Monday, 4 May 2020

Blog Hop Update, and I need advice

Hello, how are things with you?

It's only a few days to the hop, Creating a Quilted Legacy - Following in Paula's Footsteps.

I hope you are looking forward to it. A reminder, it runs from Wednesday 6th May, which would have been Paula's 79th birthday, until Friday 8th May.  If you are reading this for the first time let me explain. Paula of PaulaB Quilts was a well known and well loved quilter who died in February after a short illness.  Paula had been quilting for many years and blogging since 2015.  Almost all of the quilts Paula made in the last few years were for charity, including Jack's Basket and Project Linus.  The hop is to honour Paula, and all the other quilters who make quilts for those in need.

There are prizes, which have all been donated by wonderful quilters, pattern designers and bloggers, especially generous at this time, with so much uncertainty. I will be giving the full list on Wednesday, along with details of all the wonderful participating quilters who have so generously made quilts which they will be donating to a variety of charities.

So, what have I been sewing recently? Well apart from making masks, which I won't be showing you as I'm sure you know what a mask looks like, not an awful lot to be honest. I'm still working on,

the wedding quilt. It's come on a lot since the last pic hasn't it? I have completed it up to the original design by Nydia, this is the tricky part now, adding another two rows one side, which as you can see I have started, and three rows on the bottom. However, since I took this pic I have completely changed the extra rows I started, twice.  I'm a bit further on but not much.

The thing is I will be ready to quilt it soon and the back is the autograph panel.

This is it, well, I still need to add the border which I think will be a triple of the background with a scrappy coloured strip in the middle, if you see what I mean.

My problem is what colour quilting thread to use? With all that silver grey Kona background I need to keep it light or it will detract from the messages, there again the colours on the front range from white to a dark blue, and I do prefer to use the same on both sides.  Get where I'm going here? I will be using Aurifil 50 thread and I'm leaning towards a grey, but what shade? Should it be Dove, Aluminium, or Light Grey?  Then there is the quilting itself, which needs to be light. The blocks on the front are 5 inch half square triangles and the wadding is Warm and Natural. I'm thinking the easiest option would be just wavy lines, I'm not a fan of diagonal quilting, I've had a bit of bother doing it in the past. I really want to get the thread ordered, just in case I have problems getting it. I noticed some waddings seem to be running out in some places and I want to make sure I have the thread I need, just in case a supply problem develops there too. I have a couple of quilt tops needing to be layered, I had not long since bought a twin size wadding and I admit, I just ordered a second one, although I won't be ordering any more, once I use it  any more flimsys will just have to wait.  While I think on, what colour binding should I use? There are very few colours included on both sides.  I really need some help here.

The only other things I have been stitching are cushions tops.

These are to match the little sofa quilt I made, Sarah loves the back as much as the front so I used up a lot of the scraps to make these three to match the back, although only one is quilted so far and I haven't put any backs on yet, and I will make another two to match the front.

That's all my news today, I do hope you will join us, there are a number of ladies posting on all three days. I will be posting on all days, I will show you my own contribution plus quilts from ladies who do not currently have blogs themselves but wanted to contribute a quilt for charity anyway.

I'm getting so excited now,
Until Wednesday,
with smiles from
Kate x


  1. I just realized this morning that I should've written a promo post for the blog hop (sigh). I'm in the process of finishing up my quilt for the hop. Should be binding it tonight, I think. As to your quilt questions, I love Aurifil Dove Grey (#2600). It blends very well with Kona Silver. I don't know that I'm much help as far as the quilting design. I'd probably go with straight lines through the Kona Silver, because I could do that fairly easily. Maybe someone else will have some suggestions!

  2. Grey sounds like the perfect color for the quilting. It truly blends with everything! I'm sure you'll find just the right motif, too. My brain is a little fried to be of much help right now. I always enjoy seeing your lovely, graphic pieces! :)

  3. Oh, my gosh, Kate, it’s going to be beautiful! How about that darker gold for the binding? I would either straight line quilt it from top to bottom, or use horizontal wavy lines. And gray thread would work just fine. This has certainly become a labor of love!

  4. Beautiful colours in your quilts. Angela Walters swears by light yellow quilting thread on a multicolour quilt. I've tried it and was surprised that it does work!

  5. What a beautiful quilt that will be!


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