Thursday, 5 May 2016

Blogging Tutorial - Adding a Home button

I thought I didn’t need  home button, but I was wrong.  If someone follows a link to your page, that’s all they will see, that page, and they won't see your latest posts, can they judge your blog on that?  Some of our posts are better than others, what if it’s an iffy one, they may decide not to link up again.  Yes, they can look at your previous posts in your sidebar, but not everyone will, do you?  
If you want to know how add a pages bar with a 'Home' button read on, if not hit my home button or look at the posts in the sidebar and see what else I blog about, or my Blogging Tutorials button, just in case there is something there you may be interested in………….

So, how do we add a home button, first we go into Layout. 

Under the Header there is a ‘cross column’ with ‘Add a Gadget’ in blue, click there.

Now we find a list of all the gadgets we can add, there are lots of them if you would like to scroll down and take a look.  Click on Pages.

On the left it has the ‘Home ’page button ticked for you.  On the right is the list order, if you have several pages you can just drag them to change the order.  All we need to do is click save.

Now Save Arrangement on the right assuming you want the pages bar under your header.  If you want it elsewhere you can drag it into the position you want or add it somewhere else, like, the bottom of your blog space.

This is what we get.  Happy?  If you decide you don’t want it you can always click edit on the pages gadget, then remove.

I hope you enjoyed this and find it useful.  My next blogging tutorial will be how to add pages, and how they work.

Until then
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  1. Hi Kate! Great post thanks! I'm off to investigate right now!
    Barbara xx

  2. Thanks,,Kate! Well done! XO

  3. You're doing a terrific job, Kate. I'm amazed at how much you've done already. You seem to have an innate grasp of this stuff, unlike me, and the ability to communicate it simply. Thanks so much. Yesterday I had a one-on-one session with a techie and really learned how to do links in my post. You'll see tat my latest ones have links at the bottom. At last!

  4. Ooh, yeah! I'm going to do this to mine. Thanks for the tutorial!

  5. Kate, you're tutorials are great! And thanks for being my very first blogging friend. :)

  6. Thanks, got it done! Looking forward to the next tute.

  7. Thanks for the tip, Kate!!! I've looked at several different sites that supposedly explained how to put a home button below my header, but yours was the only one that made sense, and worked! -Donna (}


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