Tuesday, 11 April 2017

April update, and I've been a numpty again!

In some ways this has been a great start to the month and I have managed to sew more recently than I have all year.  In other ways I am such a numpty you wouldn't believe it, tell you later.

I have started making lists on paper instead of in my head as when they are in my head the seem to be doing a disappearing act.  This is my list for this month:


Make Post and mail Bee blocks.   I haven't started them yet but I have sorted out the paper piecing bits so a little progress.

Finish Canadian Bee blocks.   Done! I made six in total.

Fabric postcard for swap 15th April.   Done! Oh, but you haven't seen it have you.  Want a look?

I give you Spring Moon which I made for a postcard swap on Facebook.  It measures 6" by 4" inches and as you would expect it is all made with scraps.  The appliqué was done by machine and the grass, and hare details were hand embroidered using one strand of DMC stranded cotton.  The satin stitch on the edges was width 4 length 2.5 and I went around it three times.  

Finish the backing for Circles, layer, quilt, and bind.  Nope, not started yet, in fact not even thought of, but it is the next big one, DEFINITELY.  You can hold me to that.

Mystery Quilt, quilt, and bind. No it's not quite finished yet but the quilting is done and the binding is made, in fact I went to stitch on the binding this morning thinking I could be maybe go to work a little late, but I had a bit of trouble.  I switched on Baby, filled her a bobbin and threaded her up.  I measured 12 inches and put in two pins to leave a gap for joining my binding and started to stitch.  But, somehow I ended up stitching in reverse, so I had to stop and pull out the stitching and start again.  I measured again to replace the pin and started to stitch, but something was not right, I had forgot to add the binding, DON'T LAUGH! It could happen to anyone.  Third time lucky, I measured yet again and put in the pin, again, and started to stitch, yes, I stitched about eighteen inches, then I realised, the binding was the wrong way around and I was stitching the fold to the edge.  I couldn't BELIEVE IT!!!  Out it all came.  At that point I decoded to try again later and went to work, sad.  I'm going to have another go later today, fingers crossed.

Back to my list....

Backing and finishing two cushions, Nope, not started.

Tutorial for next month’s bee block   Haven't given it thought.

Finish the design wall.  I have had a change of heart and I am starting all over again, but at this point all I have done is bought some of the new materials.

Label two minis and post.  DONE!  You saw Home to Roost last week but do pop and see it if you missed it, the post is worth a read I think and while you are at it have a look at the mini on its way to me from Janice at Color Creating and Quilting, Chicken Poop.  I am saying nothing more.
Oh, I forgot you haven't seen the other mini have you?  It's been posted but it's a secret so don't spill the beans if I sneak it in.  It's for the lovely Jennifer at The Inquiring Quilter and I named it

Neon Diamonds.  What do you think?  Moda grunge in purple, one of Jennifer favourite colours, the other one is actually more green than it looks here, which is another colour Jennifer likes.   I decided to make the mini with half square triangles.  Jennifer seems to love them and uses them a lot, my Bloc Loc ruler came in handy here. 
We decided on an eight inch mini for our swap so those HST are an inch finished, so hard, and all those seams and why had I always pressed them the wrong way?  A couple of my joins are not quite as accurate as I would have liked but honestly it was my best effort. The binding was a bit tricky doing the seam on the slant when the quilt was only 8 inches, but tis done.  
I was so happy at my points next to the binding though, not one corner cut.  I straight line quilted it on the purple so the yellow/green would really pop, I think it does.  Think she will like it?

A plain one piece backing and my quilting has nowhere to hide.

Back to the list.

Make two blocks for sampler quilt. Done, three made!!!!  I used the fabrics I bought earlier this year, you want to see those too?

All from one range, though I was concerned it was lacking something so I added

this one, same range again, San Mateo, Nancy Rink Designs for Marcus Fabrics, didn't I show you them in January?  Not my usual buy it was an impulse and I thought it would make a lovely modern sampler quilt using Tula Pink's book.  So here are the blocks, all 6 inch finished.....

It's a start, big oak trees from little acorns grow remember.  This is a long term project, WHAT do you mean like everything else?  I'll ignore that.  As I said, a long term project, something to take to my sewing group, even though I didn't get this month, shame, I still made an effort to make some of the blocks anyway, only another 97 or so to go!!!

Now, I have a confession to make..............

I did a Pay it Forward in February, I just received a SECOND Pay it Forward and I suddenly remembered.................I forgot to tell the winners, I TOLD you I had been such a numpty, how could I forget such a thing?

I so promise I will notify them this week, AND today I am having another Pay it Forward for the second gift I have received.  So to enter just leave a comment on todays blog.   This time I will show you what I received and who from when I announce the winners, and if I don't, PLEASE remind me.  

I have a fridge magnet which sums me up,

But it's not my favourite, that has to be......

