Friday 17 June 2016

Bluebell Woods - The Final Chapter

I am almost sad to write this post, for it signals the end of the saga, but as we all know, all good things must come to an end, and so today I am ready to tell you The Secret, of Bluebell Woods.

A promise I made you, so tell you I must, but first you must promise, never to reveal it to another living soul.  For you see it was purely by chance it happened, and it should never have been revealed.

There was something in the air you see, and she was so enjoying the day, the sun was shining and the bluebells were out.  She loves bluebells so, they are her most favourite flower in the world, even if they are not the colour of her dress.  Her dress is not red, and not orange, but a mix of the two.  If you imagine the most beautiful sunset of all, rich and magnificent, that is the colour of her dress.  There are no two dresses the same colour, there are reds, blues yellows, greens, every colour imaginable and in every shade, and many more colours you have never seen, and could never imagine.  But hers is the most beautiful of all.

She was in amongst the trees, examining a  magical creature never seen by humans, and it started to rain, twas the rain that caught her out.  Have you ever wondered why you never see fairies?  It is because they can change.  Not like a chameleon, so they just blend in with the background, they become translucent too, and you only see them, if they let you. 

It happens in the blink of an eye, in fact much faster than that, but today she was so happy, and the sun was shining, then the rain started to fall like diamonds from the sky, and she was a millionth of a second too late.

Her dress had not quite faded, and she was not quite translucent and her image was captured forever, in Bluebell Woods.

It is usually only small children who see fairies, they start to leave them when the are five, so by the time they are seven, they think it only a story from a book.   But some children never forget, that is why seven is a magical number.   And that Dear Friends is the real reason I can never part with the quilt, I must forever guard the secret, until there is none left to remember, they saw the fairy, in Bluebell Woods.

Do you remember seeing fairies?

I did think someone would have guessed the secret, for the clue was in Mondays introduction post.  My grateful thanks to Karen, from kaHolly, for it was she who commented and stimulated my long forgotten childhood memory, of when I could see fairies.

But I can't do a post without showing you something new, especially this week.  But I haven't done any sewing for two days now, so, I delved into a UFO box, and see what I found.

Unfinished Christmas coasters!!!  Yes I know it is only June and I haven't had my summer holiday yet either, but I had to show you something.  What else?

More coasters.  Russian dolls, I just reduced the pattern.

Momma Russian dolls, some I have even started binding.

Oh yes,  elephants so cute.  How can anyone have so many unfinished mug rugs and coasters I hear you say.

Ok, this is the last, the black and white mug rugs need some appliqué added but I hadn't decided what.  Maybe I should leave the box out, that one even has the binding clips attached, it just needs hand sewing.  Yes, I always hand sew, I can honestly say I have never machined my binding.  Partly of course because I can't sew straight, but that's beside the point.

Remember, next week is the second week on the New Quilt Bloggers Blog Hop, so I hope you will support them as you have supported me.  These are the lovely new bloggers from my hive, Miss Bee Hivin'.
Jennifer @ Inquiring Quilter
Abigail @ Cut & Alter

I hope you have all enjoyed this week as much as I have, but next week I will be back to posting once and sometimes twice a week, before you get totally bored of me.  So what will I do?   Catch up with my email replies for starters, and go visiting, and catch up with all my blogging stuff I haven't had time to do this week. Clean my house, iron the clothes, and clear the lounge ready for the new floor being laid on Tuesday.  I might even tidy and clean my sewing room, no, it's not a studio, you have to be a designer to have one of those, and I'm just Kate, a girl (and I use the term very loosely) who quilts.

With smiles


  1. The number of unfinished coasters and mug rugs you have has made me laugh out loud!!! Why so many?! And why not finished?!

  2. One should never lose that magical, mystical wonder that was childhood! For are we not just grown up children? Delightful final post, Kate! And I thank you, my dear, for the mention. Looks like you have your work cut out for you, finishing up these fun coasters/mug rugs. A little mindless sewing to get back in the groove while you ponder your next creative masterpiece! Have a lovely weekend! Thank you for a fun filled week! XO

  3. I cannot say I have seen a fairy, so I will take your word for it;-) So yes I am curious too about all the mug rugs? Christmas presents?

  4. Oh Kate, Bluebells Woods turned out fantastic! And the color changes in the binding are perfect! Great design choice! You've been super busy, all the coasters and mug rugs!

  5. I have to say that I'm sad to see the story of Bluebell Woods coming to an end. She is a beautiful quilt and quite deserving of her name and wonderful whimsical story. All of those mug rugs would make great Christmas presents. I'm in love with those adorable little elephants.

  6. Such a sweet story-forgotten memories, I almost cried! I'm glad you will never, ever part with it-hold those memories close to your heart forever. Not really an ending, but a beginning. Thank you. Susan

  7. You're a natural born story teller, Kate! That is one special quilt. :)

  8. I love your elephants! Do you have a pattern?

    1. Its the Red Elephants Mug Rug by The Patchsmith, it's on Craftsy. You came up as a no reply blogger so I couldn't contact you directly, you can change this in settings if you wish.

  9. Dear Kate, I am sad to say I have never seen a fairy. But if I do someday, it will be in Bluebell Woods. What a wonderful story! It truly fits this wonderful quilt. So whimsical and lovely, like you.

    Now, about the mug rugs. Wow, what a collection! If you get them done though they will make the cutest gifts. I'd take a day and machine the bindings, then put them in a box to hand sew to the back while you're watching the telly and drinking tea. Bet you get a lot of them done that way! Congrats on a great week of posts. It's sad to think I have to wait a while to read new ones, but that will just make them more special.

  10. You are having so much fun with the mug rugs, I love it! I still believe in fairy and always hope to spot one in the woods when I go for a walk. Love Bluebell Woods! It definitely reflects her colours :)

    (Really enjoyed reading your story)


  11. I have so enjoyed the story of Bluebell Woods, and love all your mug rugs. I have trouble finishing off! I think I enjoy the process of making and don't want it to finish, or maybe it's because I keep starting something new before I finish the last thing!
    I am looking forward to reading what you are up to next!
    Hugs and smiles,

  12. So beautiful projects.The elephants caught my eye.


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