supply runs out there will still be a need for more so if you wanted to join in but cannot at this time don't think your chance is over, they will always be welcome.

I have been working on my Postcards From Sweden quilt and today is the first link up with Musings of a Menopausal Melon (Mmm Quilts) quilt along, so without further ado here is my progress.

No, I admit there isn't a lot, out of the 36 fabrics to be cut into the required number of triangles I cut seven, but it is a start and there is always next week to try and catch up a bit, hopefully.  Actually I cut another one which seems to have temporarily disappeared, at this stage every little helps!

I didn't have as much sewing time this week, Jack fell and was admitted to hospital.  He is ok, a scrape on his back which is sore, but it turned out to be a lucky fall as they found he has a chest infection and caught it early.  He is now home and getting on with his everyday life.  He plays the piano and organ beautifully, he has an electronic one.  He once played a piece of music he made up out of his head and linked the piano to his computer ( yes he is almost 91, amazing isn't he), he has a programme which printed out a musical score of what he played.  Unfortunately he couldn't play it again from the score, he said it was too difficult for him!   Jack also likes to spend time surfing with his iPad and has requested I get him a new mobile, an iPhone.  Not bad for almost 91 is it?

I did make,

a cross block for Ann as Queen Bee in Bee Inspired this week, you can find her tutorial on Ann's blog Brown Paws Quilting.  The cross was made using a base of calico stitch and flip and I raided my scrap bin and chose lots of my favourite fabrics.  It's a bit brighter than it looks here though with a white Bella solid background.

I want to link to One Monthly Goal this week, I linked in January then events overtook me and I didn't link at the end, even though I had hit my goal.  I didn't link beginning of February for the same reasons, and I hit the goal I would have made with Circles.  This month I HAVE to hit it.

It's my secret sewing quilt.  This is your biggest clue so far and as big as they will get!   I am way behind and now I have had to order thread.  I hope it come quickly I am stuck and starting to panic I can't show you any more than this, three more weeks to wait.

I can show you the new fabrics that came through the post though.

Kona solids for the second signature quilt the panel of which will be on the back.   The signature fabric is the silver one.   This is for my wonderful son Chris and his beautiful bride to be Sarah.   Sarah is very 'arty', she is a teacher (Deputy Head) who has a degree in fine art and is is interested in colour and the quilt design, so with a little guidance and much searching of Pinterest she has designed her own quilt as regard to size, blocks and colours.  I gave her my Kona colour chart and left her to it.  She is leaving the colour placement to me but I will consult her on it.  It is such a pleasure to work with her, I am so very happy with my sons choice of bride.  I have been asked to do the reading at the wedding too (silent scream), as this one is a civil ceremony as opposed to a religious one no mention of religion is allowed and as they want it to be a day of light and happiness I have chosen a humorous reading.  They know it is humorous but they don't know what it is, it will be a surprise hehe!  Hope they like it!

Want to see the view from my window today?

View from my bedroom window upstairs.

Look how it has drifted at the back door.

Nothing stops my girls though, they love it only the snow melts on to their fur and takes some shifting, only heat will get it off.

The back garden has drifts too, and as I write this it is coming down full force again.

The Beast from the East as the media is calling it.  We never get snow like this at this time of year, it is affecting the east side of Scotland and northern England as well as the south east and is expected to hit the south west tomorrow.  I woke up to a white out, we had several inches over yesterday and overnight with another four to six inches expected today and more tomorrow.   Schools are closed as are some roads.  People are being told not to travel if it is necessary and apparently there are abandoned cars on the roads with a fair few accidents already.   It's crazy, there was an earthquake on the west side this morning too, yes really, we do get them occasionally in the UK although thankfully they are relatively small, this one was measured 3.2 on the Richter Scale.
Thank goodness I went food shopping on Monday and I know Jack and my parents have plenty of food and people around them too as we live nearly twenty miles away.

The bad news?  I may not get to Higham Hall for my embroidery retreat on Friday, gutted I am.  It's not only that I can't go but as it is on the west of the country there is no chance it will be cancelled and I will loose my money, almost £250 and I didn't take out the insurance.  I'm nearly in tears at the thought.  As I don't work now I have to choose carefully what I spend my money on, we don't go on many holidays and my weekend retreat was carefully budgeted for, sad!  However, if it isn't as bad as expected and maybe clears up a little then my husband may be able to take my friend and I across in his 4x4 and her husband will collect us.  I have everything crossed, wish us luck in getting there.

This is what I will hopefully be working on.  This small project just needs to be finished and wings aded to the ladybird, it was supposed to be a spider but I don't like spiders.

I would really like to get this one finished I've been on with it for ages.  it would help if I worked on it at home but quilting always seems to take over.

Lastly I have chosen another UFO to work on, my target for the year was to finish three UFO's and not add to them.