And on that note I will say,

Smiles from,
Kate x

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  1. Kate, you always have me smiling when I pop over to your blog. Your little fabric post card is absolutely adorable. I love all the little details like the small blades of grass. You've got quite a bit going on project wise over the next few months, but I have no doubt what ever you work on, you will be having fun. Jennifer is going to love her mini quilt!

  2. You are so funny! I love to read your stories. You have so much going on. I don't see how you keep track of it all. But, you always have fun with it which is the best part!

  3. Your postcard is delightful! Thank you for linking up to #scraptastictuesday!

  4. Neon Diamonds is a winner, for sure! 1" HSTs!?! That's crazy! You did a wonderful job with those teensy pieces. I cringed when I read about your binding mishap, having to rip all that out. Ouch. But there really isn't any recovery from sewing the fold to the outside, is there? No fast work around for that one, unless you count throwing it on the floor and stomping on it.

    Our favorite saying for when the days go bad is, "Eat a live toad for breakfast, then the rest of the day can only get better." Often one of us will whine that we ended up having our toad for lunch or dinner...

  5. You HAVE been quilting/sewing! Good for you! That postcard is adorable! I know Jennifer will be thrilled with her quilt!

  6. You made me laugh out loud tonight! Love your writing style! That postcard is so cute! Love it!

  7. Numpty? Always learn something new here.
    So much love in a small square of fabric and SO MANY itty bitty stitches too. Neon Diamonds - now that takes courage. Not many quilters can use that color with panache. You did and with Smiles (but that is your name). And finally, speaking about your long list - hmmm, you may need a sewing secretary at this rate. Let me know if there is an opening :-p

  8. You have such a gift for words! Your posts are always so much fun to read, especially first thing in the morning while I sip my first cup of the day. Great job listing your projects to help you keep them straight. I've got one on the counter that is growing daily as I settle in and set up my sewing space. Next step is to prioritize. Wow! I just love the mini you made for Jennifer! It makes a huge statement and I know she'll love it, too! I've already seen hers for you, and it's another beauty! I can tell all ready that I'm going to be partial to your Tula Pink City Sampler, and just added that book to my wish list. So many quilts to make, so little time. However do you manage to keep up with it all? You're a marvel! XO

  9. Definitiong of Numpty-haven't heard that one before? Sorry that binding gave you such fits, but it did make for a chuckle over here this morning. It's like me sewing with no bobbin thread yesterday and it was for a binding too! My but you have been busy-you go girl!!! Jennifer will love her mini, I know I do.

  10. Very fun post! I love good humor so freely given. Lots of interesting and pretty projects.

  11. Such a cute bunny. Did laugh at the memes too. The trouble with listing things - either you forget where you put it or something sidetracks you and you are back to square one! I now have a chalk board for notes - of course people brush past and the chalk dwindles to a chip where it gets repeatedly knocked on the floor and breaks - who knows where the rest went to. If I could have a rolling eyes emoticon this is where it would be used! :D

  12. That little bunny is so sweet, and I'm sure twice as sweet in mini size. Looks like a fun list... have fun with it!

  13. What a fun post ! Enjoy every quilting moment Kate and good luck with your monthly goals !

  14. A fun read! You have lots of great things underway, love your fabric postcard!

  15. Such a lovely postcard. The hand stitching finishes it off beautifully.

  16. Wow you have certainly been busy Kate!! What a gorgeous postcard you have made - I do like postcard swaps - they seem doable don't they?

  17. Oh Kate, you are a scream!
    Such a gorgeous postcard, and I love your "Neon Diamonds"! Especially loving the Neon binding, it's wonderful! I'm sure Jennifer will love it too!
    Gosh you are so-o-oo busy! Lovely stitching, and a great post!
    Barbara x

  18. Numpty must be an English thing - I say it all the time! You've got a lot done, even if you have lost your mind. :-) I love your little hare staring at the moon; what a fantastic idea for a postcard.

  19. The rabbit mini is so cute!!!!! And I absolutely love that binding work on the other mini- not easy when there's no real slack to work in! (wait, how do you mean pressed the seams wrong?) Good work on the extra block for the sampler. :)

  20. Kate, you are the sweetest, dearest, most lovely person! Don't worry, your mini arrived yesterday and I opened it after I got back from my guild meeting. I'm going to thank you tomorrow on my blog but I just couldn't stop myself from thank you now. It's so perfect! My favorite colors and yes I do love HSTs. Wow, these are so tiny and you did them perfectly!

    I suppose I should add that your bunny postcard is so sweet and it is, but all I can think of is how wonderful my mini is from you. Love the other things you put in with it. What a treat to get all the way from England!

  21. Lovely postcard and a really fun mini! Looks like Jennifer is very happy with it!!


  22. I love Spring Moon! And your stories always make me smile, Kate! Just as promised :)

  23. The moon gazing rabbit is just cute. Such a lovely work =)

  24. Love the little rabbit! And I love the combination of colours and designs in the mini you made for Jennifer. It's always great when things go together well but sometimes you have to settle for good enough - especially if they're 1 inch HSTs!!!!


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