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Linus Quilt

Hello, it seems so long since I was here, although in reality it is only five days.  I think it is because of my blogging extravaganza last week when I did five posts in a row for the New Quilt Bloggers Blog Hop, which, I may add is still continuing.  This is Week 2 so if you haven't checked out this weeks lovely quilters please give them the wonderful support you gave me last week. These are the lovely ladies from my hive.

Jennifer @ Inquiring Quilter

Abigail @ Cut & Alter

Irene @ Patchwork and Pastry

EDIT Jennifer has a new block available free for one week.  Check it out here.

I did promise to announce the winner of my giveaway this week, but first I thought I would tell you what I've been up to in the last five days.

To tell the truth I was pretty tired after last week, and until yesterday I hadn't done any sewing.  I had spent much time answering all the wonderful comments I received though, except for the no reply ones.  I must thank you all, I love getting your comments, it gives me such a thrill that you would take the time to read my blog and say such lovely things too.  Thank you all so much.  I don't think I missed anyone but if you did comment, are not 'no reply' and I didn't answer you, my sincere apologies.  The thing I am behind with is my visiting, but I hope to rectify that over the next few days or so.

On Saturday there was a  quilt exhibition in a neighbouring village.  I love local shows, real quilts by real quilters like you and me, when I think 'I could make that'.  You know what I mean?  There were some lovely quilts but it was far too busy to take pics, sorry.  There was a Gypsy Wife quilt though, stunning, did I tell you I have the pattern?  Haven't started it yet.  

They were giving away fabric packs for quilters to make Linus quilts, so of course I had to take one.  This is what I got.

Yes I know, I should have taken the pic before I cut it up.  It is five fat quarters, also included was a piece of wadding, about 45 inches square.  So, I added another two fat quarters to tone in.

I decided pink and purple, the colours in the pack are girly and pink and purple are popular girly colours and it's what I had.  I decided to make the Sticks and Stones pattern, these are the blocks I made.

This is block 1

 Block 2  and block 4 which make up a 10 inch finished block.  The fabric which looks grey is actually very pale blue with tiny pale turquoise spots, not what I would have chosen but as these are all donated fabrics who am I to complain?

Block 3 and a repeat stick.   

So this is where I am up to now.  I think it makes a nice bright and colourful girls quilt. and will end up 40 inches square.   I have rotated one block, bottom left, as the idea is not to put the same colours together.  It's quite difficult really, I also try so there are no seams together too.  I have two extra blocks which helps.  I have spotted one in the second row up which may need turning now, and so it starts again.

I'll let you know my progress.  I will try to incorporate the two extra blocks into the backing I think, and a plain binding in needed, but I'm not sure of the colour yet, any suggestions?

When I checked for the giveaway I noticed a few of you who were eligible for two entries had only commented once, so I added another 6 so it would be fair bringing the number to 60.  I downloaded a Random Number Generator onto my phone, just a free one, this is the result.

The winner is Janice Holton

Congratulations to Janice.  I already emailed her for her address and her prize is already winging it's way over the pond.  Janice, from Color, Creating and Quilting, tells me she has never won a giveaway before so thats nice.   It would be lovely if you had time to pop over and say congrats.

So that has been my week, apart from I am having new flooring laid in the lounge as my carpet has gone into two holes and is rather old.  So I am camped out upstairs with one dog hiding under my bed, and the other running around like a loony with a ball in her mouth, desperate to be outside and chasing. She keeps coming up to me and throwing it at me barking her displeasure.

So now I'm off to sew the blocks together and then sort out some backing.  I'll show you more next time when I hop I will have made some progress on my Circles Quilt.

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  1. I feel the same way about real live quilt shows, Kate. There's just someting special about seeing quilts in person. Your charity quilt is quite pretty! What about a stripe for the binding?

  2. Yay for .janice to win her first giveaway! I am sure you made her day. Love the bold color scheme for the Linus quilt. Lorna's suggestion of a striped binding is a good one. 😊

  3. Hi Kate, I checked out the quilting on your City Lights and I think that was the same stitch that I used on my grandson's quilt before I had my Bernina. When I set up my Bernina I'm sure stitch 4 will be the same. I like your Linus Project quilt for a girl and thank you for making this for that project. I love making baby/small child quilts and just donate to my local quilt guild that distributes them to the needy.

  4. The fabrics you added to the kit were good additions...the quilt is looking good. I love bringing kits home from our Children's Quilts group. I agree with the others, a striped binding would look great!

  5. Hi Kate: I was wondering how you were keeping up the pace last week. I love the project Linus quilt...your additional two fat quarters really make it shine.

  6. Hi Kate,
    Thanks so much for the new fabric. Can't wait to see it! It's funny, when it rains it poors. I just found out I won a giveaway at Diary of a Quilter! But yours was the very first. :) I really like your design for your Linus quilt. At first, just looking at the blocks, I didn't think I'd like it but after seeing them all together, I do! You know what you're doing, lady!

  7. What a lovely fast quilt to make! Perfect with those fabrics, and perfect for a charity quilt.

    Congrats Janice on the win! How special that it was your first.

    Love the idea of a striped binding but I know how tough it can be to find a stripe with the colors you need. If you go with a plain binding I'd use purple to fit the girly theme.

  8. Love the floral in your quilt top, it really adds something to a simple pattern! There's a great Amy Butler stripe that I have found endlessly useful for lots of my quilts -

  9. You ended up with a very sweet quilt, the one print really shines. Hope your flooring goes in quickly.

  10. Congrats to Janice! Do you have more of the darker purple? That may be nice for the binding. Hope the floor install goes well!

  11. I love local quilt shows ... we've got our coming up soon and as a newish member I have no idea what to expect. Love the idea that there were Project Linus fabric packs for people to take .... did you have to fill out a form or anything or does everyone know each other? It's just got me thinking and wondering if I have time to make up some fabric packs for our show .....

  12. Those packs for Project Linus are a great idea. It is a good way for people to donate different aspects. Their money or fabric or their time and skill. It is going to be a very lovely quilt. I can't wait to see what you do with the back and binding.

  13. These new quilt is so beautiful.Love your design.

  14. Your Project Linus quilt looks lovely! How sweet of you to participate! Congratulations to Janice! It's such fun to be a winner, especially for the first time! Have a funderful weekend! XO

  15. Love your Project Linus quilt! I'm impressed with how quickly you put it together!

  16. Local show are very fun. My vote is for the purple as binding.

  17. Congrats to Janice!
    I didn't like the fabrics for the Linus quilt, when you first showed them, but they do look good pieced, and I can't wait to see it completed!
    Barbara xx


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