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Blogging Tutorial - Adding links in Blogger

This was the first problem I encountered using Blogger, I thought I was adding links, but I was just typing in the address followed by a space, it worked, but wasn’t it the best way and I couldn’t give a link to a specific post, only to an address.  Angels came to help me in the form of other bloggers, this is what I do now.

Imaging I am typing a post (which surprisingly I am) and I want to add a link, first I type it, for example: 
One of my most popular posts has been A Finish, good news and bad.
  I need to open another tab and find the page I want to enable me to get the link.

I have opened my blog but instead of scrolling down from the homepage I clicked on the post I want to link up to in the sidebar, the one in the pic, A Finish, good news and bad.  Next I clicked on the bar at the top that gives the web address, if you look it doesn't just say smilesfromkate, it also says A Finish, good news and bad, this is what we want, to link to a specific post rather than the homepage.  This will work for any site, even when shopping in Amazon or Craftsy.  Press 'control c' or 'cmd c' if you use a Mac, to copy.  Go back to  your new post we left open.

First we need to highlight the words we want to be the link, this can be any words you want, for this tutorial we will highlight A Finish, good news and bad, but you could say find it here and just use 'here' and it would work the same, the actual words on the screen are not important to the link, only what is highlighted. 
Look at the bar at the top of the pic, click on the blue Link button.

Now paste the web address you copied into the box, control v (cmd v).  You see further down it says Open this link in a new window, tick this if that's what you want, remember if you are adding a link to another site the person reading may not come back to you.  Click OK
One of my most popular posts has been A Finish, good news and bad.

The wording we highlighted changed colour when it became a link.  Try it, it will take you to the post.

When you join a Linky Party make your link the same way to the specific post.

Add your links at the bottom of the post you are liking to.  When I'm doing this I first type it all in then I open a new tab.  Starting at the top I highlight 'Lorna at Sew Fresh Quilts Lets Bee Social'  then in the new tab I go to Lorna's homepage and get the link, come back to my post, click on 'Link', paste it in and click OK.  After all these lovely ladies host these parties every week, the least we can do is link back to them to say 'thank you'.

For those of you who requested a tutorial on screenshots, please find a link on my Blogging Tutorials page.

This week I am linking to 

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial

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