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Spreading the Love

I got caught in a DrEAMi moment this week (Drop Everything And Make it), how could I not after reading the post by Bernie at Needle and Foot?   As you know I'm always a bit slow and behind so you may well have read about the Spread the Love appeal already, but if you haven't it's about making dolls quilts for A Doll Like Me who make dolls for children who are a bit different from others.  They may have missing limbs, hair loss, scaring or any and every other condition you can think of, a doll like me is just that, a custom made doll for children who feel they are different, who don't relate the the standard dolls in the shops.  They are made by a lady called Amy who never turns a request down on cost, the dolls are sent all over the world.  This post explains all about it, if you haven't read it yet please do, but I warn you, it breaks your heart.  The doll quilts from the appeal are to go with the dolls Amy makes, if you are in the UK there is a London address they can be sent to.

So, here is the first one I made

I used a mixture of scraps out of my scrap bin and some leftover signature blocks which I cut down wasting only a narrow strip in the middle.   The blocks are 3 inches square finished, with a  2 inch border and the finished quilt is 24 x 22 inches.

I bought the backing fabric in a sale a few years ago, this is the first time I have tried wavy line quilting, I must say it is very quick and easy to do.

Of course it is supposed to be an edge to edge design so I improvised by doing wavy lines in the border and crossing them giving a wavy squared effect in the corners.  The binding is made using one of the centre fabrics to coordinate.

I also made,

this one.   I had lots of 1 1/2 inch strips in my scrap bin and just stitched them all together, easy peasy and much quicker to make than the first one, it ended up 24 x 21 inches.  If the binding doesn't look right it's because it's just pinned in places, I just need to finish the hand stitching but I wanted to show you this week.

I did cut the binding specially, just strips cut from a blue solid I had, I think it's a Moda but it's been around such a long time I can't be sure.

The backing was fabric a friend gave me a while ago, neither colour I had was big enough so I stitched them together.  I did the wavy line quilting again, edge to edge this time.

Both quilt tops were made completely from scraps and leftovers apart from a small amount of a white solid.  The wadding was leftovers, the backing was given to me or sale fabric, all I used apart from that was a little binding from my stash.

Which one do you like the best, the posh one with Alison Glass fabrics or the scrapy strip one that took a third of the time to make?  I admit it, I like the strip quilt best, there is just something about it, it looks comfy cozy, homely, know what I mean?

My friend Wendy is also making doll quilts, Wendy hasn't got a blog but I will let you see what she makes when they are ready to post.

That's all I can show you for this week, I have started my secret sewing quilting, no it hasn't gone to plan, I had to walk away from it at one point, keep your fingers crossed I do better tomorrow.

This year I feels if I'm sewing what has to be done next, not what I actually want to do, can you relate to that?  Just now it's the hop quilt, and I have a bee block I have started today but it's not finished yet, show you next week.  I also signed up for Postcards from Sweden Quilt Along which started last week, I have the fabric but haven't started cutting yet, another week to cut the triangles...........HELP!

The wedding quilt?  I have the signature blocks ready but haven't started stitching them together yet, neither have I started the front of the quilt.

The second wedding quilt?  The wedding is the beginning of May, the fabrics are ordered and I know what pattern to make, that's as far as I have got.

If I think of what I have to do I panic, so I'm doing what is needed for now.

Good news is I'm going to Higham Hall for an embroidery weekend in ten days, so exciting.  I haven't got any 'proper' glasses yet, I'm still wearing the Poundland readers, but I'm starting to think 'do I want to spend upwards of £100 for reading glasses or can I just use the Poundland readers?  What would you do?

That's all for this week, next week I can show you the other small project I have been doing as well as the hopefully finished bee block, but of course my main work will have to remain a secret, though not for much longer...............

So until then
With smiles from
Kate x

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  1. So cute, sure to bring smiles to the little ones that get them.

  2. Your doll quilts are adorable! Fast and easy to make, a great cause and a wonderful way to use up scraps.

  3. Both of these quilts are sure to bring a smile to a young one. They are so bright and fun, I'm not sure I could pick a favorite :)

  4. if the glasses fit and work - you only use them for sewing and reading why not keep them? are they terribly unattractive?

  5. You have spread the love, Kate. I am basking in the beauty and warmth of these lovely quilts :-) These doll quilts are really addictive. Ask me how I know.

  6. Hi Kate,
    Your doll quilts are so sweet and for such a wonderful cause. I agree with you - I like the scrappy one best. You are making me feel anxious just reading your paragraphs. Relax! I am doing the Postcard QAL as well. I decided to enlarge the blocks to 6" so that I can make a queen sized quilt for myself. Of course I didn't have enough fabric for many of the colors so I had to order more. Oh, by the way I love the wavy quilting! It looks great. ~smile~ Roseanne

  7. You always make such lovely things. When I was wearing contact lenses I got a pair of cheapie reading glasses from Tesco. The worked perfectly. Later I went back to wearing specs so now have to pay a lot for prescription glasses. Stick with the cheap readers if you can see alright with them.

  8. I like both quilts...and like you I'm usually straggling along behind. I too have not yet started cutting the triangles. I'm looking forward to the reveal of your secret sewing.

  9. Boy do I hate deadlines! I know how you feel with some sort of panic attack rising every time you think about what you need to do by when. And there seems to be a new and tempting QAL every time I turn on my computer! The doll quilts sound like such a good cause, I love the idea. My favourite is the signature scrap one. Specsavers always have some good deals, they would be worth checking out if you go down the prescription route. Hope the secret sewing goes well!

