Wednesday, 13 July 2016

A post about nothing, or very little anyway

Hello, how is everyone today? Fit and well and enjoying the summer, or winter (depending on where you are), I hope.
Needle and Foot Summer Read 2016

First thing is have you noticed ai have a new button on my sidebar?  Bernie from Needle and Foot is doing a  2016 Summer  Read, and the chosen book is Vinegar Girl.  I am number 3 on the list and can't wait for my turn.  To make it interesting when you pass the book along you write a comment inside for Bernie and pass it on with three fat quarters of fabric which relates to the book in some way, fun or what?

The second thing is I have come across a very new blogger, when I say new I mean this week new!   It is only months since I started and I remember the thrill of someone I didn't know finding means leaving a comment.   It would be lovely to pop along and say hello, her name is Vannie.

I have so little to show you this week it's embarrassing.  All I have done is circles, only six left to do, I'm sure you don't want to see those again.  

I can show you my new fabrics though, how do you like these babies? Well, yes I could find fabrics i LIKED, there were some new linen look ones just come in, beautiful colours, but not for Cheryl's mystery quilt, at least not what is in my head, there again I never find what is in my head.  Usually I go for something, then change my mind as other fabrics jump out at me and beat me into submission. You see I like tone on tones best rather than heavily patterned fabrics, and yes, they had some, but the ones I likes the colour of were all directional, which I avoid like the plague most of the time.  I know it is shocking BUT, I came away empty handed.  My husband wanted to call the doctor but I have assured him I will be fine as soon as I buy fabric, in fact I may just have to go back and get some of those linen look ones, beautiful colours.

So that is it for today, sorry to disappoint,  it's just the way it is.

On a good note I am going to Higham Hall for an embroidery weekend which is exciting, I'm dreaming of the homemade cakes and biscuits with the morning coffee and afternoon tea already.

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  1. Hi Kate,

    thanks for your introduction :-) I'm looking forward to reading about your Summer Read - it's a really great idea!


  2. I'm thinking of joining in for the September read along. It sounds like fun. I went shopping for fabric today and came away with more than I needed...shocking I know!

  3. Oh you're so good to get that button up so fast. And thank you by the way for doing it because it reminded me that I haven't! I'm looking forward to that book. I saw another friend of mine on Goodreads has it on his "Want to Read" list and it has some pretty good reviews!

  4. The book idea sounds fun! I will pop over and say hi to the new blogger :)

  5. You crack me up! At first, I thought you forgot to upload the picture of your new fabric! Have lots of fun at your embroidery weekend! Take lots of pics to share! XO

  6. I love the idea of a read along!

  7. You'll know the right fabric when you find it! Good luck on the hunt. Heading over to meet Vannie, now!

  8. Ha! You kill me. I was looking all over for the photo of the fabric you purchased, only to realize you hadn't purchased any! But you will find what you want. Sometimes you just have to stand your ground and keep searching. It's your dream--don't give up on it! Jumping over to meet your friend Vannie.


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