My modern sampler blocks.  I don't know how many of these I will need as I haven't decided on the layout yet but as they are only six inches it will be a fair few.  I started this last year and it was meant as a longer term project I could take to my sewing group but as I am finding it heavy to carry the machine and all the equipment I need it came to a stop.  I need a new project to take but I don't know what, maybe appliqué, needle turn to keep up with my skills, I need a think in that one.

So that is all for today, maybe I will get some more triangles cut or sampler blocks made as I can't quilt my secret project, or maybe I will let my conscience dictate and catch up on the ironing.  One thing is sure, my husband who is working from home today will stop me fifty million times for tea, questions, and to show me some stupid video of Facebook of a cute animal.  Does your partner do that?

Until next time,
With smiles from
Kate x

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  1. That is a lot of snow! You've got a lot going on in your sewing room, but I think I'll comment on the fabrics for the signature quilt. I love the idea of signature quilts and can't wait to see what she has chosen to do with those pretty colors!

  2. I hope you can get to your workshop and not loose out on all that money you spent. Such pretty snow but yes it is always a mess when it happens. Your friends doll quilts are so cute.

  3. Hi Kate,
    Ooh, those doll quilts are SO CUTE! Wendy, you did a great job and I love, love, LOVE the lace on the first one. That is so sweet! Your Postcard triangles look so pretty. I just finished cutting all mine out on Sunday, although I was short on fabric on a few colors. How nice that you get to do a reading at your son's wedding! I hope you share it after the fact! That is a LOT of snow! Your puppies look like they enjoy it though. I'm sorry to hear about Jack falling but it sounds like he is okay if he's asking for a new device. How sweet is that?! I sure hope you get to go to your retreat! Your hubby can get you both there, I'm sure. I'll be thinking of you on Friday. I know you'll have FUN! ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. Your view is gorgeous! I would love to have a window view like that! You are indeed busy. Maybe it doesn't feel like progress, but we all know each stitch is progress. I'm loving the postcard quilt posts. I love that quilt with all the colors. There is no way you can ever go wrong with that design!

  5. I love all that you shared in your post today. I am in Canada, and as I was reading I was wondering where you lived...then I read Beast from the East and I knew! My very Scottish husband has been keeping me updated on news from what was once his part of the world. I hope you get reimbursed for your Retreat, especially since this was because of unusual circumstances. I found your blog thru' the linky for Postcards From Sweden. Take care!

  6. Hi Kate, Thank you for linking up and sharing Wendy's doll quilts.

    Wendy, your quilts are lovely!! I really like the lace embellishment. Thank you so much for making these - they will be treasured by the lucky recipients.

    Kate, I really hope you catch a break in the storm so you don't miss your retreat. That would be so sad. I am sending you all sorts of good energy on that one. For today though, I hope you got some peaceful sewing time. I am going to rush through some housework and get to the sewing room. It has been days and days since I have sewn.

  7. We are very much under snow in Lincolnshire here and I enjoyed my day doing some cross stitch, but I do have quite a lot of EPP to catch up with as well. The Liberty quilt is beautiful. I do hope you get to go to your retreat, such bad luck. x

  8. Thank you for sharing Wendy's quilts with us. I love the lace detail she added to the first one and the fun bright colors of the second one. I'm sure they will be well loved. I do hope the Beast from the East eases up for you guys soon and you are able to make your retreat. Your quilting on the secret sewing project is looking awesome! Can't wait to see more of it.

  9. Oh, I hope you can make your stitching retreat! I know you'll be so disappointed if you can't. Crossing my fingers for you!

    Please tell Wendy that her doll quilts are just perfection! I especially like the lace binding and want to copy that as soon as possible :)

    I have a sneaking suspicion about your secret sewing, but we'll just have to turn a "Paige" on the calendar until you can post more about it. Meanwhile, love that bright green backing fabric and hope you've used some on the front, too.

    Your making steady progress on Postcards; best of luck!

  10. gutted for you about your embroidery weekend. Is there any point in my hoping the snow reaches the West Country and they have to cancel it? I missed a cookery night back in December because of the snow and lost my money, but at least it was just an evening. I love your spider. I have been toying with the idea of trying to embroider a bee. Now, I think I can do it. Tell Wendy I love her quilts, both the lace on the first one, and the Liberty one too. And that's from a Liberty afficianado. I know you will do a splendid job in the wedding quilt, but gosh your daughter has a degree in fine arts, no pressure. My new daughter in law's mother is a fine artist too and she and her sister are quilters. I hope they are kind to me. I can not promise that all my points will point in my wedding quilt. Usually I reckon there is room for error in a big quilt!

