Friday, 28 April 2017

I Hit a Wall

This has been the weirdest week, I think I have been in a post finish slump.  It's the only way I can explain it, does anyone know what I mean or am I just having a loopy here?

I have done some sewing, but I can't show you until next week :-(  Why?  Because it is for my Stash Bee post!  Oh yes, my turn to be queen, only I've been having a bit of trouble, again.  Not only can I still not access the pics on my camera (new card reader ordered but Amazon are taking their time) but now my iPad is playing up and I can't get my pics off, in fact I can't do much at all.  I did manage to get a couple but now every time I try it shuts down, I just don't believe it!  I did have one or two on my phone but they are not as good, but you will just have to do with what I've got.  Ok, here goes......

As promised, the not a mystery quilt any more, finished at last.  My first finish for the Quarter 2 2017 FAL.  Because I have problems taking a pic of the quilt I though I would lay it out on the grass in the garden and take it from the bedroom window, which I did using my big zoom on my camera, only I can't show you that one.  Want to look closer?

Best I can do I'm afraid, but it shows you how I quilted it anyway.  Diagonal lines, simple but so effective.  I don't have it anymore, it now belongs to my sister to whom I gave it for her special birthday.  But I did label it,

You can see the backing I used too.  In reality it's more of a pale cream, it should have been white but it was what I had and as it has so many seams I preferred it to have a one piece backing.  Although it looks like it is crawling with beetles on the back they are sort of little stalks, I know my sister used to like beetles when we were kids but I don't think she would appreciate it now :-)

I have had a little time sorting my sewing room too.  You are not going to believe this but.....

I finally sorted my design wall!!!   I had to make some changes to my original plans, you see I didn't take into consideration that there is a door which opens on to the wall and the insulation boards would have ended up with big dints in from the door handle so I had to have a rethink.  I bought  one and a half meters of Kaffe Fassett gridded flannel, seamed the selvedges and made a small hem at the bottom.  Next I turned over the top leaving a channel for a narrow pole, the kind you use for voile curtains.

I attache it to the wall using Command clear plastic hooks, easy.  So, what do you think?  It is only about 44 inches wide and 56 inches long, but I haven't a lot of wall space in my room and it is so much better than before, when I had nothing.

Now look at it, resplendent with trees and gnome blocks.  I am still waiting for the last two which are on their way, and I will need to make another four, but it's exciting so far isn't it?

Did you notice my wall hanging from Serena next to the design wall?  I got some Command strips too, and.......

now I have my mini's on the wall.  Quilters Laundry Day, my Snail Block from Sue, and Chicken Poop from Janice! (hysterical giggles, I really can't help it).  I got my thread stand up on the wall too, I only bought it eighteen months ago so it didn't take long.  My threads are a mix of Aurifil and Maderia with a couple of Gutermanns's which I am just using for practice as I find it a bit thick and my machine isn't as keen either, Baby can be temperamental at times.  Maderia isn't bad though, it's nice and thin, although I prefer Aurifil I have to use up what I have first and gradually replace it.

The only other thing I have been doing is some design work for the 12 Days of Christmas blog hop in July, but I can't show you that either.  Never mind, only two months for the reveal, I know you will be waiting with bated breath........

So that's all I can show you for this week, but next week I can reveal my block for Stash Bee.  The pics will be rubbish of course but you have been warned.

Until then,
With smiles from
Kate x

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  1. I love your little stash bee quilt and I'm seeing another potential block lotto for my guild. What size did your tree blocks finish at? I'm so impressed with your space. It's so tidy. Is it always like that?

  2. Great idea for your design wall. I have no wall space at all in my sewing area, it is in the basement and the few walls either have banks of windows, or shelves of books, or closet doors. The Chicken Poop made me laugh too.

  3. Your mystery quilt is gorgeous! Perfect idea for your design wall,ove the command hooks. Have a great weekend Kate!

  4. Congrats on completely finishing Meadow Mystery, it's beautiful. I love the simple straight line quilting, it's perfect. I smile every time I run across one of you bee blocks in blog land. That quilt is going to be so whimsical and fun!