  10. What a wonderful cause. I love this idea and will be making some doll quilts. Thank you for posting this.

  11. Two excellent doll quilts to send into A Doll Like Me! You’re such a sweetie! And I’ll bet it was a nice break from all you have on your plate. I have only managed one so far, but I’ll be slipping it into the mail this weekend. Good luck managing your other projects. Pace yourself! I just met two big goals, and I’m here to tell you, slow and easy wins the race! Don’t panic! Big hugs!

  12. Oh, Kate, they are sooooo cute! I'm so glad there's a London address so you can join in the doll quilt fun. I really like the pattern on the first quilt, it looks like basketweaving. Do you mind telling me the size of the scraps you used for that? 2.5"?

    I'm sorry you're feeling a bit panicked about all you need to get done. Concentrating on one at a time is a good coping strategy when the big picture looms too large. I'm glad you have your stitching weekend to look forward to.

  13. These are really wonderful. My favorite is the Posh one. :) And yes, I can relate to being stuck in a cycle right now of what I'm supposed to quilt instead of what I want to, although most of it is self-imposed. Still makes me chafe fairly often, though!

    I'd use the Poundland readers is they're meeting your need! Spend the money on quilting stuff! If they're not quite doing it, though, it sure is nice having personalized specs. I can't wear contacts, and now that I'm old enough to have reading focus issues, I found it supremely worthwhile to have a second pair of glasses that are set for the top part to focus at my TV distance, and the bottom part at hand work distance. Oh! so - if mass-produced readers don't make it perfectly comfortable for you to see at your working distance, prescription glasses will make you much happier, so long as you can show the optometrist the right distance that you need to focus at.

  14. Kate, Thank you for taking the time to make these doll quilts. It is hard to fit everything in that needs to be done. I love them both and you did a great job with the wavy line quilting. :-)

  15. Beautiful doll quilts . I must get sorted here for that
    Last year I felt I was sewing what needed not what was wanted . This year I am selfish sewing.
    I would go to the optician if I were you . After all the pain of the op I would play careful . If your eyes are not both exactly the same the Poundland readers will not balance right . They give me a headache

  16. I like both doll quilts. I am sure there will be a perfect child for each. As for the glasses- if your correction for each eye is the same and you find a pair that is comfortable, the discount ones should be fine. I got bifocals when I couldn't stand to take the readers off and on 1,000 times a day!

  17. I feel the same way as you do Kate, I wish I just had more time to do "extra" sewing since what's on my list is what is driving me right now. I'm looking forward to a weekend of sewing and can't decide what I want to do. Your doll quilts are adorable and I'm thinking my leftover Squiggle blocks would make a nice quilt to donate. Thanks for sharing. Do what's best for you and your eyes.

  18. I am just loving that orange backing fabric! You're wavy quilting looks great too.

  19. Love your scrappy dolly quilts. Perfect! And good luck with the wedding quilts. Having a time limitation can make you panic, ask me how I know!!

  20. I've read about the doll quilts on other blogs, but didn't really know what they were about. Thanks for explaining Dolls Like Me. I think I'll have to pitch in and make a few quilts, too. Yours are so cute, how could I not want to? My favorite is the first one with the Allison Glass scraps. Such pretty colors and they look so cute in that pattern. Oh, also good luck with the wedding quilt!

  21. Your first little quilt is so sweet! Yes I can definitely relate to sewing what has to be next and not what you want. Almost 2 months into the year and I have only sewn a couple days for what I want! Not complaining about the Etsy sales keeping me busy but it sure is different than my usual beginning of the year. One day at a time, one project at a time! Have fun at your emb. weekend.

  22. Do I have to pick a favorite? They are both wonderful. I love carefully planned/pieced quilts, but there is also something so attractive about making scrappy projects with abandon. (That's why I sometimes like my scrappy thrown-together backs more than the fronts of my quilts.) Both quilts will be adored!
    I hope you will be able to take a deep breath and tackle those projects a bit at a time. They all sound like great projects in themselves even though it might seem overwhelming to have them all begging for attention at once. I can't advise on glasses. My eyes are so different from each other that expensive prescriptions are the only way I see.

  23. I like that strip one too, as it does look cozy. You're wonderful for making these!

  24. Those are great doll quilts. It was great that Bernie was able to find someone in the UK and Canada to make shipping easier.

  25. How sweet! I need to look into helping with this project. Sounds wonderful.

  26. She should feel inundated with quilts before long, but we know how fast they'll be sent along. Such a wonderful project to be involved with! I like both your little quilts, and especially your wavy quilting. It's well suited to the pieces. As far as your readers, there's nothing better than being able to see with close work. You actually reminded me my own have been in for a week, and need picked up. Many thanks! Have fun at your stitching retreat.

  27. Very cute doll quilts! It does sound like you have a lot on your plate. The sewing to deadlines does get old pretty fast. Hope that is all going well and you've made progress on every front you needed to.

  28. How wonderful; thanks for contributing to the lovely cause that Bernie drew our attention to!

  29. I need to learn to make simpler deadline projects for things like hops. Deadline sewing does get old fast. I'm trying to sew at least once a day. I use really cheap readers now until I'm ready for better glasses. All in good time. Just enjoy what you are doing.

  30. Several of us made doll quilts as DrEAMI! projects and how wonderful to be led astray by a squirrel that is for such a great cause. :-) I prefer the Alison Glass one, but I LOVE the strippy one, might do one like that for the boy quilt I still plan to make; have sent off the girl one. I know what you mean about glasses, go with the cheaper ones for now is my advice. You can get some great ones. I, unfortunately, need glasses (even in my dreams lol) for distance, and reading now (eye roll) so I have to spend big bucks and only get a part of them refunded through our benefit plan. Thanks for linking up! Oh, meant to say I, too, get that panic feeling you have step at a time is how I try to deal with it all.


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