  11. Wendy's Doll quilts are great! I love the addition of the lace on that first one. Very, very nice! My fingers are crossed that you get to your stitchery event! One just can’t trusy Mother Nature! The most important thing is to be safe! I am loving your modern quilt sampler so far! I pulled out a UFO, too, to work on until inspiration hit me to make 4 cross body bags with adjustable straps. Its been a couple of days now, and I’m still not feeling it! Jack does amazingly well for 91! Give him a big Texas hug when you see him again! I'm glad he’s doing better after his fall. Truly, a blessing in disguise. XO

  12. HI, Wendy, Great little quilts! My favorite is the scrappy stripe one. The binding makes it so interesting to have the stripes going the other way.

    Hi, Kate, You have a good start on a lot of things. Your cross block turned out wonderful. I'm about to tackle it now. I have a few hours before I'm officially late with it. So interesting to see snow there. So much of it! I'd include a picture of our sunshine today but I'm afraid it might hurt your eyes, so just know that we are knee deep into sunshine today and yesterday and tomorrow. I'm hoping you're able to get to your retreat. Tu-Na Helper is pretty quiet. I'm the one who is talkative. No surprises there, I know. I've been itching to start an EPP hexi quilt so I can grab and go stitch with the other ladies but haven't done so yet. Maybe I'll make it my OMG next month.

  13. Please tell Kate her quilts are perfect. I can't even decide which one I like best. I love the extra lace touch on one, bright colors on the other and the beautiful florals on the third. Wonderful!

    I am so hoping you don't have to miss your sewing retreat. How disappointing and sad that would be. I know it's not really even about the money so much as it is about the wonderful time you were looking forward to. Best wishes on making some good progress on your postcards quilt!

  14. Great quilts, Wendy. How lovely that you get to be part of the wedding. I'm an officiant for civil weddings, and I love doing them. So sorry about the retreat.

  15. OOOH I so hope you get to your retreat. Hum, have you thought of taking your embroidery work to the quilt group? I'm sure folks wouldn't ban you from attending. I've been known to take knitting or cross stitch to quilting events on occasion. Fingers crossed for the retreat.

  16. Wendy made some cute little quilts! So fun that you shared them so we could see them. Look at all that snow! I sure hope it clears enough for you to get to your retreat; how disappointing if you can't. Jack is amazing, would love to be able to hear that song! I need to get to work on my Postcards (and my Gypsy Wife). You're making good progress on yours!

  17. Look at all that snow! I hope you can make it across to your embroidery retreat! Hmmm I'm making some guesses on your secret quilt. That thread looks dark so... Love your x block - we must have been on the same wavelength to have picked the same cross cut method! And let Wendy know that her quilts are just lovely!

  18. So much to see in this post! Love the addition of lace on that quilt - it really gives it a sweet, soft, look. And what a pile of snow! I can tell your girls love it. The modern sampler blocks are looking great!

  19. Wow what snow! I love being snowed in as we don't get snows like that often--maybe every three or four years at most. For you however, I wish better weather. My heart breaks knowing you might miss your weekend because I know you enjoy them so. And what great projects to work on! Oooh to see those finished would be lovely. Thanks for linking to Wednesday Wait Loss.

  20. Gorgeous snow - I sure wish we didn't have a drought year going. :( I love seeing the views from other bloggers' places. Nice to see these little quilts for a great cause. Thank you for sharing at TGIFF.

  21. I love the little quilts, especially the first one with the lace trim on it.

  22. Putting the lace around the edges of the quilt is such a cute idea, isn't it? Love the "Bee Inspired" block! The embroidery is gorgeous. Very cool UFO blocks. And Jack sounds awesome. What a fun post.

  23. I love the colors that your future daughter-in-law picked out! That will make a lovely signature quilt! I hope that you are able to make it to your embroidery retreat.

  24. Hello Kate: I am reading this on Sunday. I hope you were able to go to your embroidery retreat as it means so much to you. It looks like we have traded weather as we have little snow here, Although just to the south they got 20 cm on Thursday. I am glad we are both working on the postcard from Sweden. It's quite a bit of cutting isn't it. On Wednesday , when you posted this I had no cutting done but I have managed to cut all the squares by now. I'll be cutting them into triangles as I use them. Hope Jack continues to do alright.

  25. OH do I love your modern sampler! Hope the ironing did NOT get done and you DID go to your embroidery retreat! I cannot get over how much snow you got! More than fell here last Thursday (our daughter FaceTimed us just to show us what we were coming home to, how nice of her) but luckily with the massive Great Lakes 'lake effect' snows, we didn't get much here and there's just a light coverage in a few spots in the back yard. I set the pace of Postcard quite slow, so people like us (I haven't sewn an HST though all are actually cut despite packing up to leave FL, travelling, then unpacking here, which is not quite totally done in my sewing room sigh) can hopefully stay caught up with the QAL! Can't wait to see your secret sewing, can't wait to finish mine lol. Glad that Sarah is so much fun to work with, and I do love seeing your girls in the snow. My boy does NOT like snow or cold.

  26. Looks like your make great progress on your secret quilt. Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck on your project.


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