  5. I agree that your Mystery Quilt is beautiful! Nicely done, and the pictures worked out just fine in my opinion. I hope you get your tech stuff figured out. Your design wall looks like it's working well, and I love your little mini quilt gathering. Wendy at

  6. Love your design wall! Mystery quilt is stunning! Lots to do girl- me and you both! Thank you for sharing, Susan

  7. your sister must be delighted with her quilt it is a beauty.

    How lucky to have a sewing room and also a design wall your blocks look so goo on it.
    I think you have a bernina mine does not like Guttermans and I have heard others say the same. Have not tried aurifil as it i so expensive, I use Empress Mills cotton and that produces very little fluff and the machine seems to like it

  8. Hmmm, your design wall is wonderful. I may have to copy that idea. I opened up a larger space on my wall but wasn't sure how I would make the design wall part.

    Sorry about the techie difficulties. That sort of stuff just drives me mad. I hope you can resolve it.

  9. I love your post but what really was nice was the Kaffe Fassett design wall which I'll be taking a class with him this Fall and all the participants are going to be receiving one to take home. I'm glad to know what it looks like now. Thanks for sharing your quilts and space today and I hope you get your tech issues resolved. The one thing I miss being retired is the Help Desk at work.

  10. Your mystery quilt is really beautiful Kate ! Congratulations on this finish. Great idea for your design wall !

  11. Love your 'mystery' quilt. And your design wall is very very clever!! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Your 'mystery' quilt is lovely! And your design wall looks great, such a tidy space!

  13. Your gnomes and trees are looking spectacular. I missed the post office today so they will post on Monday. I am sending two blocks to you. Karen

  14. Lots of fun things going on in this post, in spite of your "slump!" (And yes, I completely understand that slumpy feeling after a big finish.) Your Unmystery quilt is just gorgeous and your sister is very, very lucky to have it. I did think those were bugs on the back, so I'm glad you clarified. (Just kidding!) And I'm excited to see the gnomes and trees getting so close to being finished!

  15. Kate, I love the way your mystery quilt turned out. Way to forge through and get it done. The quilting turned out great! So how are you going to put all your gnomes together? I'm looking forward to seeing that!

  16. I think needing a pause when you finish a big project is natural, though I have sympathy for all your technical problems; there is nothing worse than technology that won't behave! Mind you, your design wall looks great. I think I'm going to try your method of doing this.

  17. That looks like you did quite a bit to me! Love your mystery finish!!!

  18. You have been busy, Kate!
    Your "Not a Mystery" quilt is fabulous! I'm sure your sister must love it! It's gorgeous, and I love the diagonal quilting lines!
    The sewing room looks really organised, especially with all your mini quilts displayed!
    Love the mini iron and board too!
    Barbara x

  19. Your design wall looks great! Command strips, now why didn't I think of that? I've been waiting for a rod to be hung for me for two weeks now. If I get some command strips, I can do it myself! Duh! I want to put up a rod in my upstairs hall with those little hanging clips to hang a quilt. Back to the design wall, doesn't it make a big difference? How did we live without one? XO

  20. Your Mystery Quilt is fabulous! Your design wall is fantastic,great idea and beautiful blocks!Great job done!!

  21. What a lucky sister you have! I bet she loves the quilt.

    You are pretty smart in making a design wall. I could definitely use the lines. Everything on my design wall looks exactly as when I write on my white board--gradually moving upwards as my body moves to the right. So my upper righthand edges are always higher than the left. Yes, those lines could possibly be wonderful. Such a clean sewing space would be just as wonderful. You have been busy!

  22. Wow! Your Meadow Mystery turned out so well! I saw your sister post it on Facebook so I know she loved it! I love the way the gnomes and angels are coming together. It should be a great quilt! And look at your sewing room! Minis on the wall and design wall hanging. It's such a great space! Is the flannel sticky enough? I've had my eye on this fabric for a while.

  23. Congrats on finishing your not a mystery quilt. It turned out beautifully! Hope you've had more time to stitch and play in your sewing room.

  24. Fabulous mystery quilt, Kate! And what a gret design wall. I've read that gray is the perfect color for a design wall. Your gnomes and trees look great on it!

  25. Congrats on your finish of the mystery quilt, it looks wonderful! Your design wall is great too, I like that it has grid lines on it.


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