Thursday 2 June 2016

Bluebell Woods 2 and 3

Yesterday I had a spare couple of hours so I headed up to my, still not finished in fact not started but I have got great lighting now, sewing room.  But first confession time.....I DID IT AGAIN!  Remember when I took all the pics to demonstrate the binding tool and had no pics saved on the camera?  Well, history repeated itself :(, so sad, I'm tearing up at the though of it........  Ok, I'm ok, I won't cry again, well, I'll try not to anyhow.  Fortunately I realised half way through when I spotted the words 'No CF Card'.  So there are some pics, only not so many, for block 3.  Then again seen one seen them all and you'd probably be bored anyway.  If you have just joined us and want to see the inspiration behind the quilt and block 1 post, they are here and here.

Block 2, two fabrics,  one same as the last block, one new (from the pull), same background (no this isn't the actual fabric I used it's bits of what I have left),  right through the quilt.  So, I hacked, I mean, precision cut a piece from two fabrics without measuring or guessing, and cut it up into squares, only I forgot I was cutting squares in a size range and just cut it up into pieces, but hey, it's improv so just go with it. The background as before just use as needed for filling.  I had a great time piecing it, the rule I made was go fast, and I did.
Only thing was I forgot about taking pics for this one, so I can only show you the colours, shame.

Today it was different, I remembered the pics, (I know I said it, but I'm not crying)

Block 3, these are the fabrics, one from before, another new one from the pull, same background.

I added some more rules. Go fast, finish in 1 hour 15 minutes and I put a timer on.   So I went for it, as fast as I could.  Sewing machine?  Pedal to the metal, it was hot, the faster I went, the faster I tried to go, and I don't just mean with the machine, I hacked bits off the filler fabric, stitched any together that would fit, then, new rule.  No single pieces allowed, all single pieces have to be stitched to another piece, in five minutes.  Oh yes I was buzzing, stitching and cutting like there was no tomorrow.  Of course I was stopping to take the odd pic, but you know I have nothing to show,

until this one.   I have a tabletop ironing board in my room and I WAS pressing as I went.

But the faster you go, the wonkier the seams get.

Only thing is with all that speed I couldn't keep with all the threads, and the scraps, and it started to get a little messy, ok, a lot messy.  My thread catcher?  Thats the blue splodge at the bottom of the pic, BUT, you can see my lovely spiral quilting if you look hard.

No, before you ask, I missed the deadline, with 2 seams to go, I was miffed, but I've let go of it now, just as I let go of the photos.

So here are the first three blocks, all different sizes and I had to add a big bit of leaf to the edge of Block 2 because the rules say I have to use up all the pieces I cut.

So, watcha think?  Still like it?   I had to add the brown of course because it's a bluebell wood and you can't have a wood without trees.   Of course in Kate's world I can have anything I want........

Yes, I have made another one and no, you can't see it yet.  Well, ok, just a peak

No, that's all you are getting for today, after all, you have to have sky otherwise it would be too dark without light and you couldn't see anything at all.  I did some rules for this one too, 1 hour 15 minutes, stop and sew all fabrics in 2's to more fabrics, that sort of thing, mix it up a bit.  NO, I didn't hit the deadline, again.  I was would you believe 2 seams off finishing?  I don't believe it either!

So......if you want to see Block 4 you will have to come back next week.

But, before I go I'm giving you fair warning.   As you know I am in the 2016 New Quilt Bloggers Blog Hop,  it starts 13th June, and I am Week 1, how scary is that, and I should be getting prepared and I'm talking to you.  I will be joined by three  lovely quilters from my hive, Miss-Bee Hivin', the button is on my sidebar, lovely isn't it?

They are:

Emily @ The Darling Dogwood

Kate @ Smiles From Kate  (me)

Miranda @ I Have Purple Hair

Holly @ Lighthouse Lane Designs

We will be joined by quilters from the other two hives, The Sewcial Network, and Hive Sewciety but I don't know which ones yet.  I know there will be A LOT of giveaways.    

I do hope you will follow along and visit as many new bloggers as you can, we have all been working very hard for this.

Personally, I am aiming to post every day that week although don't ask me about what, no it's not that it's a secret, although yes it will be, just that I haven't written them yet and only have some vague ideas just now.

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So, see you next week
Smiles from
Kate  x


  1. Really wonderful progress Kate! I like how you have incorporated another color into each block. Those colors really help to tell the quilt's story. What kind of sewing table do you have? It looks like everything is self-contained and possibly child-proof. Good luck with your blog hop post!

    1. I lady emailed Amanda but if anyone else is interested it is a small Horne cabinet which I got secondhand last year. Mine is a bit old but very solid and they still make them today, they make bigger ones with nice storage too. If you notice it has an insert, if I change may machine I can get another specially for the new one. when the machine goes down the top comes over and the door closes so it looks just like a small cabinet. It has a lock too although mine didn't have a key when I got it, although as I don't have small children I don't need one. Just google Horne cabinets, I know you can get them on eBay too.

  2. Looks like you are enjoying your well lit sewing room. The floor reminds me of mine except I have two dogs laying in it and dust bunnies in the corners.

  3. It's interesting to see your work progress and how it will all turn out. Sorry to read your photo's were lost but hopefully everything is alright again, now you know the reason why. I shall check out the other blog links you shared - enjoy your week :)

  4. OMG Kate: I laughed all the way through this post and I was wishing I could have captured all of this in my post. With my piece I made the first bit and then stopped for a week or two and then I couldn't remember what my size range was for the squares so like you I went oh well I guess I've broken a rule but it's improv so whatever. My floor, cutting table etc. looked just like yours. I'm looking forward to following along on the blog hop. I'm rooting for you!

  5. I have to admit I don't have a thread catcher. I have a small wastebasket that I keep somewhere near my machine that I try to toss my bits toward. When it gets too deep in there I just vacuum. My point being that my sewing room floor usually looks just like the picture of yours!

    These are turning out wonderfully. I especially like the block with the trees (the brown.) It adds a lovely bit of depth to the colors.

    Kate, can't wait for your blog hop and I really enjoyed this post.

  6. Definitely looking better. I like your self-imposed deadlines.

  7. Good luck with the New Bloggers blog hop - they always seem to be a lot of fun. I have to admit my workspace always looks like yours!

  8. More beautiful blocks, Kate! I smiled my way through this post :)

  9. Funny heartwarming post, just like you Kate. Don't worry about the blog hop. Anything you get done will be so awesome to read. Relax and just write. You're great at it.

  10. I was laughing when I saw the pic of your work space - mine looks just like that some days! Even the 'splodge' of a thread catcher on the floor! :) Sorry about your camera card, but no worries, you'll get more pics later. Looking forward to following along and meeting all the new bloggers in this year's hop. I participated in 2014 and it was a wonderful experience.

  11. I got more frantic in my reading of the post as it continued - I can just see you doing it all!!! I really like how this is turning out. As I said before I haven't really done improv but I think this may be my June's #BraveQuilter. Good luck with getting ready for the Blog Hop - I'm the week after you!

  12. Wow! That was fast! Yes, I still like it: bluebells never grow in neat rows. ;-)

  13. Looks great ! I like very much your idea to add a new colour to each block. You definitely make me want to make another version of Score #1 ;-)

  14. A very self challenge. The blocks are beautiful. Love the color palette you've chosen.


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